Shakti 7th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Shakti 7th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Soumya taking care of the baby. Nani teaches her how to handle the baby after feed etc. Soumya makes baby sleep. Harman comes and sees Nani emotional. Nani misses Nimmo and tells that Soumya have become a mum today and your dream have been fulfilled. Harman comes and tells Nani that whatever dreams Nimmi had seen for Soumya, he will fulfill all and will fill her life with happiness, and says it is my promise to you.

Door bell rings. Harak Singh asks Varun to open the door. They see Balwinder there. Varun says you are here? Chintu says Papa. Varun asks him to come. Balwinder gets inside with his stuff. Chintu hugs him and says you have come. Raavi looks shocked. He apologizes to Raavi and says he was getting married being scared of his father, but he loves her and can’t think

of anybody else. He says my world is our children and I want to stay with you, and our children and I am ready to become ghar jamai. Preeto says serve food to damad ji, now he will stay with us. Raavi smiles. Chintu asks him to come.

Kareena is organizing an event outside Harak Singh’s house. Neighbors come and asks her to leave. Kareena says when Harak Singh have no objection then why you people are objecting. Neighbors go to question Harak Singh. A kinnar asks why did you lie to them. Kareena says Harak Singh can’t oppose being afraid and says lets do puja. Neighbors asks Harak Singh if they permit Kinnars to do puja outside the house. Harak Singh says I didn’t give permission to any and says I will go and check. Preeto signs him to stop and says I permitted them. Harak Singh says you…Preeto says if they are not human, and says they are doing puja. They will bless our to be born grand child and asks them to go to Police.

Harak Singh tells Preeto why she is not understanding. Preeto says our relation will not end with kinnars in this birth and asks about Harman and Soumya. Varun says he left in the morning, but Soumya must be in the room. Soumya is massaging the baby and tells him that if her mum would have been alive then she would have massaged him. She makes him wear the clothes. She gets phone call. Chameli calls her and asks where is Harman ji. Soumya asks if everything is fine. Chameli tells about Kareena’s conspiracy and asks her to call Harman. Soumya opens the window and see Kareena doing the puja outside their house. Someone knocks on her door, Soumya panics.

Soumya calls Harman and asks him to come home fast and says she is scared. Harman asks what happened? Chintu is knocking on the door and asks Soumya to open the door. Chintu says he is hungry and asks her to make chocolate milk. Soumya says I….Chintu says yes. Raavi says he is hungry and asks Soumya to make chocolate milk. Chameli prays in the temple and asks God to protect Soumya. Chintu talks to the baby. Viren says don’t know what is happening in our house. Just then they hear kinnars coming there and clapping. They get upset. Kareena signs Kinnars to stop clapping. Kareena eyes the baby.

Kareena takes baby in her hand and asks if this is Soumya’s baby. Chintu asks who are you and why did you take the baby and says you are dirty, asks her to give baby back to him. Kareena asks didn’t you see any kinnar before. Chintu recalls what Harman said about kinnars and says you are lying. Kinnars are beautiful, but you are not. Soumya comes there talking to Harman on mobile, and is shocked to see Kareena holding her baby. Kareena says beautiful like your Soumya mami. Chintu holds Soumya’s hand and says yes like mami.

Kareena tells Soumya that she didn’t come to take her as she knows that Harman will come and free her. She says you will come back to us by yourself. Soumya asks her to give her baby. Kareena says I am his mausi and plays with baby. They throw baby in air. Soumya is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Log on to,vote for Vivian in Colors Golden petal awards and make him win guys only 1 day is left… Let our Harman bag an award!

  2. Preeto plans to this thing with kareena , she insists on harming saumya by the baby it’s very bad behavior against the baby , How dare you to act like this cruel with little baby? They are not humans , they have no feelings , l hated that seen , that cruel . It’s very bad picture about kinnars

    1. Bhondu Saumya needs to be taught a lesson. She is nothing but a weakling who can’t defend herself. She is sooo stupid that anybody like Preeto and Maninder can easily influence her. She got Surbhi married to Harman because Preeto insisted on it. She sent Varun to help Kareena instead of Harman because she was scared of Preeto and easily trusted Varun. Kareena lost her mother due to her stupidness. Forget about Kareena’s mother, Saumya lost her own mother and Saaya because she was too weak to defend herself. Her character is very fake… How can she not have even a little bit of anger towards Maninder and Preeto and her family. Harman is wasting his time on her. Every time Harman wants to hold her hand or Surbhi tries to make her understand, bhondo Saumya’s answer is no. What the hell!! Why is she doing timepass then? Why is she playing with Harman’s feeling? She needs to be kicked out of Harman’s home. I saw a promo on colors where Harman and Surbhi are trying to make her understand but Saumya says she wants poora parivaar. Arrey parivaar kya apne gaand mein daalegi? What about the people who actually love you like naani, Surbhi, Harman n Chintu? Are they not your parivaar? The remaining parivaar just wants to get rid of you. Still you want to lick their ass and ignore people who actually love you? Kareena’s actions are justified. She lost the only person in the world who loved her. She should not harm the babby but pull Saumya’s hair and drag her out of Harman’s home and give nice thrashing in front of whole village. Kalmoohi kahiin ki. ???

  3. That us baby girl or boy

  4. Saaya/mallika returns..she didn’t die…she blessed and gave gifts to somu’s adopted son…..#spoilers page#
    Happy to hear tis…….
    Surbi b same as positive. ..v dont want u turn evil…………
    I want to give tight slap to doing wrong with baby…

    1. Ohh yess.. It’s good makers got Saya back. At least one thing happened good.

  5. I want io kill kareena

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