Shakti 6th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Surbhi and Rani to unite HaYa

Shakti 6th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Soumya taking out her jewellery and gives in Saya’s hand. She recalls her marriage with Harman and holds her mangalsutra. Naseeba song plays. Harman is attending puja at his house. Saya asks Soumya to give her mangalsutra as well. Soumya asks her not to take her mangalsutra from her. Pandit ji recites some mantras at Harman’s place. Rani thinks if Surbhi don’t come then how she will stop Soumya from becoming Gurumaa. Surbhi comes there and asks Rani to take her to soumya. Rani says we have to do something to know how Preeto trapped Soumya and asks her to call Kareena with a changed voice and shares her plan. Surbhi calls Kareena and tells that Preeto asked her to tell her something.

Kareena comes out as Surbhi says she can’t hear her. Rani and Surbhi hold her and

ties her. Preeto waits for Kareena’s call and anxiously waits for Soumya to become Gurumaa. Surbhi asks Kareena to tell how Preeto forced Soumya. Kareena refuses to tell her and asks if she will beat her. Surbhi is worried for Soumya. Rani slaps her and asks her to tell. Kareena hits on her head with her head angrily. Surbhi asks Kareena to tell what is their plan. Kareenna refuses to tell her. Rani takes the rod and says I will kill you. Kareena says I will tell you and tells everything. Surbhi and Rani are shocked.

Saya asks Soumya to come and sit. She asks Kinnars to start the rasam to make her Gurumaa. They start the rasam and do her aarti. Surbhi thinks those goons are sent by Preeto. Rani says Gurumaa’s mahurat is of 1:30 Pm and before that we have to make Soumya believe that you all are safe. Surbhi asks Rani to keep Kareena captive and goes. Harak Singh, Preeto and Harman are still sitting for havan. Pandit ji says it is completed and says he will begin aarti. Saya asks Kinnar to make Soumya swear of becoming Gurumaa and fulfilling the duties with sincerity. She asks her to give promise. Saya asks her to say.

Surbhi comes back home and sees goons. She says you are still here, and asks them to take Mata Rani’s Prasad. They have it and say jai mata di. They feel drowsy and faints.

Surbhi asks Varun do you love me? Varun says yes. Surbhi asks him to prove and asks him to do as she says. She tells something. Harman does the Goddess aarti. Pandit ji asks Harak Singh and Preeto to do the aarti.

Harman thinks I thought you love me like I love you. He thinks she has broken his illusion and trust, today he came to know that his meaning of love was wrong, you don’t want to come back in my life, don’t return, even I am leaving and will never come back to you. I am going so far from you that you can’t search me even if you want.

Soumya comes running to Harman and says I love you very much, like you loves me. She says it is my good fortune that you loves me and says I love you. Harman says I love you Soumya. They have a hug.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. The Last Portion Was So Good!
    Vivian Nails the Emotional Part as Harman Always!

  2. Love you shakti

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