Shakti 6th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Harman and Soumya miss each other during fast

Shakti 6th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Jasleen trying to talk to her father, but he disconnects the call. Jasleen tells Harman that Papa doesn’t want to talk to me. Harman gets stressed. Jasleen says if I had known that there will be a problem because of me, then I would have gone from here long ago. She says Papa and Jeet are not listening. Harman says I can’t become of any other girl other than Soumya. Jasleen says you both are made for each other. She says I don’t know what to do.

Preeto comes to Raavi and asks you didn’t think once before stepping out of marriage once. Raavi asks what? Preeto says if not our respect then would have thought about your son. Raavi says she was staying with Balwinder like husband and was kicked out of sasural, and staying in Mayka as a burden. She says I didn’t get love

from you, Bau ji and Harman. She says she got inclined towards Jeet seeing his love. She says when Harman can think of his happiness then why can’t I. She says Jeet didn’t make me elope and asks her to think as a woman. Preeto says it would have been good if you have eloped with Jeet. She says it is not wrong to love, but it is wrong to expect others to sacrifice to get her happiness. Raavi says you still think of Harman and not me. Preeto says I care for you and this house, and if I haven’t cared you then would have killed you. Raavi asks her to kill her. Preeto says shamelessness doesn’t kill you, so how can I? Jeet hears them and comes to her. He thanks her for supporting him. Raavi tells him that Harman used to get everyone’s love and affection and she was sidelined. Jeet asks so you are jealous of him. Raavi says she is happy that the kinnar will go away from Harman’s life now and she is happy to help him. Jeet holds her hand and says I am happy that you are with me. Shanno and Veeran tell Harak Singh that Preeto went to Raavi’s room and asks what to do now. Preeto says what he will do, he is seeing his betterment and thinking illegal thing as legal. Harak Singh says you can’t be wrong and says I am selfish guy. He says I will stoop low to get happiness for my family. He says after Bhai Saheb’s death, you have accepted me and says I gave you marriage proposal. He says when Raavi is unhappy with her husband, she has a right to choose for her happiness. He says I have supported you when you wanted to separate Harman and Soumya, I helped you. He thinks Jeet don’t take his game out.

Jasleen asks Harman to call Sameer and asks him to ask his men to search for Soumya. Harman is about to call him, but Jeet comes and says he gave him time to get rid of Soumya’s ghost from his head and asks him to marry Jasleen silently. He returns the phone and goes. Jasleen asks Harman to relax.

Soumya sees the toys and says I remember that you had made the doll for me and applied my Bindi to that doll. Shanno asks Preeto if they can keep vrat savitri fast. Preeto says when did I stop you and tells that wherever she is, she will be keeping fast. Soumya also misses Preeto and says she will have to do puja without her. Sameer’s mum comes and asks how could you make such good toys? Soumya says Harman taught her how to make toys and tells that her inlaws have big toy factories. She tells that Preeto, Shanno, and Raavi make dolls on this day and think it as auspicious. Raavi sees Preeto and Shanno making a doll and Jeet asks Raavi to come, and says he will make a doll with her, and promises that next year, she will celebrate with her family. Jasleen tells Harman about the puja. Harman recalls asking Soumya to play with him. Soumya says no and shows her doll. Sameer’s mum asks Soumya if she is missing her family. Soumya nods. Sameer asks her to give an address and says he will go there and find out about their well being.

Harman makes a doll and tells Soumya that he will make the doll as his Gulabo. Soumya smiles. He shows her doll and sees her not there. He thinks he will make small Gulabo every year even if she doesn’t feel him. Soumya wakes up and gets restless about Harman.

Harman tells doll that last time also, he made doll wear Soumya’s bindi and tells that this time also, he got it from the mirror where she used to stick bindi. A FB is shown, Soumya tells Harman that Bindi is her suhaag thing and asks him not to throw it. He takes it off and applies to the doll. Tu hi mera khuda plays…Soumya looks at her doll who is having her bindi.

Harman keeps fast and prays for Soumya. Soumya also keeps fast and some bangles fall on her from the tree.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Sameer is too much!

  2. This story is going nowhere ?and that raavi, is such a characterless woman while wearing sindoor of her husband she’s begging for another man to own her…… I hate this shameless woman, when does she get an awakening ?? @jasleen, she’s so pretty, soumya’s look has become so vapid and worn out ?

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