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Shakti 6th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harman asking Preeto what is happening in the house, and why they have taken his life decision without asking him. He says you people hates Soumya so much then why showing affection towards her suddenly. He asks them to hate Soumya as his love is enough for her. Preeto says you are thinking us wrong. Harman says I will not marry Surbhi. Preeto says it is not my wish. It is Soumya’s wish to see you married to Surbhi, we just said yes to her wish. Soumya says yes. Harman asks her to keep quiet and says one should learn from my mum how to shoot someone by keeping gun on others’ shoulder. Harak Singh says this way both sisters can stay together and we will get our heirs. Shanno is shocked. Harman claps and says wah…you will get everything. Everyone cares for this house respect

and heirs, but if anyone thought about me and Surbhi’s emotions. Everyone cares for toys thinking who will play with it. He says I will not marry Surbhi and goes.

Soumya is about to go, but Shanno holds her hand and says so you was planning this game. You made Mahi leave from here and got your sister’s place fixed here. She says only Mahi will marry Harman and asks her not to take Surbhi’s name. Preeto says Harman is my son and asks who is she to decide. She asks Viren/Veeran to make his wife understand else she will break her hands. She takes phone from her hand. Shanno asks her to return phone. Preeto says this is my house matter and nobody will use phones until this marriage is done. She asks Viren to give phone. He says I have to use it for factory work, but Preeto commands him to give phone. Viren gives. Shanno thinks her husband is of no use.

Surbhi waits for Soumya’s call. Nani says Harman will not agree for this marriage. Surbhi says I will talk to jiju and will try to convince him. Nani says no and asks her not to worry, let Soumya fight and overcome her troubles. Raavi comes to Preeto. Preeto asks her to have oranges. Raavi says now you are planning to get Kinnar’s sister here as bahu and says nobody thought about my pain. Preeto says once Surbhi gets married, I will take revenge from them. I haven’t forgotten about their betrayal. Raavi says what we will tell that Soumya and Surbhi are both Harman’s wives.

Preeto laughs and says she has planned everything and nobody will know about Soumya. She comes to Soumya and asks her not to eat food after taunting her. Soumya nods. Harak Singh tells that food must be tasty as saas and bahu are making food together. Preeto says Harman likes Soumya’s hand made food as she is a good cook. Soumya comes and serves food to everyone. Preeto asks Soumya, if she will not have food. Soumya says I am not hungry. Harman says I know why you don’t want to eat. Soumya says until you agree, I will not have food. Harman asks if you will die hungry. Soumya says it is good as reason will end. Harman gets angry and goes without having food.

Soumya also goes. Preeto says I am so hungry and will eat food. She tastes food and looks on. Soumya is in her room. Preeto comes there. Soumya says he is not agreeing. Preeto says he will agree now, and asks her to lift water bucket full of ice balls. She asks her to go to terrace holding bucket. She says when Harman comes there, and see you shivering with cold, he will agree. She takes her shawl and says you don’t need it, asks her to go. Soumya goes.

Shanno gives turmeric milk to everyone. Harman comes back home and sees everyone having turmeric milk. He calls Soumya’s name and goes to his room. He couldn’t find her there and asks Preeto, where is Soumya? Preeto says she is on terrace. Harman says you are drinking hot milk here, and sent her to terrace. Preeto says she is not a child to agree me and says we have kept turmeric milk for her also. He goes to terrace and sees Soumya standing on the wall and shivering with cold. He gets shocked and asks have you gone mad? He asks her to get down. Soumya refuses to get down until he agrees to her sayings. He asks have you gone mad? You will fall ill. Soumya asks him not to come near her, else she will throw ice water on her and will die with cold all night. She throws ice and water bucket on her. Harman is shocked.

Soumya asks him not to come near her and shivers. She says she will shout and will gather everyone. She asks him to agree, else she will die by standing here. Harman asks what you will get by blackmailing me and says once you remarries someone else, I will have problem. If you marry Surbhi, then there will be no problem. Harman gets thinking. Raavi says we shall go and see the drama. Preeto asks her to drink milk and stay there. Harman tells Soumya that he just wants her and not Surbhi. He asks her to think about Surbhi. Soumya says you came to kidnap Surbhi only that day, but I was kidnapped instead. Harman says only you are my wife. Harman says how we will fulfill this relation. Soumya says if you marry her, then we can stay together. She says what a kinnar wants, more than this. Harman says if my answer is no. then…Soumya gets down and keeps his hand on her head asking him to agree or let her go from his house. Harman looks on.

Soumya brings Shagun to Maninder’s house. Maninder asks what is this? Soumya says it is shagun for Surbhi and Harman’s marriage. Maninder is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. ammu

    Preeto is a pakka criminal.she is not even treating somu as a human being . Instead of strengthening somu,s character writers r keeping her like a slave. When somu will become strong and face her problem by herself . In last episode only she will be strong I think.

  2. karthika

    ammu ma.. sem result vandhiduchu.. I m first in the class..😃😃😃

    i m so happy… idha than romba nalaa result varum nu solli gandu ethunanga…

    enga class la ore oru girl mattum arrear.. paavam..😭😭

  3. Bunny

    I think now all u know that who is sacrificing here more than surbhi.The answer is Soumya .Yes it’s true she only bear all problems nd she only solved d problem without any help by paining herself badly.she always think ND take care of others.Today haya performance r superbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb ND they ruled d show. I am watching this serial bcoz of only Vivian and Rubina ,my favorite Jodi in d one can replace their position in my life.pls Makers don’t break our haya Jodi.i hate surbhi and Preeto veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy much.i hope at d last minute Harman do some drastic change.pls save Soumya from ur mom Harman and don’t marry the surbhi stupid.

  4. raji

    Hi frnds I read a story news.
    Harman requests surbi to she will refuse their marriage and he tells he loves only soumya and he can’t imagine anyone else as his wifewife.

  5. ammu

    CONGRATULATIONS my dear karthi,surely today ur mom and dad will be so happy la. Nee kashtappatu homework ellam ezhuthitu pora la athaan hard work never fails ma .

  6. Sabrina


    |Registered Member

    Hope Harman can see through everyone lies….. what revenge preeto planning I though that was her wish oh well sometimes I have to remind myself it’s only a serial

  7. vidhi

    but dude somu is not selfish if we think properly na. its like

    she is sacrificing her love
    she never forced surbhi hence she pleaded this preeto not to destroy her sis life as she loves someone else
    and surbhi was d one who agreed to marry harman

    so v cant tell her selfish…… : )
    soumya’s character is just like a child innocent one so i like it a lot but now its time for d writters to make her strong enough……………

    actually i thought soumya’s character will become strong after nimmi’s death.


    • Angelk1


      |Registered Member

      Actually soumya is a kittle selfish. Shes so focus trying to solve people problem that she doesnt see logic in the situation. Shes agreeing to everything preeto saying instead of telling harman the truth. Their married but she hides secrets an make things worse.

      Surbhi didnt want to marry harman but soumya convince her to agree. Using the sister card, now surbhi old feelings for harman will resurface and she will be the new villian. Today eps shes basically blackmailing harman forcing him to agree. Harman is being a good husband by fighting for his love an making sure shes alright, but soumya not doing the same.

      Shes to focus on making everyone happy that shes forgetting about harman feeling which is the most important thing to her.

      Yes preeto selfish, but I’m not talking about her now. I was hoping soumya would fight beside harman for their love and proove the family wrong and get her rights. But instead shes just doing exactly what preeto wants blindly following her.

      I love haya but soumya is to innocent for her own good. After preeto torcher i would have thought she would be more aware an think ahead but still no improvement. By allowing surbhi to marry harman she wont get anything. I hope she realize preeto plan before its to late.

  8. Safiya Hosein

    This new track is so boring and irrirating!. It goes against culture and common sense. Soumya and Harman love each other. They have been through so much and now this nonsense. Soumya’s character needs to become stronger. She needs to stand with Harman in good and bad because he did that for her. Audience wants to see love, family and relationships and a little drama now and again. But as of late all we see is all drama which drags on and on. Writers need to get back to a a good story line to keep it interesting and exciting. As of now all we are seeing is Soumya and Surbhi as puppets of Preeto. Geez man. These girls need to have minds of their own to see through all her hatred and schemes.

  9. karthika

    thank u so much ammu ma.. 😃😃

    naangallam tsunami laye swimming ah
    nan veetla padikkave paaten..📖📖 aana rendu moomu dihadava konjam read panni viduven… ezam la poi kadha dhan📝📝..subject related ah kadha adicha mark kidaikkum.. magup panni padikiradhu ellam vaste ma..

  10. Bunny

    I totally agree with you vidhi.l have also same opinion on Soumya.But no one understand that and always blaming Soumya.Thank u very much for supporting Soumya.she only sacrificing slot when compared with surbhi.i hope Harman didn’t marry surbhi.

  11. raji

    Hi frnds
    Shakti promo ippo than pathen. Iyyo iyyo somya harman ku manjal vaikkara by Preeto’s ordered. Nattula nadakkara kodumai pathathu nu serial patha inga yu ma? And shakti-tv serialnews website LA makers namma opinions kekkaranga. Pls command you all in this website.

  12. dimpel

    pls harman and soumya pair is best .make sure the soumya character to be strong and fight against all odds instead showing her weak.she’s harman ‘s love and the pair is superb.

    please writer dont make any thrid person to come in between them.

  13. karthika

    hay… kopz is back…😃😃😃😃😃

    i m very happy to see you here.. naanum ammu ma vum ungalukaga dhan wait pannikittu irundhom..

    en ivvalavu naala cmt pannala.???

  14. Tanvi

    I have a bad news for all our Shakti family,Rubina is angry with Vivian, I saw on Sbas 6th Jan 2017 mohini segment.. I was wondering why these actors fight on set,can’t they work nicely…and the segments on Abp hot news is just to insult tv stars…every segment will tell about such stories, but they won’t tell anything of patchup..It’s horrible, these segment programme should not be telecasted 1.5 hours daily on India Tv,1 hour is ok ok….and I hope Vivian doesn’t quit n remain calm….I never expected Rubina behaving rude to Vivian… It would be better if Rubina clarifies all this and should sort her relations,I like to see Vivina together and laughing and cracking jokes…I hope these news channel won’t add masala and show this in their segment… Bcz vivian rival shows have a slight connection with him~1)Bahu Humari rajnikant life ok 8pm -In this show Vivian real life Vahbbiz comes and their marriage is on the rocks now 2)Pmhmd Star plus 8pm Vivian previous show had drashti as her Co actor, Drashti is the lead of Pmhmd…(I heard that Drashti and Vivian) offscreen relationship was not nice 3)Mahek Zee TV 8pm -This show is produced by the producer of Vivian previous show, Don’t understand how controversial issues come with Vivian..I have heard most of his interviews and have found him a frank, open and good person… But don’t why female leads always have a problem with Vivian… May be bcz of Vivian ‘s popularity. PPS~ NO OFFENCE TO ANYONE.I USED TO LIKE RUBINA, BUT DON’T KNOW WHY SHE IS RUDE TO VIVIAN, HOPE EVERYTHING GETS SORTED AND WE SEE A HAPPY VIVINA SOON…

  15. Kopz

    Mbl prblm dr.thnk u karthka and ammu ma fr ur concern.sakti romba borng ah pothu..poor somu.she dancing n preeto’s rythm

  16. ammu

    Hiiiiiiiii kopz hw r u ma . Very happy to see u here. Yenna aachu ma r u in out of station . But we missed u a lot. Naanum , karthiyum Unna romba miss panninom and Ashley oru new friend Unna pathi thaan ketukite irunthaanga. Plz eni daily comment pannu ma. Niraya friends vanthu irukkanga avangalla raji special la irukkanga. But sad news serial track thaan yengeyoo pochu. Plz do comment

  17. ammu

    Hi raji, Harman Ku ithu third time ma haldi function pannuraanga intha writers Ku Vera velaiue illa onnu kidnaping or marriage function pannuraanga chi very disgusting.

    Then namma Kita opinion ketpaanga but avanga ishtathuku sothapuvaanga pa .

    Naanum latest news la vara yella topic kum comment pannuven but no use.

    Hmmm paapom next week yepadi poguthunu.

  18. Kopz

    Very fine ma.neenga epdi iruknga? i m vry happy to c many commnts nd members…MISS U 2 GUYS..Hereaftr i do cmmnt daily.

  19. CutiePie

    Hi.. Gys can I B a member herr!! To b honst.. I’m getting irritated by this stupid track.. I hope ths drama ends.. And Harman comes to knw abt Soumya Preeto..😞

  20. ¢нαи∂яα

    Plz surbhiya varun ke kalyanam pani. Vachurangapa swaragini sanskaar kuda ketavanathan kamichanga but he too. Turn hero and support system to swara.. Varun avalo ketavana therile avan thiruntharathuku chance Irukalam yean… Madhubala vivian character kuda konjam villathanamatham irunthici.. So why makers do this;😢😢

  21. Raji

    Hi kopz
    Is this true? And will come male transgender really? Then the story will go interesting. Do u know any other news pls convey to us.

  22. Kopz

    Its gud to come at d harbhi marriage to break nd reveal d truth abt somu s nt kinnar..
    Raji r u tamil?

  23. Raji

    Yes tiruchendur.
    But intha makers Ku unmaiyaha Ve message sollanum ninacha original transgender vachu serial panna vendiathu thane. Kathai ya Ippadi kulappa vendame.

  24. karthika

    ya kopz.. raji ma is tamil from tuticorin…she is also a yoga instructor… am i right raji ma… ammu ma kum raji ma kum same age than kopz dr..😊😊

  25. karthika

    ya kopz.. that guy is nimmi s real son… somu is some other’s daughter raji ma.. the baby is changed when somu is a small baby… i read the spoiler tht somu is not a kinner.. is a ordinary girl..

  26. karthika

    is it true raji ma..😭😭😭

    oh God… edhu nadakka koodadhu nu ninaichomo adhu nadandiruchu…

    but idhu dream ah kooda irukalam la… coZ most of the hindi serial ah dream ah ye unmai madhiri kaatuvanga..

    writers en ipdi kuzhappi edukureenga???😡😡

  27. Kopz

    What happn to poor abhishek situation…i thnk it can b a dream..if surbhi gt married.she s a big traitor.

  28. karthika

    ok frnds… good night…🌙🌙🌙🌙 sweet dreams..

    if any good news abt shakti, please tell me guys… it is my humble request…

  29. ammu

    Neenga paakalaya raji, sakthi comments 50 aagapodhula atha thaan sonnen pa😉😉😉

    Eppadi !!!!

    Naan vanthathula irunthu 20ku mela comments yeraathu pa naan num karthiyum romba e poraadinom athuku ippa palan kidaichaachu!!

    News nu sonna vudane serial track pathi sonnen nu ninaitheergala. Athu namma Kai meeri pochu pa.

    Karthi nee correct ta kandupidichita thaane…..

    Serial track maarum nu ellam peraasai pada kudaathu hmmm.

  30. ammu

    Yellowrum semma kola verila irupeenga nu ninaikiren .yetho ennala mudinchathu…

    Achachachooo marriage nadanthurichu ma soooo sad .

    Very cruel writers. I hate after I don’t watch the serial .i will read only TU .athuvum unga kuda comment Panna mattum thaan ippadiku sabathathudan ammu.

  31. Raji

    Kavala ye padatha. News solrathu than enga thalaiyaya kadamai. I will know any news tell u all ok va.

  32. karthika

    thank u raji ma… and ammu ma..

    nan first ungakitta sollanunm nu ninaichen… cmnts 47 irundha bothu epdiyavadhu 50 cmt kondu varlam nu dhan nan good night message anupunen… appram neengalaum rajima um oru cmt panna kooda 50 cmt aagidumla.. (eppadi
    en 😉😉😉😉😜)

    ungalukku theriyadhu… 20 cmt kondu varadhukkula naan, ammu ma, appram kopz ellarum ooru kadhai ulaga kadhai ellam pesuvom…

  33. karthika

    thank u raji ma… and ammu ma..
    ammu ma first naanum idhai than think pannen… cmt 47 ah irundha bothu epidiyavadhu 50 cmt kondu varlam nu nenauchu dhan nan gd night msg ah anupunen.. enakku therium. .. neengalum rajimavum oru cmt anupuna kooda 50 vandhudun la..( epdi en plan..)

    nan first ungakitta sollanunm nu ninaichen… cmnts 47 irundha bothu epdiyavadhu 50 cmt kondu varlam nu dhan nan good night message anupunen… appram neengalaum rajima um oru cmt panna kooda 50 cmt aagidumla.. epdi en plan😉..😉😉😜)

    ungalukku theriyadhu… 20 cmt kondu varadhukkula naan, ammu ma, appram kopz ellarum ooru kadhai ulaga kadhai ellam pesuvom…

  34. ammu

    Hi now its 50 plus.

    Hi raji its confirmed marriage aagiyaachu pa. Inni surbhi ya thaan lead da kaamipaangalo. Writers totally ruined the show by this marriage. So innime somya va humiliate pannikite iruppa intha kadankaare preeto. Intha Harman seriyaana makka irukiraan avan amma voda torture theriyaama eppadi veetukulaye irrukaan.

    Makers nammala aasai kaati mosam pannuraanga yethuku Harman marriage a last minute la refuse pannitaan nu podanum ,kovatha kelaparranga .

  35. Raji

    Ammu ma
    Intha kodumaiya pathingala nan ippo than promo pathen.somya decorates the bedroom for harbhi first night.. And advice vera surbhi kku. Namakku appadi ye kandhaghuthu.
    Nan nera Vivian ooda fb page LA poi comment panninen. Pls stop these nonsense appadinu. Already most illa all people comments to him. But they can’t hear to our thoughts.

  36. Raji

    Before I like Vivian very much now I hate him. Last 3years I was very mad in madhubala serial. My favourite serial always. It is my tension relief anytime. Ippo intha kadankaran ippadi panran. Ivanukku jenmathukkum kulanthaiye porakkathu intha serial LA.appo intha preetho enga povalam?

  37. Kopz

    1 bad news.surbhi turns evil nd realsng her old luv..preeto planned fr honeymoon….
    Oh god whats happng here..

  38. ammu

    Ha ha ha…. Yen raji ippadi konthalikereenga yenaku apps e therium intha writers nammala tension panniduvaarunu .surely iam going to quit the show I don’t want to see usual maamiyaar marumagal kodumai . Chiiii intha surbhi Vera irritating us . Even a saw that promo in you tube just now. Worst track . Trp eranginaa thaan arivu varun intha writers Ku. Appa kuda avanga kavalai padamaataanga naama thaan tension aagurom. Star plus la ishqbaaz nalla iruku pa IPKKND maathiriye iruku . Just try it.

  39. raji

    Yes ammu
    I watched this two serials often both are good. But ammu intha writers Ku enpa ivvalo thimiru. all people against this track in spoilers,YouTube and fb,twitter. But why they move the story in this track without audience wish I expected twist very much but all waste.I will not see in 10 days. Then pakkalam.

  40. Kopz

    i saw that wddng promo in that haya nd surbhi’s pheras..surbi wants 2 support somu that d haya reltnshp stll strng

  41. Kopz

    Surbi ne hi jabardasthi karke somu ko saath me phera kiya tha..aftr mrrge somu nd surbi hugs and cried..

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