Shakti 6th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Soumya feels Harman’s anger melting for her

Shakti 6th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harak Singh bringing tea for Jasleen and asks her to separate Harman and Soumya. Jasleen says Harman loved Soumya a lot and will take time to separate with her. Harak Singh requests her to act fast. Jasleen says we shall give sometime to Harman, and tells that when he loved Soumya, he used to call her gulabo. Harak Singh thinks he don’t have time and will make sure she becomes his bahu. Preeto hears them and thinks she understands what Harak Singh is trying to do. Soumya brings tea for Shanno, Veeran and others. Shanno taunts her. Preeto asks Veeran to throw Shanno out and asks her to pack her bags. Veeran says husband and wife have a fight, and asks how can she leave house. Soumya says Preeto wants to make them understand that if husband and wife then the latter shall not leave home.

Raavi says Shanno is a woman and you are a kinnar. Preeto tells Raavi that her husband Balwinder didn’t think before trying to molest her, and says your brother also didn’t think before loving her. She asks her to be thankful to Soumya for letting her stay here.

Sumit comes home. Surbhi asks him to go. Varun tells him about her Di’s problems and asks Surbhi if she haven’t told him about Soumya. Sumit asks what he wants to say. Varun is about to tell that Soumya is a kinnar, but Surbhi slaps him before he could utter a word kinnar. Varun is about to slap her back, but Sumit holds her hand. Saya tells kinnars that they shall leave from here and thinks Soumya is in danger. They clap. Inspector gets irritated. Chanda asks him to free them. Inspector asks them to be silent. Kinnars clap to make him irritated and say that he will free them. Preeto takes Jasleen out and talks to neighbors about Harman. They tell about Harman’s soft corner for Harman.

Preeto asks Jasleen to take a right decision and not to selfish. Harman asks Harak Singh where is Jasleen. Harak Singh calls her. Raavi says she went with Maa. Harman asks her to make ginger tea for him and says he is having headache. Soumya brings tea for him. Harman throws the tea on floor. Soumya smiles. Harman says she can’t mingle with us and is teasing me. Soumya says she is not teasing him and is happy that he has spilled just tea and not the tea cup, it means his anger is melting. Harman asks what do you think of yourself and tells that you don’t have place in society and you are talking about love.

Soumya kisses on Harman’s forehead and tells him that 2 hours are hers. Jasleen comes there. Soumya asks Harman to ask Jasleen to go as 24 hours are hers. Harman asks jasleen to go.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. There are many grammatical errors in the updates –
    1)Soumya says Preeto wants to make them understand that if husband and wife FIGHT then the latter shall not leave home.
    The word fight is missing
    2)They tell about Harman’s soft corner for KINNARS
    3)Preeto asks Jasleen to take a right decision and not to BE selfish.
    4)Error in Precap – Soumya kisses on Harman’s forehead and tells him that 24 hours are hers.

  2. I am so sad , I don’t feel good and I am so happy to see the week of shakti serial ended for the first time since shakti started , in the past I wished to see it all the week and I hated the 3 days which not showing it , today everything changed , I lost my believing in love and I am afraid of men too, Is that the massage of the show Sharmarashmi ? or you forgot the main massage of it ? I will remind you , it was, changing the culture and look of society to kinnars and give them their rights to live life as normal without separation,humiliation, rejection and live as a wife , sister , aunt and one important thing as a human been by showing a purest love story I have ever seen before between one of kinnar and a special man as Harman who owns our hearts by his kindness ,understandings ,defendants and beloved one who is butchered by your hands to one we hated him , you are repeating yourself marriage again it was boring before and now it’s still boring and disappointed it’s a very stupid track , you are hating Saumya so much and showing her as a dumb one not a lover but rubbish deserves humiliation , pain and suffering ,What’s nonsense and inhumanity you are showing ,stop this and give our old Harman back and the amazing love story between haya to risk the show from drowning , don’t force us to stop watching , the show gets its name from us ( the audience , the viewers ) .

  3. Fans from Chennai

    You are absolutely right. The show is boring and we hate present Harman’s behaviour. The makers are forcing us to hate Harman. Showing only hatred, humiliation and insult. There is no Love feelings at all. All are upset and can’t believe in True Love. We all hate that stupid/ selfish Jasleen. From where she came in suddenly. From the beginning of the show Rashmi Sharma brings some one in between Harman and Soumya. She does not allow them to be together alone. When will she expose the Evil doers, Shanno, Raavi & that old man Harack with Kareena. If they are not exposed, then the wickedness and lies will win. The Truth and Love will fail. That means there is no God even. God means Love and truth. We all feel very sad to watch this show now. Once Harman said his character is more or less same as Harman in real life. With the present character what we should think.

  4. Congratulations Vivian !! So finally u get ur first award of 2018….Yes… in Global Business Leadership Awards, Vivian got the award for Most Dashing Actor of the year… This shows how hardwork leads u to success…No social drama, No over the top showoff (like other actors do)… So Mr Dsena U have done it!
    Congratulations and many more to come.


    Do you guys think Soumay is girl? or kinnar?

    According to an entertainment portal, it will soon be revealed that Saumya is not a kinnar. Shocking isn’t it? Yes, but you read it right. The report stated that Nimmi (Reena Kapoor) gave birth to a transgender child but it got exchanged and Saumya is someone else daughter. She is a normal girl.

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