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Shakti 6th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Preeto slapping Surbhi repeatedly. Surbhi says you can slap me more, but I will not return with you. Preeto asks police team to wait outside till she settles scores with her. She locks the door and says I didn’t come here to take you, request you etc. She says I came to question you why did you marry my son, when you thought to elope. Surbhi says I got married to unite them and for their happiness. She says I have understood that their happiness is when they are together and nobody comes inbetween them and asks her to understand. Preeto tells her that she will punish Soumya so bad that her soul will be shaken up. Surbhi tells her that nothing will happen to Soumya as Harman is with her. Preeto goes angrily.

Harman is feeding the baby, but he is not drinking milk. Soumya says

baby will not drink milk like this and asks him to give bottle to her. She takes the baby in her lap and sings lori while feeding the baby. Baby drinks the milk. Harman says he was acting to hear your lori and wanted to come in your lap. He says you are a wonder and understands everyone. Chintu comes there and sees baby. He smiles….and tells baby that he is lucky to have papa and mummy, both. He says he is unlucky to have one parent at a time and asks Soumya to tell Balwinder to stay with them. He hugs Soumya. Harman says I will go and get tea. Soumya tells Chintu that very soon he will have both parents with him.

Nani gets worried for Soumya. Surbhi asks her not to worry and says Harman ji is with her. Soumya makes baby sleep. Harman tells her that her face’s glow is gone. Soumya says she is worried about baby and says he must be missing his parents. Harman asks her to get ready as they are going somewhere. Preeto calls Kareena and tells that she needs her help. Kareena asks how did Surbhi have a change of heart. Preeto says she don’t want to know. Kareena calls her kinnars and tells that they have to gather kinnar community and tell that they have kept Kinnar (Soumya) captive.
Harman meets Balwinder and asks him to take stand for himself, Raavi and Chintu. He asks him to complete his family. Balwinder says he can’t go against her father. Harman tells him that his wife is hearing taunts for making you both meet. Soumya asks him if he loves Raavi. Balwinder says yes, very much. Soumya tells him that he shall accept his life partner the way she is? She says just as Harman accepted me with all my weakness. Balwinder tells that he has two options, one is to forget Raavi and other is to come to their house as ghar jamai. Soumya asks how can you forget her.

Preeto is tensed as Harman and Soumya left with the baby somewhere. Harak Singh asks her not to worry. Preeto says if anyone sees baby then what we will reply. Harman comes and says nobody saw us, and says if anyone see us then I will reply to them. Preeto tells Soumya that Surbhi is at Nani’s house and asks her to go and question her, why she did this. Soumya asks Harman to come with him. Harman says we will meet her some other time. Soumya insists to meet him and is about to go. Harman says I will come with you. Just then Nani comes there…Soumya asks where is Surbhi? Nani says Surbhi brought me here, but went. She says Surbhi told that she will return after doing her work. Soumya asks didn’t you stop her? Nani says I stopped her, but she didn’t agree and left for work. Preeto says all shameless people are born in your house.

Harman asks Nani to come inside. Nani thinks Surbhi told truth. A fb is shown, Surbhi tells Nani that Soumya will come searching her and asks her to tell that she left. Soumya says where we will search her now. Nani says Surbhi said that she wants to stay alone for some days and want to do a job. Soumya says how can she go, she is someone’s wife and bahu. Nani says Surbhi said that everyone needs to rethink about this marriage. Harman says even Surbhi told me this. Soumya is shocked.

Preeto says she would have kicked that kinnar out, but is worried about their respect and society. Harak Singh says I am with you and asks her to do whatever she wants. Preeto hopes Kareena does her work, else she have to do. Harman tells Soumya that even Surbhi have some dreams. Soumya says she is married. Harman says this is a forced relation. Nani asks Soumya to give some time to Surbhi. Harman says Nani is saying truth.

Kareena comes with kinnars and takes baby in her lap. She then tells Soumya that she didn’t come to take her, as Harman will take her back, but very soon you will come to me. Harman hears her on call.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Yesterday I wrote about Vivian giving bytes N today I saw his bytes on zoom and other segments… That’s why I am a fan of him… I started to watch madhubala in 2013 and loved Vivian acting n then I follow Shakti, this week Shakti is back in top 5 and is ahead of all the rival shows….glad that our daring Harman is back…the Surbhi marriage track was the result of Shakti getting out of top 5… HAYA + Daring Harman – Good Trp for Shakti… I hope this year Vivian gets the best actor award at Colors Golden petal awards 2017… Guys plz vote for Harman and make him win….

  2. hi tanvi i always Read your comments and i Real like.. .

  3. HI thanvi! you are right. our harman and soumya will win best actor award this year. its sureas well as they will win favourite jodi award. I vote them many. So plz guys vote them.?????????????????????????

  4. Harman is back as we knew him , and the serial back to be very interesting , l am so happy to see surbhi as a good sister again l think she deserves happy life with a good person belongs to only her not sharing one with another . Karena has to stop her stupid revenge she killed Malika by cold blood for nonsense and she misunderstanding saumya ,How did she corrects this huge mistake ? Will Malika come back again ? There is mistakes have no correction such that . I think Karena will killed by kinnars like Ravenna

  5. What kind of sister is soumya first she emotionally blackmailed her sister into marrying her husband knowing very well harman will never accept surbhi then she stays in the same house as both of them ( even unwillingly) letting other badmouthing about the trio, now that surbhi is taking a good decision for everyone’s life soumya still try to bring her back! No matter how good a person is there is limits of everything, everyone has the right to fight for their happiness and rights. After all this if surbhi turns negative I won’t be surprised.

    1. Saumya ruined her sisters life.

  6. Saumya has no problem about her sister marriage from harman ,she wants her to marry harman and deliver a baby , remembered preeto asked saumya for this to get staying in the house and forced her saumya has no place to go , all the society rejects her . Do you want her to go to the society of kinnar’s ? She forced by everything and when she relies she became a problem against surbhi she attempts suicide until now she prepares to sacrifice for harman by harman to her sister it’s love she can’t go away

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