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Shakti 5th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Soumya keeping her mobile on table and goes to open the door. She opens door and sees Maninder. She gets happy and asks him to get inside, just then she sees Saya behind him and gets tensed and shocked. Nimmi tries calling Soumya, but the phone is busy. She cries and says something wrong is going to happen…Biji..She says phone is busy, what to do now. She says I can’t wait and calls Harman, but his number is also busy. Harman waits for Soumya to return and thinks what work Preeto has given her that she is taking so much time. Surbhi says I will call on landline. She calls on landline, but nobody picks the call. Saya comes inside with Maninder and walks towards Soumya. Soumya moves back and collides with Preeto. Soumya says she….Preeto says you have enough fun of this world,

now time has come to go to your world. She says we have brought you here with so much happiness, and now I will send you off with equal happiness now. Soumya says mummy ji. Preeto asks Maninder and Saya to take Soumya from there.

Soumya asks why you are telling this? Preeto says what do you and your family think that you people will fool us and we will become fool. She says you have to leave from here. She says if you and your mum only knows conspiracy and says I am shaitaan’s nani. She says today is the 20th day and I will kick you out from here. She says you have betrayed my Harman, and the truth is that you are a Kinnar. Soumya asks her not to send her with Saya. Preeto says you have to go with her, where you belongs to. She asks Saya to take her away. Soumya cries and nods no. Saya holds her hand. Soumya runs to Maninder and pleads to him saying that she don’t want to go with Saya. She falls on his feet and says I have never asked anything from you till now, and says I don’t want to go with this chudail. Maninder beats her and pushes her. He says this world is chudail, if everyone know your truth then they will eat you. He says I have made Nimmi understand, but she didn’t agree. He says you are not from this society and us, and says you belongs to Saya. Soumya cries and says no.

Maninder asks her to go happily with Saya. Harman gets restless and thinks why did she go leaving phone. Nimmi calls on Soumya’s phone, and it comes as busy. She says I hope everything is good with her. Soumya cries badly. Saya asks Soumya not to plead infront of them and says they will not understand. She says they can’t give you love and respect which you deserves and says you will get everything in your community. She says you will get so much love with us. Soumya says no and asks her not to touch her. She tells Maninder that she don’t want to go with her, and insists to call Nimmi or Harman. Maninder says you have no relation with Harman or Nimmi. Soumya says I have relation with them. Maninder says you have relation with just Saya.

Maninder says if you really love Harman then you are ruining his life. He asks her to go and asks Saya to take her along with her. Soumya cries and says I don’t want to go. Harman thinks don’t know where Soumya went. Soumya shouts asking Harman to save her, and says I don’t want to go. Harman comes back to car and then hears Soumya calling his name cryingly. He gets worried and sits in car. Nimmi and Surbhi decide to go to Soumya’s house. Soumya cries asking Harman to save her. Saya drags her. Preeto asks Maninder and Soumya to go out and do drama, says my head is paining. Soumya insists to talk to Harman once and says I don’t want to go. Saya drags her out while she cries. Preeto closes the door and looks on.

Harman calls Harak Singh and asks what is the siyappa at home? Harak Singh says I don’t know as I am in the factory with Varun. Harman calls Viren and comes to know that he went to temple with Shanno. He thinks everyone is out at the same time and thinks there is something for sure. In the car, Soumya shouts for help and calls Harman. She tells Maninder that she don’t want to go. Saya makes her smell chloroform. Soumya faints. Maninder gets down the car. Saya goes with Soumya in her car. Harman calls Preeto. Preeto says why Harman is calling so many times, sings song and cuts the call. She is happy that Soumya is gone from home. She makes tea and goes to drink it, ignoring his phone calls. Harman stops at the signal. He calls Soumya and says pick the call. Saya’s car also stops at the signal. When their cars pass each other, Harman couldn’t see Soumya.

Harman comes home and asks where is Soumya? Preeto asks him to bring Raavi first. Harman asks her to tell where is Soumya. Harak Singh says she is our bahu rani. Harman says she is my wife. Preeto shouts that she is not your bahu and Harman’s wife as she is not a woman, she is a kinnar. Everyone is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Harman… save her yaar..

  2. Look who is back after her exams with her long comments. So… A lot happened during the past week and I wasn’t able to watch a single episode, except the one that was the mega episode. I watched that in repeat after I came back from school. So, Haya developed a friendly relationship and Preeto got to know about Soumya’s truth. Well, ek good news aur ek bad news. But it had to happen some day. If not today, then tomorrow..
    Coming to today’s episode.. Argh! Preeto those words, they were really hurtful and the way Soumya innocently said while sobbing, “Mummy Ji, mujhai mat bhejiye udher..” And Preeto pushed her towards Saya and Maninder. Then she fell on her knees in front of Maninder and cried. OMG! I cried along her. “Ye duniya chudail hai, noch khai gi tujhai.” Dialogues.. ??? I severe every single episode after Soumya’s truth was revealed made me cry. Even those cute Haya scenes.
    Rubina is a wonderful actor.. Loving her acting so far. She cries so well and makes me cry along with her. ??
    So the serial isn’t being dragged, they didn’t drag those 21 days.. Right? That clearly implies that this serial is the best of all. There are several reasons why and Shakti & Haya know why.
    Well, that was so foolish of me to think that for the first time Maninder was not gonna shout on Soumya and try to make her understand calmly. I don’t know what’s wrong with me, he can never change.
    I literally thanked God when Harman heard Soumya shouting. Atleast he got to know something was actually wrong. Good that he gave her a phone. Plus the way he is super worried about Soumya and called everyone to know about her. Loving this friendship bond! ??
    Rubina, you beauty! Who else looks good while struggling and crying? ? (Sorry sorry.. Comment mein humor na ho to maza naheen ata.)
    OMG! The precap? Who wasn’t expecting that? Now even Khadak Singh knows that Soumya is a kinnar. Please, ek aur villain naheen chahiye humain. Preeto always said that both the father and son are alike, so I just hope that like Harman, Khadak Singh also understands that being a kinnar is not Soumya’s fault. Wait a sec, we’re all the other family members there too? Oh my goodness! Harman kuch ker.. Hum sare tum se hi umeedein laga ker bethe hain. Please…

    1. hi alisha good to see your bigg comment. . and I agree to you 100percent n me too crying like u ..

      infact I started developing soft corner for kinners I see on streets n realized this is what is called social message thru daily soaps. .

    2. I also think Harman’s dad won’t be rude. He is a nice person.He will take Harman’s side

  3. Deedarun Swaty

    Is really soumya a kinnar.I just only want to know that or it is just a liar truth that she is a kinnar

  4. What does kinnar mean?I am not Indian but i love Indian shows

    1. Kinnar means a transgender

    2. Transgender

    3. It means transgender

    4. Acctually Somya here must be an inters*x character.

  5. I am glad truth is out really would like to know how everyone will react

  6. awsme episode yrr…

  7. Hi writer of the show how can some one find a transgender by birth it is impossible to find out it comes to know by the harmonal changes in the body that too at certain age. Do u think people watching this soap are fools.

    1. I have been asking myself the same question also considering it’s a village setting they have no way of knowing if she’s a a transgender at birth without medical facilities to tell them otherwise. Probably showing she has both male and female reproductive organs.

    2. Blossom girl

      They can bcoz of the private parts. Just Google private parts of transgender. Transgender is nt gay. Transgender is a non gender identical person. They grow up to b male or a female. Sowmya is mostly a girl who can’t give birth.

    3. She must be Inters*x, a human born with both male and female genetil parts. So can not be identified typically either male or female. There is diference between transgender and inters*x person. In India the whole group commonly called as Hijra. Child born with inters*x is haded over to Hijra community. Transgenders are the ones who have either male or female body characteristics but like to behave as that of opposite. They have gender identity problem. So in case of transgenders one may come to know about it in teen age whereas an inters*x child can be identified at the time of birth. So here in India the ‘Hijra’ community includes intes*x, transgenders, transs*xuals, crossdressers …etc. I have checked on Google to understand the same. Look this is the power of this show. It is definatly REVOLUTIONARY subject. I hope they handle it well and keep it realastic. Harman’s character will be turning point for this show. Let’s see how they gonna show case him. Look how neglectant we as a society are we hardly know what exactly the ‘kinnar’ means. From my point of view its really unfair to boycott a child born with inters*x characteristics. Its just a physical deformity caused due to chromosomes disorder. BUT AWH its related to s*xual organ and society deny their right to be treated as Human beings. SO ANNOYING!!!.

  8. waiting for next epi..

  9. I think they just misunderstood the word transgender, because that soumya is a hermaphrodite not a transgender.

  10. What the hell r u people upto? Let Soumya be a homos*xual or whatever she is, it can’t stand against the word ‘love’, love happen between souls, not bodies, I really feel shameful to live in such a society where people keep these people seperated for the sake of God without having a bit of knowledge in biology. Dear insane society, go through bio books first, n then go through religious books, coz human in itself is a creation of god, n if God is a parent, He will always love his children, He will always make a thing sacred touched by anyone-a girl, a boy,or a transgender

  11. its a fiction so anything can be said n showed. . But in reality the real biological status like reproductory system etc can only be known thru investigation … whatever was at birth cannot be taken for ever. . things change as an infant grows….

    harman just take somu to a dr n find or her status then decide if u want to send her back or keep her with u…

  12. One silly thing is. . harman has not really planned how he will send her back home. .. She owns that factory also. .There are legalities too end a marriage. .

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