Shakti 5th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Soumya prays to God for a miracle to unite with Harman

Shakti 5th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Saya asking Chanda to make the arrangements and says other kinnars will also come. Soumya comes. Saya asks her to wear her bridal clothes and says you are the only one among us who got married and says you will wear this till you becomes Gurumaa and you will feel good and even I will. Other kinnars come there and asks Saya how is she? Saya says she is fine. They ask about Tarana. Saya says she is getting ready. Balwinder asks Raavi to make a cup of tea. Raavi slaps him hard on his face and feels ashamed on his manhood to misbehave with kinnar. Balwinder thinks he shall leave now, chance is good. He says I am a sinner and have no right to stay in this house or in this marriage. He says he will go and packs his suitcase. Raavi says you will not go anywhere, your salary is going to

come, you shall bring my jewellery and give me calculation.

Surbhi tells Nani that Soumya is going to be Gurumaa and her truth will be out soon,that’s why she wanted us to leave this city. Maninder gets worried for her respect. Rani says if Soumya wears bridal clothes then her truth will be out. Saya says truth will not hide and may be they will accept Tarana from heart. Soumya comes wearing bridal clothes. Kinnar questions Saya, why she is wearing bridal dress? Soumya says I have sacrificed my relations for this position and recalls her marriage with Harman. She says for the last time, the feeling of being married, memories and those moments she wants to live. Saya explains to them that Tarana had a bad past and tells how Maninder tried to bury her alive, how Nimmi protected her all life, Soumya and Harman’s marriage, Preeto torturing her. Kinnars agree to give her Gurumaa’s position and says for that she has to follow some rituals to forget her past and become Gurumaa in real means.

Harman talks to teddy and says if you don’t come to me by tomorrow then I will go so far from me that you couldn’t find me even if you wants. Kinnars bring Soumya to the holy tree and make her do puja. Kareena and Raveena smiles. Kinnar asks Soumya to pluck a leaf and ties thread to its stem. She explains that Soumya is ending all relations. Shakti song plays…Soumya ties the leaf as explained and gives to Saya. They ask her to pick a handful of sand and give to Mallika. Soumya ties it in cloth and gives to Saya. They say you came here alone and will go alone, will be freed from any greed or relations. They ask her to take swear on kul mata that she will work for kinnars’ community and asks her to keep it outside the house. Rani takes Soumya to side and asks what you are going to do? She says they will make you theirs now, and asks her not to become Gurumaa and asks her to go back to Harman. She says once you takes the shapath then you can’t be with Harman. Soumya thinks about Preeto’s threat that she can kill Maninder and Varun is still her loyal dog, she can kill Surbhi at any time.

Soumya comes to temple and says she came there with a plea and tells that she is a kinnar and don’t have right to love, but she loves Harman and wants to live her life with him as he is the only one who loves her very much, wants to fight her war with him. I want to protect my love, I love him so much, but I am helpless, may be I can’t do anything after tomorrow, but please do some miracle and return my Harman ji to come. She says if you don’t do any miracle tomorrow then I will accept that you differentiate between a normal man/woman and a kinnar and she has no right to pray to you. She rings the temple bell.

In the morning, Pandit ji asks Harman to sit for puja. He asks him to do dhyan and start puja. Harman thinks today is navmi, navratri’s big puja and thinks his all ardaas ends on Soumya and asks mata rani to return his Soumya.

Kareena calls Preeto. Preeto picks the call. Kareena tells her that you have trapped Soumya so badly that she can’t do anything. Rani hears her and calls Surbhi. She asks her to listen carefully. Surbhi says she will come there. She comes out of house and sees goons standing out and stopping her from going. She asks who are they? And says she will beat them. Surbhi goes. Goon says we shall follow her. Other goon says we shall stay here. Saya tells Soumya that her married life ends here and asks her to remove bridal clothes and jewellery, and says no memory shall stay with you. Soumya is sad. Saya asks her to give her jewellery.

While kinnars doing puja to make her Gurumaa, Surbhi comes there with Maninder, Nani, Bebe and Varun. Soumya asks if everyone is fine. Surbhi says we all are fine and asks her to go to Harman ji, and live her life, go…live your life. Soumya runs from there calling Harman ji. Harman is about to embrace Sanyas/solitary life.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. No SHAKTI in this Episode, Very Boring, With Less Scenes of Harman, There was no Shakti, He is THE REAL SHAKTI of the show, Makers must give space to Harman also

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