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Shakti 5th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kinnars bringing Soumya back to their house. Soumya asks them to leave her, and tells Guru Maa that don’t need to catch her as she will not run from her and that she knows that Harman and Surbhi will come to take her. She says they will reach here also, and you people can’t stop. She goes. Saya says she said right, they will come here also. They have come here before, but this time we may couldn’t stop them. Guru Maa asks Saya not to worry and says she will make arrangements for Soumya after navratri. Harman stops his car and tells Surbhi that Soumya was in that car and didn’t meet them as he never cared about her.

Soumya tells Kareena that even now Harman and Surbhi want me to return and says they gave her new hope and she can live her life. Harman tells Surbhi that

Mata Rani made him value Soumya’s importance and is punishing him for his previous doings. Surbhi asks him not to blame himself and tells that your reaction was obvious. Harman says Soumya was in that car only. Surbhi says yes, she was in that car and tells that they will meet Soumya some day on some street or corner. Soumya tells that they will meet for sure and that she is hopeful. Preeto calls Harman and asks if you meet Soumya. Harman says we were closer to her, but missed again.

Preeto takes a sigh of relief and asks him to come home soon. She smiles and gather everyone beating on the plate. Harak Singh asks what happened? Preeto says she is happy as Mata Rani will be coming to our house. Harak Singh asks her to tell what is the reason of her happiness. Preeto tells that real happiness will be on ravan davan and thinks she has to play naagin conspiracy. Surbhi tells Harman that she will meet him tomorrow and goes to her home once he drops her. Likhne wale song plays………..Surbhi cries thinking about her happy times with Soumya. Harman thinks about her happy times with Soumya. Surbhi says we were close but I couldn’t bring you back. Soumya thinks about kinnar telling that Harman and Surbhi were there in the house.

Pandit ji asks Harak Singh and his family to pray infront of mata rani after sthapana. Harman prays to Mata Rani and asks her to help him find Soumya and unite her with Nimmi. Preeto asks God to help her win and make Soumya go away from Harman’s life. She asks where I am wrong? She looks at Harman. Nimmi lights the lamp and tells that she had always kept fast during navratri, but this time she will keep nirjhala vrat. Surbhi asks what you are saying. Nimmi says she will keep fast till she gets Soumya back. Beeji also asks her not to keep nirjhala fast. Nimmi says I will give test if Mata Rani wants. Bebe thinks new Siyyappa is happening.

Kareena asks Soumya to get ready for puja and says shringaar is different today. She says I don’t know importance of the day. Soumya explains about Mata Rani’s 7 avatar to defeat the evil. She says Mata rani’s strength fades away all the darkness and tells that they are neither male or female. Kareena asks her to come and get ready.

Guru Maa does the puja and plays the shank. Soumya prays to God and tells that you comes on earth to fulfill our wish. She asks her to keep her blessings on her. Preeto gives prasad to Harman and says mata rani will do everything alright, and says I wish your life comes on right track. Harman says once I find Soumya, my life will come on right track. Preeto thinks your father might have done my work till now and says you will go where I want you to go. Harman comes out. Inspector comes with his team and tells that he came to arrest him.

Harman asks if they are drunk. Inspector says no, and says he has many cases on his name pending. They arrest and take her. Preeto sees Inspector taking Harman from outside their house, and gets relieved. Harman asks Inspector to let him go, else. Inspector asks Constable to lock him in the lock up. Harman says he have to go and asks him to understand. Inspector frees a thief and asks him to go. Thief comes out and informs Harak Singh that his work is done, and now Harman have to stay in jail for 10 days. Harak Singh asks him to go out of Gurdaspur for 10 days and smiles. Inspector tells Constable to take care of Harman and says he will stay here for 10 days. Harman is shocked.

Preeto calls Maninder Singh and informs him that her son will not go and search his Kinnar daughter and that she has made all the arrangements. Maninder is happy. Preeto asks him about Surbhi. Maninder says all arrangements is done. At the police station, Harman beats the constables and escapes from there.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Good harman kp it up:-) wht hpn to harak singh he’s also hplng his preeto poor sownya lots n lots of hurdles:-( i thnk preeto n maninder is pllng to gt marry harman n surbhi!!! Omg dis shld nt hpn

  2. Sheebakhalil

    Where is varun and shakti astitva ke ehsaas ki is story of rights take society and love triangle where start now and I dame sure soumya stop surbhi and marriage soumya show your shakti and take right and fight I wish varun and surbhi ki shadi ho jaye instead of harman or remarriage haya

  3. Please don’t break sowmyas heart from the child wood she din get anything but now she have many problem than also she hopes only Harman that he will come and save her sowmya also have heart in that heart also have love dreams affection everything please don’t destroy her love please don’t sperated Harman and sowmya and answer to my question why only preeto gets every once support and even harak sing help is wife preeto why the hero of the serial dose not get any help to save is wife .varun were are you please help Harman and varun you should marry surbisurbi as fans wish

  4. Let preeto plan anything but Harman will not agree for second marriage at any cost he will not cheat sowmya he will prove his love that true love never fails Harman is hero he loves sowmya very much and he only loves sowmya he will realise that please don’t hurt fans

  5. In the upcoming track it will be cleared that soumya is nt kinner nimmi’s kinner child was exchange with soumya and then HAYA story will strt again nd surbhi will get married 2 varun 🙂

    1. Expected one. Nothing new. Serial is not about winners and society it’s just to attack viewers and after time passes same love story saas bhau drama start. Indian soaps don’t have any creativity.
      There only aim is money business. Irony is we still watch them.

  6. Day by day the serial is very boring please don’t take the serial as business say some good message to the society why the director can’t understand what fans want and what we every message we said that we want Harman and sowmya love story back and surbi should not come in between Harman and sowmya and we also said that why we want Harman and sowmya love story back if the director is clever he will cache fans points
    Varun should marry surbi it is fans wish and request

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