Shakti 5th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Shakti 5th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Soumya and Harman doing labourers’ work. Soumya woudn’t have thought this even in his dream. Harman and Soumya see Kishan Lal. Labourer talks to Kishan lal and says that two workers came and request him to keep them for work. Kishan Lal says where are they? Labourer says they were here, don’t know where they went. Soumya gives water to Harman. She asks him to return home. Harman says he don’t want to go, he has many friends who can help him, but he will help himself. He says he will earn money and makes home. He sees a hut there and says we will make home. Soumya asks where? Chintu tells Balwinder that soumya helped you and says she is good. Balwinder says yes she is good but….Chintu asks him to take him to Soumya and says he will stay with her. Balwinder agrees and asks him

to come.

Raavi comes and asks him to sit. Chintu says you are very bad and tells that you and Papa are together because of her and goes. Balwinder says he said right. Raavi asks him to do according to Harak Singh and Preeto as they are staying in their house. Harman and Soumya repair the hut. Tu Hi Mera Khuda plays….Something pierced in his hand, Soumya sucks his finger to stop bleeding. He smiles and pulls her closer. Tu Hi Mera khuda continues to play. She wipes his face with her Pallu.

Harman holds her romantically and takes out dry grass from her hairs. A man sees Harman and Soumya in the hut and goes. Harman and Soumya come out of hut. Harman says our house is ready and asks her to make arrangement for grah pravesh. Soumya says how we will do? Harman says we will do grah pravesh with true heart. He picks a broken pot kept there and applies sand to fix it. He asks her to kick kalash and get inside. They get inside kicking the kalash. Harman says our married life started now in real means, you, me and our home. Man comes and asks Harman to come out. Harman asks why you are shouting. Man says you can’t do anything being Harak Singh’s son and says you can’t stay in this hut. Harman says it is my house, religion , and tajmahal. He picks a stone to hit them. They run away to complain to Police. Soumya gets scared.

Harman asks her not to worry and says he used to be badmash before, but she made him alright. He asks her not to be senti and says he will sell his watch. He says we will buy more watches later on. He goes and later comes back. Soumya smiles. Harman asks him to make food. He says he will make Chula and asks her to make food. Soumya asks how we will make roti and says she needs tawa. Harman says today says they will not have roti today and asks her to knead the flour. He make wood stove. Soumya says she will try and lights the Chula. Harman says I will knead the floor and asks her to make bati. After bati is made, Harman makes Soumya with his hand. Soumya smiles. Harman says Rajastani Bati in Punjabi style and says they will not get this much tasty good in five star hotel also. Saya, Nani and Surbhi come there and get emotional. Soumya and Harman are happy to see them.

Goons surround Soumya. Parineeti and Ayushman, film stars come there and threaten goons to call Police.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I wish Vivian also have shot with ayushman and parineeti….

  2. Really harman is the shakti of shakti. Vivian is the romantic king of television. Vivian is enough to make a show superhit. I want shakti to become no one in ratings again only because of vivian. Vivian, kamya, roshni love you all so much. Especially VIVIAN ????????????

    1. I think u are right, I also want to see same shakti in soumya instead of crying, giving bechari expressions, she should think of her and the people around hers happiness

  3. Can anybody explain me the meaning of montage please???

    1. Montage is a technique in film editing in which a series of short shots are edited … the passage of time, rather than to create symbolic meaning as it does in Soviet montage theory – source wikipedia

  4. I always respect to unbreakable love …..and this is unique…..background song also fit for them…..

  5. Princess pari

    Harman jii , you are best ??????
    My VD enough to make this show to superhit

  6. What a magical episode , refreshing and very nice to see shakti in them again , perfect performance from both of them

    1. your silver lining

      Correction dalia…Harman always had ‘shakti’ and it’s good to see him showing this ‘shakti’ again and again… But saumya still needs to gain atleast some ‘shakti’. It’s high time now…?

      1. I really want yo agree with u, this is really high time to stop soumya dumbness and so called bechariness

  7. Montage, depicts the pain of Haya. They lost their son. lost home, etc. Soon, there will be a new montage

  8. Shanaya, you remind me of bubbles from powerpuff girls…lol ?

    1. your silver lining


  9. Superb lovley episode?????????????

  10. Nice episode..i enjyd alot epi…..happy to see our haya together wit care and selfish raavi!!??bcuz of our haya, she s now wit her husband…….i hate her…..

  11. Hurray……!!!!!! Surbhi is making arrangements to get out of her forced and unhappy marriage. Making legal notice to get back her freedom. I hope now this selfish soumya won’t stop it or preeto to stop it, surbhi get a lovable and much better person than Harman, hope this happens soon, she can have great life with out the interference of selfish soumya.

  12. I am very very happy sandy…y bcoz my dream came true at last, that mahan choti surbhi will leave our HAYA by freed her from our lovable, cute HAYA relation. I am waiting for this moment from soooooooo………………… many days.It’s really a very wonderful moment. Bcoz of that WORST TRIO mrg soumya nd Harman faced so many obstacles..I hope that no one stop surbhi about this divorce matter.plsssssssssss surbhi do it fast as possible. By this worst trio mrg, surbhi thinks that she can change preeto nd also save soumya from preeto clutches but,bcoz of entry of surbhi in that beautiful couple life only soumya faced a lot of problems nd for Harman had no peace at all. SAYA only saved soumya soooooo many times after that trio mrg than surbhi. She just support her in doing pooja nd in kitchen only with all family members. Without surbhi ,Harman can also do that.she didn’t do any good to soumya ,after d mrg always soumya escape from Harman which hurts him alot. What surbhi did benefit to her sister by accepting for this mrg? Sooo pls SURBHI , I vl beg u nd pray u ,plsssssssssss don’t come again into our HAYA life. Leave them forever.when u call Harman as Harman ji ,at that time I think that if u r in front of me then definitely I vl kill u Surbhi. Thanks alot SANDY for ur VALUABLE information. At that time of preeto mrg proposal ,abhishak told to surbhi,after completion of our mrg v vl give shelter to ur sis in our home for lifelong. But she refused it nd behave as MAHAN, nd told to abhishek like this—my sister cant live happily without harman nd some bla bla bla. And atlast she only tried to snatch HARMAN from SOUMYA.Then finally she also became preeto puppet nd tortured her sister with her badmouthing that leads to soumya suicide attempt..Bcoz of all these reasons she became MAHAN CHOTI or CHUDAIL SURBHI. Thank u soooooooooooo much sandy.Today onwards i got peaceful sleep. Bye sandy. Now our HAYA r freeBIRDS.LOVE HAYA nd VD ,RD for ur fabulous performance s in SHAKTI. Some some times I felt that may be they r real pair.OMG if it’s happen like that means then YAHOO…………….But I know it’s impossible, maybe possible in my dreams.

    1. Bunny well said dear loved ur reply???

  13. Forget to comment on Friday episode. I am in HAYALAND after watching that episode. OMG shakti is rocking these days. VIVIAN-RUBINA chemistry is SIZZLING. I always support u dalia,shananya for ur comments. DON’T FEAR I AM HERE.How is d dialogue yaar? Today I am very happy. Surbhi is ready to u surbhi.No one can never portray the HARMAN as VIVIAN nd SOUMYA as RUBINA.Hatsoff to both of u guys.always god bless u.

  14. Prachi Mehta Durkaal

    As per Hindu marriage act Surbhi is not legal wife of Harman she can move right now


    1. Actually she is legally his wife, because the person who legally wedded Harman herself gave permission to their marriage, it happens as both agreed willingly or unwillingly. So please if u can’t support her don’t, instead u plz support soumya, OK and as girl plz think once before hurting anyone’s respect. If she is not married to him she would never gone there.

    2. Actually thats right… Surbhi is not legally married because acc to indian law nd hindu tradition when first wife is present then u cant marry second time.. Even if first one herself give permission for it.. If anyone has to marry then he or she has to first take divorce from their first partner.. Then only second wife will be called legally married.. Soo acc to this haya are nt divorced nd somya is his legal wife

      1. But the marriage happened and everybody knows about harman – surbhi marriage, if they don’t get divorce legally, what do u think the people of her village ever allow her to marry again. Here the point in order to get her freedom surbhi have to take divorce legally, and every body else should know that she is freed from the stupid marriage which was never happy with it, she is moving on… So that she could marry another one to have new happy life, I think u need to check the law once again, if the man and women is willing to marry, eventhough they are married before, if the other partner is OK with it it is called legal, if not harman-surbhi would be arrested when whole village came to knew, Harman was married once again. Of this illegal, so technically harman-surbhi are legally wife and husband, now they have to break it.

      2. Yes before making any judgement, think surbhi is girl, she have a respect of her own dignity, if u can’t support her, don’t surbhi would never gone there if she will be his illegal wife. Because any girl its her dignity and respect that comes first, other than anything, before making any kind of statement please think of it once

    3. I dont knw why u are always being feminist.. She is a girl nd has dignity.. I knw that very well afterall m also a girl.. Nd i like surbhi very much nd her character too but that doesnt mean that we can ignore the truth… Js becoz she is sacrificing it means harman shud accept her… What he feels whom he loves that doesnt matter what is it he never told anyone to sacrifice… In the whole serial no one thinks about him and what he wants niether his parents nor somya nd surbhi… Preeto js want her grandchild nd somya always do what preeto says… His love has no value… Nd yeah if u dont know then plz check on net acc to Hindu Marraige Act 1955 marraige between two hindus can be solemnized if neither of them have a spouse living at the time of marraige .. if first wife has given consent to this nd not complain then he can escape from punishment but in the eyes of law that marraige is null nd void.

    4. Nd yeah there are many loopholes in the serial.. Like surbhi going to take divorce which is not needed.. Nd villagers who always obey harak singh what they will say.. N the last thing when somya herself is giving consent to their marraige then why police will come or arrest anyone until nd unless she lodge a complain against it

      1. Oh that means u support everyone, so plz hope now soumya doesnt interfere in surbhis life again and again, as of before nano asked surbhi to be Harman’s second wife to get aditya back, I hope this interference never happens, soumya should leave her choti alone now as she got all her support her Harman ji, so please hope she doesn’t interfere in surbhis life again. I hope preeto give up like nimmi which she did at the time of dying, soon Harman will realize leaving his parents alone is his biggest mistake.

    5. Actually what happens is in the hands of director soo no one knws what is written in the destiny of characters.. But yeah lets hope for the best.. Nd wish that justice is done to every character whether it is harman somya peeto or surbhi..

  15. It’s good, surbhi should enjoy her own life. She should stop thinking about saumya. Surbhi should go ahead in her life. Harman has not understand her sacrifice, he had always left her alone. Surbhi deserves a loving husband because she has a pure heart. Surbhi is my most loving female character of shakti and harman is the male character. Lots if love to both of them. Thanks.

  16. Please give some scenes of vivian with parineeti and cast because vivian is the one and only superstar of shakti. Once again congratulations to surbhi for getting free from the marriage.

  17. What do you meaning jessica? PLZ Properly say.

  18. I knew it mahan soumya will do this, soumya stops Harman and surbhis divorce, and ask them to live as husband and wife for their child, as surbhi is pregnant with harmans child(I can’t understand how it happend), and begs preeto and harak singh bare her in the house thinking they are giving her make to her in the happiness of grandchild. While Harman and surbhi is irked with soumyas dumb behavior and keeping them tied forcibly, even though surbhi tries to abort the child, without anyones notice, Mayan soumya stops DAT by giving her promise, explaining how lucky surbhi is… And how unfulfilled soumyas is…. Hearing all this stupidity from soumya surbhi backens to ebort the child, and agrees to live in the jhopdi with soumya and Harman with the force of soumya, as a pregnant, health condition is very sensitive, surbhi unable to adjust with the dust, and poor environment support, witnessing all these soumya takes stupid drastic step of returning home, by begging presto and harak Singh by giving them this good news of their being grand parents, while surbhi wants to leave the house and Harman forever to soumya, while now soumya forces them to responded wife and husband and parents and children, stating she is very happy with the pregnancy, requests them to not to deny it. The trouble starts for surbhi and Harman again… Despite surbhi falling I’ll day by day with stress she is bearing, will com across the morning sickness and mood swings, witnessing this soumya will be devastated. Harman is unable to understand surbhis changed behavior, thinks to consult a gynaecologist, she explains everything to Harman, he forwards a friendship hand towards surbhi in order to keep her safe and healthy asks her to sleep on the bed, surbhi denies to take soumyas place, but Harman convince her anyhow considering her health, to make soumya happy.

    1. I hope this is completely a false news, please writer, director please let surbhi have peaceful and happy life.

    2. Oh no, if it a true a bit, please Harman don’t question surbhi whose child it is, I’ll will be happy if she gives a tight slap to Harman, if he questions her like that

  19. I don’t think this news is true.

    1. Hope so Anu, may be its fake….

  20. Don’t worry sandy.The makers never do like that.As Sammy said that stupid surbhi is not a legal wife.I hope after that divorce drama I hope surbhi didn’t interfere in HAYA life.plsssssssssss makers keep that surbhi char as far as possible from our HAYA.plssssss make her married to someone who lived in abroad like that then v can enjoy our HAYA journey peacefully.Actually soumya never interfere surbhi in her married life surbhi only get interfere nd spoil d life of our HAYA.y r u always bashing soumya? It’s a daily soap,so it’s take so much of time to see strong soumya. CHANGE can never take place in a day.Don’t forgot that this is a RashmiSharma show.It’s not a movie to show d climax in a day.without SOUMYA char there is no SHAKTI serial nd ur surbhi also sandy.remember this. Hope u can understand.

    1. Yupp!! I hope that nw the main focus will be on relation of haya without anyone interference … I do agree in middle surbhi was shaded grey nd i was very angry with her bt m happy her charcter is nw very supportive nd i hav started liking her… I too wish there shud be a male partner opp her soo that she can support somya as well as live her life as well.. Nd i wish someday preeto understand his sons wish nd love nd accept somya with her wish (which i think is never gonna happen as one villain is a must in indian serials) .. Soo lets hope for the best

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