Shakti 5th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Harman bashes Jeet for playing with their respect

Shakti 5th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Jeet asking Jasleen to ask Harman to marry her so that he can marry Raavi. Harman asks what nonsense and says Raavi is my sister. He holds his collar. Jeet says it is an old news and tells that new news is Raavi is pregnant with his baby and I have pregnancy report with me. Harman beats Jeet. Harak Singh tries to stop Harman. Jasleen asks Harman to stop and cries. Jeet asks her to relax and says let him beat me, I am helpless not to raise my hand on him as he is would be jija ji. He says do whatever you want, but you have to marry Jasleen. Harman is angry. Jeet asks him to make arrangements of marriage. Harak Singh tells Harman that they will talk. Jeet thinks I have convinced Raavi before Harman came, now he has to choose between Kinnar and my sister.

Soumya tells Sameer and

his mum that she has to buy Vrat Savitri puja stuff. Sameer asks why you are buying it? Soumya says for harman’s well being. Sameer’s mum asks him to take her and let her buy the stuff and asks him not to trouble her. Sameer says I take care of her very well and asks her to come. Varun comes and tells Maninder and his family that they couldn’t harm him even after going to Mama and Mami. Bebe asks him to end the matter and become normal. Varun says he will become normal when Surbhi gets the DNA test done. Surbhi says you don’t believe me, then will you believe on DNA report. She says she is not Sita who had given Agni pariksha and says she is Surbhi and will not let DNA test done. Varun insists. Neighbors come and ask her to get the test done. Surbhi refuses and asks if they have no work. Varun says then I will think that this baby is not mine. Surbhi asks him to think whatever he wants and says she will not get the test done.

Harman refuses to marry Jasleen. Harak Singh asks him to think about his sister. Harman refuses. Shanno says it is our responsibility seeing Raavi’s work. Harman says everyone wants my sacrifice and want me to be away from Soumya. He says I will leave the house. Veeran says the problem will not be solved and tells that it is Jasleen’s brother conspiracy. Shanno says she suspects Jasleen’s hand in this. Jasleen applies ointment on Jeet’s face and says you can’t understand Harman and my friendship. She tells that she got up from mandap and not Harman. She says whatever you did with Raavi is disgusting. Jeet says I understand your friendship with Harman and tells that Papa has BP tablet daily in Canada and gets worried when people ask them when you are coming with your husband. Jasleen asks since when he cares about the neighbor’s words. Jeet reminds her that he had thrown a stone on the neighbor who teased her. He says I couldn’t pelt stone on Harman and that’s why found the other way.

Harman asks Preeto why did she call him and asks her to say? Preeto says I called you to tell about your sister’s doing and says there is no need to wash her sin, why you always give sacrifice and asks him to go and search Soumya. Raavi panics and asks Harman to marry Jasleen for her sake. She says I didn’t ask anything from you and asks Harman to say. Harman is left speechless. Jasleen comes downstairs. Raavi asks Jasleen to make Harman understand and says I did a mistake and was oblivious to the fact that Jeet is your brother. She says I can’t change the happenings, but you can change it. She asks her to agree and convince Harman so that Jeet marries her and saves her respect.

Sameer and Soumya come to the shop. Sameer says I will be back and goes. Soumya asks shopkeeper to give the stuff. Soumya thinks she will pray for Harman’s life till her last breath and will do puja which a suhagan do for her suhaag. Jeet comes there and says I will marry you when you get this marriage done. Raavi gets shocked. Jeet gives her a day’s time else this truth will be known to all in Gurdaspur. He tells Harman that he can’t break his determination. Sameer comes back and asks Soumya about the vrat Savitri puja. He asks why is she doing puja when he has remarried and moved in his life. He says if you don’t want to marry me. It is wrong to do puja for Harman and asks her to settle down and moved on. He asks did I say wrong? Soumya says yes, it is wrong to remove his name from my name and says Harman ji is my world. It is wrong to think of a life without him. He gave me an identity and it is not to wipe the identity which he gave to me. She says nobody can understand Harman ji and my relationship. She takes her bag and leaves. Sameer thinks how is this girl?

He comes to the astrologer and says he has a problem. He tells that a man loves a girl, but she loves another man who had left her. He says the first man also loves her, but they couldn’t unite. He asks him to tell the solution so that she loves the second guy. An astrologer tells that until that first man is alive, she will not love the second, and asks him to do puja so that he gets her in next birth. He asks him to tell straight that he is talking about himself and not to talk indirectly. Sameer thinks it might be Harman’s stubbornness to get her, and it might be Soumya’s obsession for him, but Soumya is his life and he can do anything to get her.

Precap: Harman does puja and tells that his life is saved because of Soumya’s fast, and tells that he has also kept fast for her. He prays to God to unite him with Soumya if his love is true. Soumya also does puja and gets some bangles fall in her hand from the tree.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I heard the female lead is getting married, leave her anyways , Rashmi Sharma Ur male lead is here, Vivian is one of the finest actors, Show some kinnar empowerment… The story is going nowhere?
    Guys are you liking the current track?

  2. Utama Seshagiri

    I agree with Tanvi absolutely.

  3. Is rubina dilaik planning on leaving shakti after her wedding june 21? Probably thats why there separating the leads. Who gives a damn i only watch it cos of harman. The show isnt going nowhere!! Its boring asf

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