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Shakti 5th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raavi searching something in her cupboard. Balwinder asks if she is searching something. She don’t tell him and takes out a small medicine bottle from the drawer. She sees Chintu drinking milk and thinks Soumya will drink left over milk of Chintu. She asks Balwinder to take Chintu out from there. Balwinder asks Chintu to come with him and play. Chintu keeps the glass back on table and goes. Raavi adds the medicine/poison. Preeto and Raavi sign each other. Preeto calls Soumya to make Pulao, matar and dal. Soumya says ok. Raavi sings her that she kept glass in kitchen. Soumya picks the glass and thinks Chintu left milk again and drinks it. Raavi sees her drinking milk, gets happy and goes. Soumya feels drowsy and holds her head. Chintu returns home and thinks Papa wasted his time. Soumya

comes out of kitchen holding her head. Chintu calls Harman and asks him to come what is happening to Soumya. Harman runs to Soumya and makes her rest on sofa. Preeto acts and asks Shanno to bring water. Raavi says what happened suddenly. Shanno brings water. Harman asks Soumya to drink. Soumya couldn’t drink and is about to faint.

Preeto asks Harak Singh to take out car and says we shall take him to hospital. Harman says Soumya will not go anywhere. He says he will call Nani and asks how to make kada and will call doctor and get medicine. He takes Soumya to room and calls Doctor, and asks him to tell medicine name.

Preeto recalls Harman caring Soumya when she fainted during their marriage. Preeto says how she will be fine, if we don’t take her to hospital. Harman says she will not go anywhere. Preeto signs Harak Singh to come. She tells him that Harman and Soumya will be separated by the current situation and says she took his test. She says time has come to tell the world that Soumya is a kinnar. Harak Singh asks if Harman goes to foreign. Preeto says everything will happen on Harman’s birthday jashn. They smile.

Preeto asks Soumya how is she? Soumya says she is fine. Harman brings Kada for Soumya. Preeto makes her drink. Harman talks to Doctor and tells Preeto that he will get medicine. Preeto says she will ask Harak Singh to bring and asks him not to be stubborn. She tells him that Soumya needs to be taken to hospital, but now she is fine.

Preeto asks Harak Singh to bring medicine and says Harman shall know that his father brought medicines for his wife. Shanno says we didn’t know that you dislike Soumya even now. Raavi says we thought you have accepted her. Preeto says I knew that you both had pushed Soumya from terrace, but I kept quiet as even I want that, but I have a different plan. She says tomorrow is Harman’s birthday and we will celebrate grandly. She asks them to make arrangements. Soumya tells Harman that tomorrow is his birthday and asks what is his age? Harman says 24 years. Chintu says you are two years younger to my mum, she got married at the age of 23 and I am 6, so that means he is 28. Harman says husband shall not tell birthdate to his wife and says you will understand after growing up. Soumya smiles. Harman says he is 24 years always. Soumya says when we will get old, then also you will be 24, as my love will be same.

Harman says you can look 80, I can, but you can’t get wrinkles. Soumya says wrinkles can’t come on my face, as your love will keep me happy always and never let wrinkles come on my face. Harman says today she is talking so romantically and says he will feel like dancing. He says he will talk to passport agent and if they get tickets then they will leave tomorrow. Soumya says tomorrow is your birthday and it doesn’t look nice if they leave before the celebration. Harman says ok, we will leave after birthday. In the night, Chintu knocks on the door and tells Soumya that he bought the stuff. Soumya takes out the decoration stuff from the bag. They decorate the room.

Soumya and Chintu sign at each other. Chintu switches on the lights. Harman wakes up hearing everyone wishing him happy birthday. Harman thanks everyone. Preeto says Soumya did all the arrangements. Soumya says Chintu helped her. Harman thanks Chintu. Preeto says we all shall sleep now as tomorrow is party. Soumya and Harman looks at each other.

Preeto asks Soumya to convince Harman to tell her truth to everyone that she is a kinnar and start a new life without any fear. Soumya falls in her trap and nods yes. In the party, Soumya dances on the song dhol baaje……She slips and looks at Harman.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. It pains me to inform you that The Very Popular Harman aka Vivian got no awards in Gold Awards 2017, But Vivian you have fan’s love and don’t worry and as you say that “I will be back with a bang” you will do it, I hope that in the upcoming awards ceremony you get what you TRULY DESERVE..and Vivian pls start attending the award functions also…. Disappointed with the Gold Awards 2017 results!

    1. iamsofianeak

      You’re right I hate the awards functions , they give the award only to YHM actors Karan ..divyanka and we know they fool us we all voted for Vivain ! and we don’t forget Mouni roy i don’t hate her but how can she always get an award !

  2. Yes you are right. Everything was preplanned in that award. Vivian’s fan following was greatest among all other nomeniees but still the worst had happened. Why did they ask for voting?

  3. Barbara Lewis

    I feel sad that Soumya goes back to being kinnar Tarana.

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