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Shakti 5th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nimmi bringing Soumya home and makes her sit in the lawn. She then throws a bucket of water on her head and then wipes sindoor from her maang. She then brings another bucket and throws water on her. Soumya is silently sitting and bearing everything. Nimmi rubs the sindoor with her pallu hardly. Biji asks what you are doing and asks her to stop it. Nimmi says she don’t accept this marriage. Biji says you have gone mad? Maninder shouts and says Nimmi is doing right and says Soumya is…..Biji asks Maninder not to tell anything. She asks Nimmi, how can you wipe sindoor from her forehead being her mum. Nimmi says I don’t accept this marriage. Biji says may be Mata rani do agree with this marriage as that guy has filled her maang in the temple. You can’t do anything. Nimmi cries badly

looking at her forehead. Soumya is sitting in shocked and stunned. Biji asks Surbhi to take Soumya inside. Bebe tells Maninder that nothing will happen with this act. When she was small, I told Nimmi to let me do what I wanted, but she didn’t listen and put everyone in trouble. He says our respect will be ruined in the market and I can’t bear it. Nimmi prays to Mata Rani and says what to do now? Everyone is against my daughter now. I can’t find any way now.

Harman, Harak Singh and Preeto comes home. Chutki gets happy and says Harman Bhai ji has come. Preeto slaps her and asks her to move from the way. Harman asks her to smile and says he was slapped repeatedly by Preeto. Chutki hugs Harman and says you love me very much. Soumya asks Surbhi what to do now? She asks if I am really married and blames herself for the troubles. Surbhi asks her not to blame herself and makes her drink water.

Soumya asks if this is marriage? You didn’t tell me about this kind of wedding. She asks if marriage happens this way. She says Maa never allowed me to go out. I have dreamt to become a bride and my groom will come on a white horse. She says I didn’t know about this kind of marriage. Surbhi says this is also a marriage as it happened in the temple. She asks why do mummy and papa against your marriage. She says may be as they don’t like Harman. Soumya says no, Harman is a nice guy and says he had saved me twice. She says he has saved me from witches and then from villagers. She says she felt that someone is there to protect her after nimmi. She says Harman is a good hearted man…and says I will talk to maa…Harman is not bad. She says Maa is worried unnecessarily. Once Soumya goes, Surbhi cries and thinks she would have gotten married to Harman if he had kidnapped her instead of Soumya. She thinks we can’t fight with our destiny and cries thinking Soumya got Harman.

Maninder thinks he has to make Nimmi understand to get away from soumya for forever. Soumya comes to Nimmi and says Maa….Nimmi hugs her. She asks her not to worry and says I will handle everything. Soumya asks her not to worry and says I know why you are tensed. She says you think that Harman is bad, but he is actually good and had saved my life twice. She says may be he is my destiny. She says she felt protected with him and found a Rakshak in her after her. Nimmi cries. Soumya says may be he is my destiny. Maninder comes to room. Soumya goes. Maninder sits with Nimmi and says we are thinking same. How can this happen. He says I never showed fake love towards Soumya, but I am afterall her father. I don’t want painful path to come in her life and that’s why have taken a decision. He says Soumya will go from here, not to Harman’s house but somewhere else.

Maninder sees Soumya ready as a bride and looking at her mehendi. He tries to push her. Veil lady stops him. Nimmi agrees to Veiled lady’s demands.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Alisha

    I am seriously falling in love with this serial. Kinda obsessed with it. When Soumya was narrating everything to Surbhi about how Nimmi never let her go out and that Harman is a nice guy, I was literally in tears.
    I hope that Surbhi doesn’t turn negative. But on one point she was right, fate made Soumya meet Harman and then they got married. I also hope that CVS adds another guy for Surbhi, to avoid any kinda of love triangle sort of thing.
    On the other hand, I am desperately waiting for the mystery to unfold. The suspense is literally killing me. Some people are saying that Soumya is transgender e.t.c but some people object the theory. Well! Whatever it is, I hope it gets revealed as soon as possible because dragging is the worst thing you could ever do to a serial.
    Love Harmanya! ?❤️

  2. ..Wow…
    Now Somu will understand , who is her prince..
    But I hope Surbi doesn’t turn negative…!!!

  3. What is sowmyas past y she can’t marry who is that veiled women pls tell me iam new to this show

    1. Narendran

      Honey it is mystery!! No one knows what problem soumya has!!

  4. I am still hoping soumya isn’t trans..
    she is dreaming of marrying and all .. if she had any such disorder she herself would know right? ?

  5. Gr8 serial…..cant wait for secret of sumya…just want her to be married wd harman…..

    1. me too

  6. eagerly waiting for soumya’s secret to be reveal

  7. Today’s epi was waste…just too much chappar-chappar and crying…I have read somewhere that the vield woman will challenge Nimmi that she will not come into Saumya’s life again provided Saumya’s is able to stay happily in her Sasuraal after marriage for at least 21 days. Nimmi will happily agree to get Saumya married and so will the marriage prep start. Eagerly waiting to see more scenes of Haya. As far as the secret in concerned, yes we are rather to know about it but the makers better show Saumya as a normal girl. Surbhi looks good with Harman but not as good as Saumya. I hope Surbhi doesn’t come in between of Saumya and Harman…good night everyone 🙂

  8. I don’t get the mystery.!!! Really wanna know it..!! Plz reveal it fast.!!!

  9. The secret is really killing me please i hope soumya is not a trensgndr.

  10. pwincess pari

    Waiting for Haya romance??

  11. How will they knew that she is a trangender no one can say a baby is transgender or not at the time of their birth..if soumya is a transgender why will she has feeling for harman….if soumya is a transgender she would have a manly nature..but she is a such a cute sweet shy girl…

  12. She is not transgender however she may be inters*x. This is where there is no definitiveness in the gender organs. So while she is a girl her organs may look male or she might have the two organs. Its a long explanation.

  13. i want to know the secret very badly…..but i think that soumya is an hermaphrodite.maybe that’s why nimmi is anxious of soumya’s marriage.

  14. May be hero is a kinner not the female lead .nonsense .and the actress playing sowmya character looks old .Surabhi is vry beautiful and cute too.

  15. I am waiting for harmya romance .i wish surbhi not to come btw them

  16. plz reveal the secret abt sowmya.

  17. Maybe sumo was born a boy but for some birth defect she has only female hormone affecting her features…. and since her mother always kept her from.outside world most likely she doesn’t know about biological cycles….so she doesn’t know. But at least surbi would have said something. This mystery is strangely interesting.

  18. I think soumya belongs to the chudail family and is married when young

  19. hasanji today’s episode please

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