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Shakti 5th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harman taking Soumya inside his room and asks her not to talk any nonsense again. Soumya asks him to think once calmly. Harman asks are you in my senses? Surbhi is my sister in law and can’t think of this even in my dreams. Soumya says you said that you are ready for remarriage, then why can’t with Surbhi. Harman asks who asked you to do this drama. Soumya says this is not a drama and says once you marries Surbhi then everything will be fine. He asks her to sleep and let him sleep too. Soumya asks him to listen to her once. Harman switches off the lights.

Next morning, Harman sees Soumya sleeping on sofa and thinks she doesn’t take care of herself, if I was not with you, then what you would have done. He covers bedsheet on her. Soumya opens her eyes and asks him to

agree for marriage. Harman says I have thought enough and says he will talk to his family about his remarriage. Soumya excitedly says that she will talk to Surbhi. Harman says I said some other girl and not Surbhi as she is my sister in law. Shanno’s daughter knocks on the door, informing them that Preeto is calling them. They go downstairs. Shanno tells Preeto that she will make food. Preeto asks her to stop and says whoever is having bahus at home, don’t handle kitchen work. She says Soumya will handle kitchen work from now onwards. Shanno is surprised and goes. Harman thinks what is this new Chapter, and wonders if Soumya’s decision to convince him is a part of this Chapter. Preeto smiles.

Harak Singh tells Preeto that he can’t understand her trick and can’t have food made by a kinnar. Preeto says I didn’t ask you to give her gift and says we are paying the price to get our son. She says we have to make Harman realize that we have accepted Soumya as bahu. Harak Singh looks on.

Maninder asks Surbhi, why did Abhishek haven’t come till now and asks her to buy clothes for herself. Surbhi asks him not to take tension and says marriage will happen if it is meant to be. Maninder angrily asks what do you mean and says I don’t want any drama and can’t bear insult too. Surbhi says you will invite troubles by thinking too much and says she don’t want to argue with him.

Shanno recalls Preeto getting angry after coming to know that Soumya is a kinnar, and asking her to wash all utensils with gangajal. She thinks there is some conspiracy behind this move, and tries to take info from Soumya. Soumya is cooking in the kitchen. Shanno says your destiny is good, you became daughter, wife and now will become bahu, but you can’t become a mother. She feels pity on Harman, and tells that he will not get a child. Soumya says it is not like that and tells that he will get all happiness. Preeto comes and stops Soumya. She scolds Shanno and asks her to serve the plates. She then asks Soumya not to let anyone about her plan and drama until marriage happens.

Soumya serves the food to everyone sitting on the dining table. Preeto signs Harak Singh to have food. Soumya serves food to Harman. Harman smiles. Preeto asks her to eat food too. Soumya nods and is about to sit beside Shanno, but Preeto asks her to sit beside her husband Harman. Harman is surprised, and takes chair out for Soumya. Soumya sits beside him to have food. Tu Hi Mera Khuda plays……………..Preeto looks at them. Harman serves food to Soumya, saying you served food to all. I will serve you. Preeto signs Harak Singh. Harak Singh with much difficulty calls Soumya as bahu rani ji and asks her to come with him. Soumya is shocked. Harak Singh says we welcome you again in this house and this is nek/shagun to you. He asks her to take nek. Soumya gets tensed. Harman is doubtful.

Preeto asks her to keep nek as their blessings, and asks her to take it.. Soumya hesitantly takes it and touches his feet. He moves back, and acts to bless her without keeping hand on her head. Harman is doubtful and goes. Preeto smiles.

While Harman is washing his hands. Soumya gives him towel and shows the nek, saying your family have accepted a kinnar for your happiness, and asks him to agree for his family’s happiness. He gets angry. Soumya follows him and goes to his room. Harman holds her neck and asks what is this? Soumya asks him to kill her and says may be you will marry after my death. Harman asks how can everyone be so sweet to you and giving you nek and letting you do kitchen work. Soumya says she wants this to maintain and that’s why asks him to accept Surbhi. She says everyone knows about this and are happy and asks him to agree.

Harman says I don’t know you will become selfish and will say this. Soumya says if family is accepting me, then I have become selfish. Harman says you forgot that Surbhi is my saali and says he will talk to his family. He goes out and calls Preeto and Harak Singh. Preeto asks what is happening? Harman says once again you are taking my life’s decision without asking me. I thought why you are loving Soumya suddenly, and asks her to hate Soumya as his love is enough for her. Preeto asks him to understand. Harman says I will not marry Surbhi. Preeto and Soumya are shocked.

Harman goes to terrace and sees Soumya throwing a bucket of water on his head. He shouts Soumya.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Congrats guys, Shakti is overall no 2, no 1 daily show,slot leader,hope it continues beating all the rival shows and rocks and rule…

  2. Hi friends how are you all?
    Upcoming episodes will be very stupid and irritate to us
    And new friends are most welcome to this page. Last two days some works to me. So I can’t command. And ammu, karti, Ashley, udhaya, Benny are all fine.
    Story track sutthama pidikkala. So comment pannave erichala irukku. But one small hope we will wait at the last moment
    And anyone will know the upcoming updates? Pls command here.

  3. Haya seens are very nice.i can’t bear d pain of Soumya. Makers why you didn’t think about d Soumya future? You people are ruining the life of both Harman ND Soumya.I have no faith on surbhi.From d childhood onwards Soumya is always facing difficulties.But, mostly nimmi protects her ND have a good life,but after her marriage with Harman she again faced so many problems nd bear that with the help of both Harman and nimmi.BUT now again she always need to fight for her identity in that stupid Preeti house without Harman that means Harman is married to surbhi na.DISGUSTING i can’t imagine Harman surbhi marriage in my dream also.plssssssssssdsssssssssssssss Makers make Soumya as happy by again remarry with Harman and pls reveal her truth that she’s not a kinnar.i hope that Varun will stop d Harman surbhi marriage .Pls do this favor for us Varunnnnnnnnnnnnn.makers didn’t listen our Varun please reveal the Preeto evil plans Infront of Harman on d day of marriage on Mandal.plsssssssssss we hope to happen like this.

  4. precap is very irritating … most of the hindi serials the heroine sacrifice always for her relation s happiness … but she wil not happy.. why all the writers are similarly writing the same story???…

    1. I totally agree with you!

  5. day by day this is going very bad… we want haya.. not this harman surbhi relationship…

    but there is little hope in my corner of the heart that harman won’t marry surbhi..

  6. Hi to all, ithe polls aerial pochuna surely I will quit the show. I will return back to our Tamil serials . Konjam kuda pidikave illa . Raji promo paathingala Harman , surbhi and somu all the three taking pheras .

    I want Harman to teach a gud lesson to preeto. Plz makers don’t allow preeto to win. Story oda main theme maathitaanga somu Inga kashta padrathuku Ava kinners world la ye respect oda irunthirukkalam.

    Thookame vara maatenkirathu intha somu evvalavu torture anubavippaalo!!!! Spoilers Vera semma gaandu yethuthu.

  7. Hi karthi, anegamaa adutha vaaram la irundu nan comment Panna porarthu illa ma. Romba involve aanathaala bayangarama tension aaguthu . Veetula yellorum yenna paathaale amaithiya aagiduraanga enga naan kovamaa irupenonu!!

    Aiyoo ithe nilamai pochu yennai veetula loosu nu thaan ninaippanga.

  8. Sabrina

    What is Somu doing ice bucket challenge…. not liking this with surbhi and Harman ?

  9. Harman will aslo agree for soumyas sake. Surbhi had other options but she decided to marry him. She may chase soumya after their marriage. As i think only soumyas character is good, she loves harman but she knows that she can’t be with him.She wants him to be happy even if it’s not with her. The most disgusting part is that surbhi is going to marry harman. Thats totally absurd! How can she marry her sisters husband?? If they get married i will stop watching!! Hate this track… harman and surbhi marriage concept is so wrong.

  10. dont worry.. be happy and calm ammu ma. everything will be alright.. ??

    idhila tensn aaga onnume illa ma.. neenga idhayum unga original life ah um pottu confuse pannadheenga.???

    nan.ungalukku advice pandrennu ninaikadheenga ma.. neenga dhana soneenga ungalukku 4 pillainhannu.. (including me) ok va..???

  11. Guys I am silent fan,reader of shakti.can any one suggest me any app to watch the serial on windows mobile

    1. Angelk1

      You can watch from desi tashan and desirules and youtube. And welcome

  12. Hi guyz
    shakti is my favrt serial.i love Haya

  13. Hi karthi, done.

    Vayasaaiduchu illaya athaan .. Daily sakthi latest news paakiren but no gud news. Yen thaan directors ippadi twist vaikoraango . Chii irritating. Tension la thappu thappa Vera type pannuren .sry….

  14. Hi sudha, welcome to sakthi family, sry ma u cant watch the serial in windows mobile.In voot app we can watch but it works only in android phone .In rishethey channel now they r retelecasting sakthi serial at 9.00 pm in day I don’t know the correct time.

  15. Hi ammu
    Phone eduthale first YouTube LA poi Shakthi promos pathuthan adutha velai. And yean neenga ivvalo stress agaringa.vendamma. namma ithu varaikkum evvalavo movies,Tamil serials and 5years ah Hindi serials lam pakkarom.and namma lifla evvalovo face panni iruppom or ketruppom.i think you also in my age (36) in pls don’t stress because I am yoga instructor. So I tell to this for you.
    And today I watched in facebook one man married a transgender in opening in mumbai. I shared it. And next news one doctor in our area in 25 years. We don’t know about him and shocked to know his details. Because he is a transgender. He is very kind and talk to all people. His wife leaved away him to know the details before some years. So ithu just serial real lifela itha Vida athigama than irukkum OK va be cool and concentrate our family. I think enakkum ithu mathiri MAMIYAR Sol ketkara marumagala vantha nalla irukkum. But husband solrathaye kekka matanga. Appuran enga namma solrathu. No chance.

  16. Hi friends and new frnd sudha welcome to this page
    I ask some questions for this serial pls reply your comments
    1. Suppose after harbhi marriage how wiil they happy?
    2. Preeto will separate somya from harbhi
    3. Surely somya between surbhi will face their rights problems.
    4. After some years somu will realize her mistake and she wiil go away them so ava ippave pogalam
    5. I think Harman have one choice. Because this serial has 3awarded for this story in colors. So Harman will sacrifice his life for SOWMYA and he will be very strong support and strength to her.(title means to it)
    6. He must will sacrifice his family’s heir wish including.

  17. Raji, neenga yoga instructor ah! Super

    Onnum illa pa namake life la neraya problems atha poka serial la paatha athu namakum mela irruku!!! Konjam happy ya kaatalaam hmmmm……

    Yeah iam 35yrs pa..but manasula endrum pathinaaru nu ninaipu???

    Kadavule surbhi negative character ah irruka kudathu. After harbhi marriage somu kinner kedayaathu nu therinja enna aagum? Harman 2wife kudavaa vazhuvaan. Disgusting …

    Inga somu adimayaa irukarthavida Ava nani kuda poi santhoshama irukkalam. Seekaram somu voda truth reveal pannanum appa thaan preeto guilty ya feel pannuva .

  18. After marriage somu lead character or surbhi ya? Becoz sacrifice pannuravanga thaane heroine namma oorla. Oru doubt intha shanno Ku innuma delivery aagala serial aarambam la irunthu Ava ippadi thaane irukka. Somu Ku marriage aagum bothu kalsi pregnent illa then avaluke baby shower func panniyachu evangala yen writers maranthutaanga.

  19. ¢нαи∂яα

    Absolutely correct but I think varun maranthura. Kudathu avan kandipa ethachum panuvan ivan pandra kariyathala onu somu truth teriyanum illa harman and surbhi kalyanam nikanum illaya preeto.. Vandavalam harmanuku teriyanum… Illa surbhi ya kadathi poi kalyanam paniratum

  20. Dear ammu
    I accept your first point we face problems everyday. I think the story will move in kinner’s track. They take this serial for award, no amount. Harman olunga mahi yave marriage panni irukkalam. Somya kinners kudave irukkalam.surbhi yavathu preeto Kitta irunthu thappichurupa.

  21. Hi angel when r u going to text ur next ff. Iam eagerly waiting for it . Actually its better than current track .plz update ur ff.

  22. The track if the story going is so bore

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