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Shakti 5th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nimmi and Surbhi coming back to Soumya’s house and ask her to open the door. Nimmi says we will talk. Harman comes back home and thinks they left the door open, and thinks they might have thought about his wedding night, and says Gulabo….. wait is over. He comes to his room and sees Nimmi and Surbhi outside his room. Harman asks what happened? If there is any problem? Nimmi thinks about informing her that her kinnar’s identity and tells Harman that Soumya got angry about something. Harman thinks his destiny is bad. He tells Nimmi that he will see and asks Gulabo to open the door. He gets tensed and asks are you fine? He knocks on the door repeatedly. Everyone gather there. Harman asks him to open the door. Preeto asks why did she close the door? Harak Singh asks him to close

the door. Preeto says since this marriage happened, every night some drama happens. Harak Singh asks him to break the door. Harman breaks the door and finds Soumya lying in a pool of blood and her wrist slit.

Everyone is shocked. Harman ties cloth on her wrist fast. Harak Singh says take her to hospital immediately. Chacha tells Harak Singh that he will bring his car. Raavi and Chachi are doubtful about Soumya’s doings. Preeto says don’t know which black reflection fell on my house. Saya hears them and says I don’t let anything happen to her. Harak Singh takes out money and says he is going to hospital as Soumya is unwell. Nimmi says she didn’t like this girl from day 1. Harak Singh says she is our bahu rani and asks her to come with him, and not utter anything. Raavi asks Preeto, what was the reason to cut the wrist? If anything happened between Harman and Soumya, or Nimmi or Surbhi said her something.

Chachi asks Chacha to get some money from Harak Singh on the pretext of keeping it for hospital use and says she will do shopping. Chacha scolds her and says Soumya is in hospital. He asks Preeto to come. She says okay. Nimmi asks Harman what doctor said. Harman says she is still unconscious. Doctor comes out and says wound is deeper. Varun asks did you inform at home. Nimmi asks Surbhi to call Nani and tell her. She tells Surbhi what if doctor found about her truth. Surbhi asks her not to worry and says the wound is on her wrist. She calls Nani and cries. Nani asks what happened?

Surbhi tells her that Soumya came to know everything about her truth and slit her wrist. Nani cries badly. Surbhi says Soumya is in critical condition. Nani says she will come there. Maninder and Beeji get happy and think Soumya will die. Nimmi asks Surbhi to take her to temple. Surbhi asks Varun to call them when Soumya gains consciousness. Harman blames himself and thinks Soumya have taken this step as he tried to get closer to her. Varun says you are her husband……Harman says but I tried to get close when she refused, that’s why she has taken this step. He says Soumya loves me though. Varun says matter is something else, Bhabhi will not have done this because of you. Nimmi talks to God and tells that she has been her strong support since childhood and has protected her till now. She says I have become guilty in my daughter’s eyes and thinks what she might be going through knowing the truth. She asks God to give her strength to stand on her feet.

Saya comes there and thinks people insults them and think of them as inauspicious. She says you are one among them and says you are now my daughter Soumya. Doctor tells Harman that Soumya is critical as she has suffered much blood loss. They need O negative blood which is rare. Harman asks him to take his blood, but save Soumya. Preeto asks Doctor to test everyone’s blood and take matching blood.

Doctor tells that Maninder Singh’s blood matched with Soumya’s blood group. Harman asks Maninder to give blood to Soumya, but he refuses flatly shocking everyone.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. The promo of shakti in which somu saying that she is an eneuch then who is soumya.What is her identity??? Seeing ds my hrt is crying . Her expression was jst awesome..what will she do now….

    1. Renuverma

      Ya daisy that promo is really hearterenching.

  2. Vasireddylatha

    It’s gud to c u all and supporting shakti serial can I join vth u all

    1. Alisha

      Yeah sure Vasireddylatha, welcome to our family. Just keep commenting. ??
      Have a nice day!

    2. Renuverma

      Hi welcome to our family.? dear. If u dont mind can we call u latha only.

  3. Rekhavv

    All of u who know anything about this issue should comment in the poll. And support this new twist. Definitely we want haya to stay together but that doesn’t mean that we should disgust this concept

    1. Alisha

      Yes Rekhavv, we really want Haya to stay together, no matter what the twist is or how it effects their life. We love them.. ?
      Would certainly vote! ✋?

      1. Rekhavv

        And pls do comment on that page..

    2. Renuverma

      Yes rekhav i would prefer the concept to hayas relationship. Imean if people wanna watch just the love story between haya then they can watch plenty of other series showing tomance between the lead pairs but this bold concept would not be there in others.

  4. Welcome Vasireddylatha to shakti family nd keep cmntng…..

  5. Yep Vesna I totally agree wth u. What Nimmi did 2 protect somu was gr8..

  6. Alisha

    And.. I am back! Oh! 70+ comments.. ????
    You guys are marvelous!

  7. It is so important to tackel social issues and certain medical cases such as being transgender, but it it is equally important to keep the audience happy as well. I hope the writers of the show would consider Soumya’s current problem as one that is the outcome of the family’s misjudgement due to their ignorance. Throughout this misjudgement and misunderstanding of society writers of the show could educate the public on how to treat transgender people and to accept them as equal people in society. Back to Soumya , I hope after a long misjudgement and ill treatment of society especially in the coming episodes and throughout the show , everybody would come to realise through medical tests that Soumya is a normal female. Soumya does not deserve to have all her life destroyed at this stage especially now she is a married woman and she is hoping to start a new life.

    1. Renuverma

      Ya SA even i feel that saimya condition is result of family wrong judgement n ignorance.

  8. Rekhavv

    When I saw this serial I remember a similar case. A girl was married to a guy. But on their wedding night he refused her. As she was an inters*x. She was send to her father ‘s house and a divorce notice was sent. Her parents then brought her to us saying that we should treat her somehow. We told them that the girl had no problem, but if she wants she could b changed to a complete girl. The girl was in so much depression and pressure from her family and her husband that she attempted suicide. Luckily she was saved. Her father then supported her. And her divorce was finalised. After 2 yes of psychiatric treatment (for depression) and a s*x change operation, she was rehabilitated back into the society. We were happy to know that she was actually fertile during her investigation.
    A few yes later she came to thank us, with her normal daughter (she gave birth, very rare but possible) and her husband who was a very good guy.. The couple were happy for how their life turned out.

    1. Rekhavv

      And I might add this girl had all secondary s*xual character of girl like soumya has. Just had a something extra that we had to remove. She also had cycles.. She was a female in all aspect that nobody could make out her defect, and was a complete girl.

      1. Renuverma

        Rekhav i hope saumyas case is identical to above.

      2. Rekhavv

        Yes I thought that too.. And may b they even show her with her family (Harman and her kids) after he gets her the medical treatment she needs and supports her and brings out the truth in front of the society

  9. Quite dissapointed with d fact that ppl want haya romance nd r not focusing in d main cncpt. No doubt haya’s scenes are adorable bt plz focus on the concept coz its vry gud. We can c them together bt now d demand of d story is diff r8 now..

    1. Renuverma

      Agree with u daisy.

    2. I agree with you that tackling the kinar issue is very interesting and it is worth enlightening and educating the public on certain medical problems such as inter s*x and hermaphroditism. Being part of the public we know the vast majority of people need to increase and correct their knowledge and attitudes towards this issue. As there is a difference between transgender and inters*x I hope the show would define them both to distinguish between them. Personally speaking whatever physical problem should be treated medically through doctors as long as it does not clash with the nature of the human other words a female MUst remain a female and a male MUST not change his own gender and must live in a way that pleases God unless there is a physical defect. In this case he / she needs to seek medical help.

  10. Jst luvd d way all protagonist of other shows r supporting somya….suberb concept….

    1. Renuverma

      Yes daisy currently allr supporting her n its superb.

  11. Alisha

    So.. After reading a number of comments by Daisy and Rekhavv (Thanks for commenting first of all) and stuff about the couple Haya, I realized that they cannot be together. But what if they cannot be together? Atleast Harman can support her once he gets to know about the truth. After all she is a human being. Not being a husband, but being a human being he can support her. Matlab ke kuch dair ke liye humain ye romance waghera ko bhool jana chahiye… The serial actually focuses on Soumya being a kinnar and how she is going to survive in the society where only 3 of her family members are there to support her.
    Thodi dair ke liye ye bhi bhool jate hain ke maybe after Soumya, Surbhi is gonna marry Harman. Show abhi focused is baat per hai ke how is Soumya gonna live for the rest of her life? Whether she would decide to move on in her life with Saya, or she would tell everyone the truth. Would Harman react the same way as anyone else would or would he decide to support her. (Here I did like to mention ke support kerna aur being in a relationship ya phir relationship mein hone ki wajah se support kerna, ye teenon different cheezain hain.)
    Atlast.. Ek aur baat! No matter Haya scenes were adorable (are adorable, will always be adorable), but we should remember what the show focuses on and what makes it different from all the other shows… ??

    1. Renuverma

      Alisha by seeing the spoilers it seems harman would support saumya

      1. Alisha

        Hmmm.. We all want him to support her atleast! ??

  12. Thats what I m saying Alisha d concpt of dis show is completely diff nd writers had done a tremendous job.The way they show the power of Nimmi protecting her daughter after her husband tried 2 kill d baby nd nw(I hope ) harman will protect her frm d society. Have u seen d poll result bout 66% ppl want haya 2 b together then what will happen 2 d show. Totally disapointed . Some didnt want dis concpt 2 b aired in National TV, they fell that its not gud 4 children but they hav no objection when they watch female exploitation , that tym they didnt think that might their kids in future does d same bt they hav problem when tv shows r trying hard 2 xplain that all r equal.

    1. Alisha

      Yeah.. Even I felt bad when I saw the results of the poll. There are many serials with couples and leads, showing their romance. This show has gained that popularity and TRPs due to both
      , Haya, the couple and the track, Soumya’s reality. And now, when we have to choose only 1 from them, it’s kinda hard.
      Don’t worry, people having objection with the plot and stuff similar to that would agree to it soon. ???

  13. Narendran

    Thnx Alisha for the gold medal!!

    1. Renuverma

      Narendran i am with alisha for giving medal ??

  14. Narendran

    Hmm.. There is many members.. Here!! Really good!!.. We can make it to 150+comments..

    1. Renuverma

      My target is 300?

  15. Guys really sry i jst forget 2 wish shakti family 4 completing 50 sucessful epi..Congrats 2 all nd keep rocking….luv u shakti family……

    1. Renuverma

      Ssme ti u dear daisy.?

  16. Very well said Narendran there r many members. After revelation of soumya truth many members joined even I joined after her revelation before that I was also a silent reader but ur nd other members comnt was so inspiring that I didnt control myself nd started cmntng. This is all becoz of u all guys….thnx a lot..

    1. Alisha

      Yeah.. Many member did join. Especially because of the different storyline. Just look at the TRP’s… ?? When I joined this website I remained a silent reader for about 6 months, then I started commenting on fanfictions and now, I feel like I talk too much. Lol! ?✋?

  17. Pls can anyone help me actually I don’t get time to watch shakti at night and there is some money problem in my home recently so m doing a part time job and thus m unable to watch repeats too so pls tell me where can I watch full epi of shakti (online or any site)

    1. Alisha

      Hey Nia, why don’t you try downloading Voot? I haven’t tried that all yet but, I hope that works.

  18. Everyone should not demand soumya to be normal person we should treat them as normal person

    1. Renuverma

      Yes Y these people r perfectly normal n should be treated similarly. Shud not be trsted abnormsl or inauspicious or sidelined n considered aloof just because of an extra chromosome

  19. Dear Nia u can watch d show on voot nd also u can download it frm or Enjoy urslf..

  20. Really very good and social concept….
    Luv watching d show

    1. Renuverma

      Yep anahita it is indeed a new n bold concept.

  21. Renuverma

    Dear ankita ; a big hi?
    Sorry just read yr comment n query but iam sure you must have got clarity as many friends have explained.
    Good to know u r a BTECH student which year n which stream viz CIVIL; ELECTRONIC; ELECTRICAL; MECHANICAL; COMPUTER OR TEXTILES ??
    ALSO by IKRS family i meant ISHQ KA RANG SAFED SERIALS TELLY UPDATE PAGE as everyone over there calls me renu fi n u also addressed as same☺☺

  22. Renuverma

    Hi dear friends. Wish u a very happy freindship day???

  23. Same to you Renuverma nd all our dear frndz….jst stay like this with our shakti family nd keep cmntng……Again I’ll say HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY….

  24. Alisha

    Here is a big teddy bear hug for all of you to celebrate this great day. ???
    Stay blessed and happy. Plus have a nice day all! ??

    1. Narendran

      Happy friendship day!! To all…shakthi family!!

  25. Xxxxx ( Shrinjal )


  26. Hiii freinds
    I think harman ko sab pata hona chahiye. N use saumiya ko support bhi karna chahiya. I like this serial hopefully aage story isi trah intresting rhe or jo msg iss story se logo tak pohoch rha he wo ek accha asar dikhai.

    1. Renuverma

      Hi tas i think harman would come to know the reality n would also support her.

  27. Renuverma

    Hi Dr. Rekhav i totally agree t.o u n support yr views????

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