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The Episode starts with Harman telling Preeto that he didn’t know that she is great and have fought in her life. He says if Harak Singh wouldn’t have held your hand then where you would have been. He says if I am trying to make someone’s life better than why you are objecting. He says Soumya can give good upbringing to a child and says she is not incomplete. He says they will give love and good upbringing to their adopted baby. He says when you have fought for your love, why don’t you understand my love. Preeto leaves his hand and says I would have understand your love if it was for a woman. Everyone go to their rooms. Harman says I am your son and have some responsibilities for you and Harak Singh, this is also truth.

Bebe asks Maninder to come home and asks until when he will stay outside.

Maninder says it is too late now, what I will do by going home. Nani says until when you will sit on road. Bebe curses the day when maninder got married to Nimmi. Maninder folds his hand and tells nani that he stopped her then, but now….asks her to leave and says I am dead for you. Nani goes. Maninder says what we will do now. Bebe says our Surbhi’s life is ruined. Surbhi comes to the man’s house where Saya and then Harman and Soumya stayed. She asks him to give home on rent. Man is scared of Harman. Surbhi assures him that Harman will not come. Soumya tells Harman that they shall live separately and give baby back. Harman asks her to sit and asks her to take care of baby, and says we will take care of our relations.

Shanno asks Preeto if she didn’t have a good sleep and taunts her taking Surbhi’s name. Preeto looks angrily. Shanno says I will bring tea for you. Preeto says I got fresh with your talks and don’t need tea. Varun brings Police there. Preeto tells Inspector that her bahu is missing and asks him to find her. He asks where did she go and why? Preeto asks him to sit at home if he wants to know everything. Inspector asks I mean what happened? Preeto tells that they went to Maninder’s house and tells everything. She tells that she is doubtful that surbhi went missing because of Harman and Soumya. Harman says you can ask me, but you need lady constable to ask my wife. Inspector leaves. Preeto laughs and asks Harman since when your wife have become a woman. Harman says if I had explained to Inspector then you might have got hurt. He says if anyone is having trouble to make tea for me then I will make tea for myself. Harak Singh asks Varun why did he call Police. Varun says Preeto told me. Harak Singh says pind will know now. Preeto says I just need Surbhi.

Harman comes to room and sees Soumya sleeping close to baby. Harman smiles and thinks the scene is perfect. Mother and baby are sleeping and father of the baby is admiring him.

Soumya gets Surbhi’s call and she asks her where is she? Surbhi says she is fine and asks her to do as Harman says. Baby starts crying. Surbhi asks her to handle the baby and ends the call. Harman asks Soumya to make him sleep. Soumya says he is hungry and goes to get milk. Shanno taunts Soumya and asks if she is going to get milk for baby. Soumya says yes and goes to kitchen. Preeto says don’t know they have brought whose sin. Soumya gets milk and is taking to her room. Preeto says she is not asking us for tea and taunts her. Shanno says she has an excuse now and says how a kinnar will feed baby now.

Surbhi comes to Nani’s house early morning. Nani asks where did you go suddenly. Surbhi hugs her and says she is feeling good and peaceful today. Nani asks are you fine? Surbhi closes the door, but a spy sees her and calls Inspector saying he found Harak Singh’s bahu. Nani asks Surbhi what will happen with her life. Surbhi says something will happen and says I don’t take tension else I will get old. They hear someone knocking on the door. Surbhi opens the door and finds Preeto coming there with Police team. Preeto slaps her the moment she comes there.

Preeto asks Surbhi why did she marry Harman? Surbhi says she got married to him to unite them and not to separate them. Later Preeto calls Kareena. Kareena asks kinnars to inform everyone that Soumya is a kinnar.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. As a Vivian fan,I would like him to do media interactions (little bit only) because if always other characters will give bytes… People infer wrong about Vivian, talking about Harman and RK both the characters shown are/were superb,the best thing about the show is Harman Singh!

  2. Harman is absotly right.why preeto understand harman relation? Oh no kareena’s tricks never ending. I know she learn good lesson any day.But i know our haya reunit and spend their life happily

  3. Preston tracks has no end , she sues karena that is meaning surbhi refuses to back with her . It’s good for surbhi , l think the track of karena ending to the reality of saumya to be a kinnar? Or not ? I hope to saumya is being a complete woman not a kinnar ,she suffered enough she and harman are deserving normal life having a baby from them and preeto has to knew she lives with humans have rights , feelings as she

  4. Only Kareena can teach bhondu Saumya a good lesson?

  5. hey Jessica what are you saying?!!!

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