Shakti 4th September 2018 Written Episode Update: A girl in Gulabo’s disguise enters Harman’s life

Shakti 4th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Everyone was shocked to see Preeto move towards the main door. Harman runs outside in front of her eyes, the men follow Preeto as she runs across the roads. Shanno dances behind Ravi.
The men were able to stop Preeto who ran hysterically behind a car. They insist Harman wasn’t here.
Harman returns to the hospital bathed in white flour. Everyone laugh at him. Suomya come outside and Mr. and Mrs. Kaushal. She holds Harman’s hand to take him inside. He asks if she is Gulabo. She replies yes she is. Harman tells everyone that a Baba told him that he will meet his Gulabo within in 24 hours. Suomya calls him stupid for giving away all his clothes and shoes for a fake Baba. Mrs. Kaushal tells Jolly (Harman) to go inside, she will send him clothes to change.
At home, Preeto insists on everyone

that Harman is here. She again looks towards the main door and finds Harman stand there. Everyone compels Preeto that there is no Harman around. Preeto had ceased recognizing anyone around and calls Harak Singh. She wanders around the house calling Harak Singh. Harak Singh was saddened at her condition. Preeto decides to go and take some rest, else she will fell ill.
The doctor in the hospital asks kinners to take away an elder kinner this time, a 24 year old grown up girl admitted in room number 4, bed B.
A lady comes asking about a new patient admitted in the hospital and was directed to the room.
Harman was in the corridor looking for Gulabo when he watch the group of kinners passing by. They were looking for a baby born here. Harman stops the girl in corridor who had inquired about a new patient, he asks if she is Gulabo? The lady replies yes, she is his Gulabo. Harman holds her hand and kiss the back of it.
There, kinners reached Suomya and makes her sniff chloroform.
There, Harman questions how he must trust her? The girl was offensive as he was just inquiring everyone about Gulabo. She turns to go towards ward number 4 bed B. The kinners hide Suomya under the reception desk as they find the girl approach. The girl comes out and stops one of the kinners, the kinner lies that they came for money as a new baby was born. She walks on nervously. The girl was suspicious.
Harman thinks about Baba’s prediction and then meeting this girl.
In the ward, the girl reads from notes that at first, the subject denies recognizing his love. Mr. and Mrs. Kaushal come to the ward to meet their daughter Lameet. She was happy to get such an interesting case for her psychology thesis. Mr. and Mrs Kaushal were worried that Khushi wasn’t in her bed. Lameet asks to get the sweets as a baby was born, she met kinners.
Mrs. and Mr. Kaushal ask the receptionist, then hurries outside looking for Suomya. The kinners pace up.
Harman comes to Lameet and says if she is Gulabo, then what’s his name? Lameet promises to tell him everything, he will remember everything by himself. She asks what she did each night while saying Good bye. Harman questions who is Gulabo, and who lost the memory? Lameet moves towards Harman, touching Harman’s cheek before leaving.
The kinners bring Suomya to a corner, Mr. and Mrs. Kaushal appear from the front and ask where they want to take her? They aren’t allowed to take their patient. The kinner says she won’t get anything except hatred in their world, a doctor informed them. Mr. Kaushal says until she recovers, she can go anywhere. The kinner demands what can they do if they take her from here? Mrs. Kaushal deters calling police. The kinners leave Suomya saying one day they will surely take this kinner along them.

PRECAP: Mr. and Mrs.Kaushal introduce Khushi to Lameet. Harman wrote Gulabo on the walls which Suomya forbids. Lameet comes in and says she is his Gulabo.

Update Credit to: Sona

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