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The Episode starts with Soumya coming to Harman. Harman is busy. Soumya gives him knife. He asks what is this? Soumya says knife. Harman says I thought this is sword. He asks why did you bring it and what do you want? Soumya says I want something. Harman asks on knife point? Soumya says no, and says you let me stay in your house for 21 days, and thanks him for that. She says I don’t have any right on you, but I am a small wish. I want to take some memory with you, so that I could live my entire life with it. Harman says I don’t understand puzzles and asks her to tell what is the matter. Soumya asks him to write his name on her wrist with knife. Harman asks have you gone mad? Are you in your senses. Soumya says yes, I am in my senses. She says if woman do this for their husband then it is love, but

if I do the same then it is madness…as I am Kinnar. She says I don’t have any right to become life partner, but I want your name to be with me till my last breath. Harman says I won’t do as such.

Just then they hear noise coming from kitchen, and Shanno shouting Preeto to stop. They run to kitchen and sees Preeto throwing the utensils on the floor. Harman asks have you gone mad and tries to calm her down. Harak Singh asks what happened? Preeto says it is my kitchen and it is become dirty. She asks Shanno to clean all the utensils. Shanno is shocked and refuses to clean all the utensils. Preeto asks her to clean upstairs utensils also and that too with gangajal. Soumya offers to clean everything alone. Preeto shouts at Soumya and says you will not wash utensils. Viren asks Shanno to wash it along with servant, and says Soumya will make food. Preeto says Soumya will not cook food and says Shanno will cook food. She turns and sometimes falls in the cooking bowl.

Soumya sees dal about to fall on Harman and saves him but her hand gets burnt as the hot dal falls on her hand. Harman holds her hand as she writhles in pain. Preeto turns and gets angry on Soumya. Harman shouts at Preeto saying that Soumya saved him as dal was about to fall on him. Preeto shouts asking her to go to room. Soumya and Harman go. Preeto asks Shanno to take gangajal and wash the utensils. Preeto gets call from someone. She says okay, 11 am in the morning, come on time. She looks on.

Nimmi comes back home with Surbhi and says she likes the dress. She asks Surbhi to try the dress. Surbhi thinks tomorrow is marriage day, and there is no news from there. Don’t know if Abhishek will postpone the wedding or not. Beeji asks Nimmi to give it to her so that she can keep in the temple. Nimmi asks Surbhi to keep it in the box and gives to Beeji. Bebe says Surbhi will look good in this dress and hopes that they would have get her married grandly. Marriage broker comes there, and tells Maninder that groom’s family sent message through him, and says they can’t get the marriage done tomorrow and says marriage is postponed for next month. Maninder says I will call him. Marriage broker says I know that they are nice people and asks him to wait. Maninder gets angry and blames Soumya. Surbhi smiles and goes inside.

Harman puts ointment on Soumya’s hand, and says you are delicate and your skin too. He says you have burnt it badly. He asks if you are thinking about Preeto and says she can’t get angry with you. It is her way to express love, she don’t want you to work and that’s why asked you to go to room repeatedly. Soumya says I know mummy ji loves me, but today it was not her love, something is definitely. She saw me strangely today. Harman says nothing will happen. He asks why did you jump and saved me? Soumya says you would have got burnt if I hadn’t jump. Harman says you did this to save me. Soumya nods. Harman asks what was the need? Soumya says just because I can bear any pain, but can’t see you in pain. Harman says you are unique, and says I have just protected you for 21 days, helped you in hiding your secret, and says I can’t give you anything more. Soumya says you don’t know what you gave me. I got more than it is written in my destiny. You made me feel how to live for others. She says all the moments spent with you will be like a memory with me.

Harman says you are forgetting one thing, and smiles. He asks her to give credit to him for teaching him mobile operating. Soumya laughs. Harman says you looks beautiful while laughing. Soumya realizes and cries. Harman asks her to stop crying as he has stopped getting angry on her. He gives him hand kerchief and says you don’t remember promise also. Soumya wipes her tears. Harman says pain increases when one cries and says you don’t watch films naa, I will teach you. He asks what else you don’t know. Soumya says Maa don’t take me out and tells something. Harman smiles and hears her.

Surbhi calls Abhishek and thanks him for postponing the date. Nimmi hears her and asks why didn’t you understand our pain and helplessness. She says once Soumya’s 21 days complete, you will not get this alliance again. Surbhi makes her sit and says I am doing this for you and Soumya. She says shall I get married, and go from here, leaving you and Soumya in trouble. She says let Soumya return then I will marry. Nimmi gets emotional and says I didn’t know when you have grown up. She says we will keep mata rani puja and do ardaas. She says I will pray for both my daughters’ happiness.

Soumya gives blanket to Harman. Harman looks at her and thinks life is different in this room with Soumya, can’t believe that 21 days are over. He thinks, she thinks I have done favor on her, but she has to do all the adjustments, didn’t say anything and bear everything. She took care of me and what I have done? I made her cry. Then says I have saved her too. He thinks Soumya deserves even more. He gets up and picks a notepad. Soumya gets up from bed and asks do you need anything. Harman says this is the image which I made in your mind, selfish and demanding person. He says I don’t need anything. He says it is enough of your demands, now you have to demand and I will bring those things for you. Soumya says I don’t need anything. Harman says I will not let you go empty handed. Soumya says I got everything. She asks him to keep his love, care and gifts for his wife, and says I don’t deserve this.

Harman asks her to think about Rajesh Khanna’s words that I hate tears. He says what do you think that I will not be affected when you go. He says if things are under my control then I would have stopped you. Soumya gets emotional. Harman says but what to do, my hands are tied, you are not from this society even if I like you. He says we can’t stay as husband and wife, we can live like friends, but our friendship couldn’t be understandable by anyone, may be sometimes I will not understand you. He gets emotional and says from tomorrow, I will sleep on bed, with whom I will fight, whose tears I will wipe, everything will finish tomorrow……and then says I will not let anything end, and says where ever you will go, you will start your new life and I will call you daily. Soumya says daily you will call me, really. She asks do you remember me. Harman says yes, I am not stone hearted. He says I have to sleep on sofa because of you, and have been tied in the house because of you. He says I will miss you and asks her to tell if she will miss him. Soumya nods no….Harman says no…why? Soumya says as I can’t forget you. She says we couldn’t stay as husband and wife, but this sindoor and mangalsutra will make me remember you always. She says I am not a full woman, but I got this feeling after staying with you.

Harman says I want to give you something so that I can be a part of your memory. He asks what do you want? Soumya says whatever you will get for me will be far good than I ask for. Harman thinks you are so good, and hopes everything should have been normal and thinks if you wouldn’t have from different world then I would have kept you on my eyebrows, says he would have proudly told everyone that she is his wife, I wish. Soumya says I wish I could tell all the family members that they have become precious part of my life. Harman says I will send you everyones pic and asks her to send her selfie to him.

Saya is looking at Soumya’s pics and thinks it was appearing as Nimmi will win, but now Soumya’s truth is opened and I will take her with me. She thinks it won’t be good to sprinkle salt on her wounds by returning these pics….She thinks to keep Soumya’s pics with herself.

Harman is sleeping. Soumya is weaving woolen sweater for him. Tu Hi Mera Khuda plays…………….Soumya writes letter for Harman.

“She writes in the note pad that 21 days are completed and his responsibility is over, she is going soon in few hours time. She writes to Harman that she never thought that all these relations will break like a dream, gets teary eyes….Song plays……Soumya says I don’t want to go away from you. She asks can I ask you something. She asks why kinnars are not allowed to live normal life. She says when God’s made man and woman stay together then why can’t kinnar stay in the same society. She says Maa have kept you isolated from the world, I didn’t know that I was a kinnar. When you took me in arms and took pheras….it was a normal pheras, but little did I know that any of the wedding vows are not allowed on Kinnar. She says when I came home in bridal attire, I thought I am a girl and dreamt to live with you being married woman, but all my dreams are shattered by my reality. She says my friend Kalsi’s mum used to weave sweater for her husband and used to say that whenever her husband wears sweater then she feels him closer to him. She hugs sweater and says I am doing the same thing, trying to get closer to you. I am leaving sweater here, I didn’t have the right to love you, but started loving you unknowingly. She writes that I love you so much that I can’t keep you out of my heart, love’s first alphabet is incomplete like our relation, incomplete like me. She continues to write that wherever I will be, I will remember you even if you don’t remember me, just remember Soumya.”

She folds the sweater and letter. She then keeps them under the mattress.

Pandit ji asks Maninder to come and sit in puja. Maninder says Nimmi is sitting and it is enough. Surbhi tells him that their love is stronger than his hatred for soumya. Maninder says I can see what is right and wrong, and goes. Preeto thinks how to get the house vacated by 11 pm. Raavi tells her that she wants to see movie, and asks her to come with her to watch video. Preeto says I don’t have time to go, and asks her to go. Harman comes down. Harak Singh asks where are you going? Harman says I am going to city to buy something. Preeto asks Harman to take Raavi to watch film. Raavi asks him to drive slowly. Harman teases her. Preeto thinks how to make everyone go.

Pandit ji asks Nimmi to keep diya in the temple and it shouldn’t blown away. Nimmi prays to God for Soumya’s safety. Harak Singh gets a call from Chadda. He says toys will reach you soon. Preeto gets an idea and tells Harak Singh that the order should be delivered after you check. Harak Singh says I will tell Viren. Preeto says Viren don’t have intelligence and asks him to check by himself. Harak Singh says okay, I will go and check. Preeto asks him to take Varun along with him, and says he will check the quality. Harak Singh gets happy and says I got married to you at good moment, and says I love you. Preeto smiles. Harak Singh takes Varun and goes.

Preeto checks the clock. Soumya comes downstairs. Preeto asks Soumya to call Shanno. Soumya says okay and calls her. Shanno asks why did you call me. Preeto asks Soumya to go. Soumya says I am going to kitchen to make kheer. Preeto says no need and asks her to go to room. She asks Shanno to visit temple with Viren as she haven’t visited temple since she got pregnant. Shanno thinks why she is talking politely, what happened to her. She goes. Preeto sees the clock and sees 10:30. Harman calls Soumya and asks about the color of bangles. Soumya says I like all colors. She asks him to buy color of his choice. Harman buys yellow and red color bangles. Soumya says it is not needed. Harman says I am not doing this as duty, but because my heart is saying. He says nobody can stop me from listening to my heart. Preeto closes the door once everyone leave and thinks way is clear, and waits…says 10 mins more.

Harman comes to the sweets shop and asks about her choice of sweets. Soumya says moti chur laddo. Harman buys it. Nimmi senses something is bad. Beeji asks her to call Soumya, but her phone is busy. Surbhi asks her to try after sometime. Harman comes to the saree shop and asks which color saree you wants? Soumya says I don’t need anything more. Harman asks her to tell what he is asking? Soumya says I have sarees of all colors. Harman says so you will not help me, and says I will buy saree matching with bangles. Soumya folds his clothes while talking to him. Harman buys saree for her. Soumya says it is enough now. Harman says I will buy matching earrings of my choice. Door bell rings. Preeto is alone in the hall while Soumya is in her room. She shouts Soumya. Soumya tells Harman that Preeto is calling her. Harman asks her to let the phone on and go and talk to Preeto. Soumya says no. Preeto shouts Soumya, and asks her to open the door. Soumya hurriedly steps down the stairs, open the door, sees Maninder and asks him to come inside happily, but her happiness vanishes as soon as she sees Saya with him. Maninder eyes her angrily.

Preeto tells Soumya that you have enough of fun of this world and asks her to go. She asks Saya and Maninder to take her away. They drag Soumya out of the house. Soumya cries and says no. She shouts Harman ji please save me. H b arman hears her screams and sits in car shockingly.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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