Shakti 4th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Harman decides to embrace solitary life

Shakti 4th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harman asking balwinder to stop and stops him with hockey stick. Preeto looks on. Balwinder asks what did I do now? Harman beats him with hockey stick repeatedly. Balwinder says you were beating me that day without any reason. Harman says I heard that day when Soumya tried to make you understand your mistake. He asks him to either accept his crime or give his life. Raavi asks him to leave Balwinder. Veeran asks him to leave damad. Harman asks them to back off and asks Balwinder to say the truth else…Balwinder says I went to Soumya’s room and misbehaved with her that day. Everyone is shocked. He says I did a big mistake and apologizes. Harman says I am not great like Soumya to forgive you. He says for now scores are ok, I know how to use weapons also and goes.


thinks about Harman saving her and protecting her even in Dubai. She thinks tomorrow on Asthami, everyone will do puja as couples and tells that if she was complete woman then she would have prayed with Harman. She thinks she is a kinnar. Rani hears her and thinks she will pray for Harman and her, and says you will do puja with Harman tomorrow.

Saya comes to the other kinnars and tells that she cares for them too and tells that she is giving Gurumaa’s position to Tarana. Kinnar asks her to leave and not to make them weak. Saya says ok. Kareena stops her and tells kinnars that they have enmity with Tarana as Saya did partiality with us because of us. She says we have no objection if Soumya becomes Gurumaa. Other kinnars ask where we will live then. Raveena says we got our old home. She calls Preeto and tells that she will be near Soumya. Preeto asks her not to do any mistake. Raveena says ok. Preeto tells Harak Singh that once Soumya becomes Gurumaa everything will be fine, but till then we have to increase pressure on her. Harak Singh calls goon and asks to hear carefully.

Rani asks Soumya to get ready and says they will go to temple. Soumya says she didn’t have bath. Rani asks her to have bath. Soumya goes. Rani calls Harman and asks him to come to temple as Soumya is waiting. Goons come to Maninder’s house and take the pics. Harak Singh sees the pics and shows to Preeto. She asks him to send pic to Soumya. Harak Singh says it is sent.

Soumya comes to the temple and thinks where is Rani? She sees Harak Singh sending her pics surrounding Maninder’s house. Preeto calls her and tells that goons have surrounded the house. Soumya is shocked and asks God to protect her family. Harman comes there and says you called me here. Soumya says no. Harman says mata rani must have called us here so that we can do asthami puja. Soumya refuses to do puja. Pandit ji asks them to do puja. He ties ghatbandhan to them. They do aarti of the goddess.

Rani looks at them from outside the temple. Nammo Nammo Durge plays….Soumya opens the ghatbandhan and is leaving. Harman asks her to return to him and says I love you. He apologizes to her for his mistakes and says he will do as he says. Soumya recalls Preeto’s threat. Rani comes inside and tells Harman that if you let her go today then you have to forget her for forever as she is becoming Gurumaa tomorrow. Harman asks Soumya what he is hearing and tells that they will make a new world. Soumya asks can your one sided love will make a world. He says Gulabo. Soumya says whatever I was, I have broken all ties, my kinnar society will be behind me and I am their Gurumaa.

She says I will be infront of you, but far from your reach. Harman says you are doing this on Preeto and Harak Singh’s sayings. He tells that if she don’t come to him then he will keep those rings in this temple and will take sanyas. He says he will be relieved from all relations and says if I didn’t get my love then Harak Singh and Preeto will not get their son too. Soumya says I will not let you do this. Harman gives her promise not to tell anyone and walks out of temple. Soumya is shocked.

Soumya sits to become Gurumaa. Surbhi comes there with everyone and asks Soumya to go and live her life with Harman. Soumya runs calling Harman ji. Harman is about to embrace sanyas.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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