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Shakti 4th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Viren opening the door and finding Saya at the door step. Everyone is shocked to see her. Viren calls Harak Singh. Saya enters the house. Preeto asks her to stay there itself and asks why did you come here? Saya says I came to see how the marriage happens behind doors. Preeto asks her to stay away and tells you and your people have no place here. Saya says I came to take nek and will wait. Preeto says she don’t want any drama to happen and that’s why don’t want any argument. She asks her to stay silent, and asks her not to do any siyappa. Saya sits down and thinks she will see two marriage today, and then Soumya will have no reason to stay in this house. Soumya recalls Preeto’s words and thinks she will not tell Surbhi about Harman’s marriage. She says my choti is looking

very beautiful. Friends tell Surbhi that she will get busy after marriage. Surbhi says she will have time for her family. Friend says Soumya didn’t get time to come here after marriage, and now she came for your wedding. Surbhi scolds them politely. She asks Soumya to go and see the baarat, says she would have dance at her own wedding, but it can’t happen due to limitations. Soumya goes to see baraat. Rani and Raveena join the baraat. Maninder welcomes Abhishek. Nimmi does his Tilak. Rani and Raveena eye Soumya.

Pandit ji asks Abhishek to take oath holding Gangajal that he will support his wife throughout life. At Harman’s wedding, Mahi is brought to the mandap. Soumya recalls her wedding and Preeto taunting her informing about Harman’s marriage. Pandit ji asks Nimmi to call bride. Nimmi asks Soumya to bring Surbhi. Shanno makes Mahi sit with Harman at the mandap. Mahi gets tensed seeing Saya and asks Harman, why did she come here. Harman says she came to get nek.

Nimmi comes to Surbhi and says you are so beautiful. She says I can’t believe that my choti is getting married today, and says this day comes in every girl’s life. One day she have to go to her sasural. She asks her to come home whenever she misses her, else call her. Surbhi gets emotional and hugs her. Soumya hugs her. Nimmi and others take Surbhi outside. Soumya is about to go with them, but Rani and Raveena hold her. Rani asks Raveena to make her smell chloroform. They make Soumya unconscious. Nimmi looks for Soumya and asks Beeji. Beeji says she might be here. Maninder sees Nimmi going inside and goes following her. Nimmi comes home and sees her missing. She gets worried. Rani and Raveena take Soumya out from the window. Nimmi comes to room then calling Soumya. She thinks where did she go? Maninder comes there and asks why she is behaving madly. Nimmi says Soumya is not here, and I am going to search her. Maninder is furious.

At Harman’s wedding, Pandit ji recites the mantras and asks Harman and Mahi to stand up for Jai Mala…Mahi makes Harman wear garland. Harman is upset. Preeto asks Harman to make Mahi wear garland. Harman makes Mahi wear garland and recalls putting garland on Soumya’s neck. They sit down. Pandit ji asks Harman and Mahi to pray. He asks Harak Singh, who will do her kanyadaan. Shanno says she will do her kanyadaan as Mahi is like her daughter. Preeto agrees. Shanno and Viren to come with her to do kanyadaan. They do her kanyadaan. Harman recalls his marriage with Soumya and her kanyadaan. Rani and Raveena are still taking Soumya from there. Nimmi comes to that specific room, and sees someone going from there with unconscious Soumya. She shouts…Soumya. Maninder comes and keeps hand on her mouth. Nimmi hits him and asks why did you do this. I would have gone far from here after Surbhi’s marriage. Maninder tells her that he didn’t do anything and was worried about Surbhi’s marriage. Nimmi comes out and tells Beeji that someone have kidnapped Soumya. She asks her to handle the marriage and says she will be back. She silently goes out of marriage hall.

At Harman’s wedding, Pandit ji asks Shanno to do ghatbandhan. Shanno does their ghat bandhan. Saya gets Maninder’s call asking her why did she kidnap Soumya, and says I told you clearly that I don’t want any siyappa. Saya tells him that they haven’t kidnapped Soumya and she spoke about it with Guru Maa. Saya thinks definitely Rani and Raveena must have kidnapped Soumya, and thinks she can’t protect Soumya now, only Harman can save her, but he is now getting married. Pandit ji asks Harman to take pheras. He explains about first round, and asks him to promise to become her shakti. Saya thinks how to inform him infront of everyone. She wonders how? Pandit ji asks Mahi to come to front and explains about the rounds importance. Harman is taking pheras. Saya calls Harman and tells him that Rani and Raveena have kidnapped Soumya, save her. Harman looks on shocked and stops taking pheras. Saya looks on with hopeful eyes and folds her hands. Rani and Raveena take Soumya from there in car. Pandit ji asks Maninder and Nimmi to come for doing kanyadaan ritual.

Surbhi asks where is Nimmi? Beeji tells her that Soumya was feeling unwell and that’s why Nimmi took her to hospital. Surbhi gets up from her mandap and says Soumya di…She runs from there, while Maninder follows her. Pandit ji asks Harman, why did he stop and asks him to take 6th pheras. Harman throws the ghatbandhan cloth in havan and runs from there, while everyone try to stop him, but in vain. Viren sets off fire from the cloth. Saya follows Harman. Maninder tries to make Surbhi stop, but in vain. Surbhi falls on the road and shouts Soumya di…Guest asks what is this drama? Abhishek’s mum tells what we will tell to our guests. Abhishek asks her to trust Surbhi and support her. Bebe cries. He walks out from there following Surbhi. Abhishek comes in his car and sees Surbhi crying on road. He asks her to come and says we will find Didi together. Harak Singh is angry and calls Inspector asking him to meet now itself. Rani and Raveena are in the car.

Preeto promises Mahi that the pheras will be completed once Harman returns. Mahi says I won’t go anywhere from here. Preeto looks on tensed. Maninder drinks poison. Nimmi is shocked and tries to stop him. Bebe is also shocked. Rani and Raveena sell Soumya to some goons. They say she is beautiful and nobody can figure out she is a kinnar. They plan to send her to Delhi today itself. Soumya hears them and is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Uh. What’s all the twist? Abhisekh is nice guy why is survhi so stupid. Soumya will handle whatever comes to her life. Why did saya tell harman :/:/ so bad

  2. It was so nice to see Abhishek supporting Surbhi, I hope cv’s stick to this pair..According to Sbs segments Nimmi and Maninder will die in the show, Soumya and Harman life is going to get more entangled.But Reena kapoor and Ayub khan played their roles nicely…

  3. This could have been a different show but all ruined now.

  4. im happy that saya stoppd the marriage???
    i read that harman will realize his love for soumya n then truth to come out that soumya is nt kinnar n also nt nimmi k daughter……they were exchanged in hosp n that nimmi gve birth to kinnar bt a boy..???
    i really love this serial bt preeto n maninder ar rlly boring me??? n that varun rlly cnt read his mind????…..#HaYa

  5. Just read the news on web…Nimmi will die because of Preeto. Preeto will taunt her and make her believe that Soumya will never return this time. Also Maninder will consume poison and die too because Saumya’s truth will be out and he will not be able to bear his insult. Saumya will know about their deaths later on. Feeling sad for Nimmi 🙁
    Maninder can go to hell. Preeto is so heartless!!!

  6. Full on drama Soumya mom and dad are dead.survi is shattered.dramatic way to enter next leg…

  7. R u sure ruhy nd jessica

    1. Yes…Nimmi will die…saw the promo on TV yesterday

  8. iamsofianeak

    Preeto is the same sindura of Banoo Main Teri Dulhann where she had killed vidya & sagar & nowww in shakti she’ll be the reason of nimmi’s death , feel sad for nimmi 🙁

    1. ohh..u watched dat serial banoo mein teri dulhann…i also watched it…

  9. nimmi was the heart of the show how can they kill her so soon?

    anyways let’s see what’s coming up. .

  10. Angelk1

    From day one I’ve been saying soumya is a girl and she was probably switched in the hospital or the dna test because of mahinder. And when the truth comes out i will cheer with happyness for being right. But either way preeto wont like soumya with harman even when they realize shes a girl. His dad might accept her back, but the rest nope.

    Also abshek is a really nice guy for surbhi. I hope nothing happens to them

    1. if soumya turns out to be not kinner then the whole Theme of the show will be lost. . One more thing is mahinders blood matches to soumyas so I don’t think that baby exchange logic holds good or true

  11. if maninder’s blood group matches to saumya’s group thats not a big deal… many people having same blood group and they are not related…so its normal

  12. I don’t want nimmi to die . She is the main character of the story then how the writers do like this . I love her motherhood very much

  13. Guys go to tellychakkar there is an interview of Reena nijher aka nimmi talking about her exit….

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