Shakti 4th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Shakti 4th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harman asking beggars, can they sit on their place till morning. They ask him to sit and asks how come you are here being rich by face. Harman says I am not rich, but my father. He tells that his family is annoyed with him and that’s why he left home. They ask if he would like to drink. Lady beggar takes Soumya with her. Harman drinks wine and gets drunk. Beggar asks Harman what is his story. Harman says my story is big and says he will tell in short. He tells that he loves his Gulabo very much and his parents are villain to his story, they don’t want them to stay together and that’s why he left home. Beggar asks him to stay there. Harman says he feels bad for Gulabo as she came on road because of him. He plans to buy home and show them. He sees Preeto and Harak singh and thinks

it is his imagination. Beggar says they are really your people.

Harman says you both have come here as well. He says they are most understanding persons in the world and asks if they want to leave city. Preeto asks him to come home. Harman tells that they are respected people and that’s why I can’t tell him in high tone. He asks what you people will do. Harak Singh says I want to talk to you last time, you have to choose either mother or wife. Harman says he will choose Soumya.

Harman says you made me paraya in a moment. He says you people have made me leave from home and dismissed my rights from my wealth. Today I dismiss you of your rights as my parents. Harak Singh shouts Harman. Harman says don’t shout, this is not your house. He says you have kept Soumya away from her child and now now you people will feel the pain of staying away you’re your child. He refuses to go with them. Harak Singh asks him to listen. Preeto stops him. Harak Singh says this is not a son, but kin……stops himself and says he is Soumya’s husband. Beggars asks Harak Singh to take Harman and Soumya with him and says their Jodi is good. Harman says there are many people who keep their evil eye on our Jodi, but less people are there who bless us. Preeto asks what did you say? Harak Singh asks her to come. Preeto says our evil eye….

Soumya tells Harman that she will help him and work with him. Worker asks Harman to start work. Soumya takes off her earrings and says she will work. Harman is upset. Preeto beats on the plates. Shanno says what she is going to declare now. Preeto tells that she has decided to give away everything and leave from house. Harak Singh says everything will be fine. Preeto asks what good will happen now. Harak Singh asks her to have peace. She tells that she will give everything in charity and asks him to call lawyer. Shanno asks how can you give property in charity and asks what about our shares.

Preeto throws the plate and asks Shanno what she asked. She says I am empty now and asks which share she is asking for. She says who are you? You stays in my house and lives on our earrings. Shanno asks what you are saying. Harak Singh asks Viren to take Shanno inside. Shanno says she needs their share. Viren takes her inside. Preeto says our life is ruined and she is asking for share.

Worker tells Kishan Lal that they shall keep two more workers who are new. Kishan lal agrees. Harman and Soumya see him. Kishan Lal sees Harman and Soumya.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Again late update…. Vivian is putting life in Harman ‘s character….Good performance.

    1. His character was already lively. It’s Saumya’s character which is lifeless and needs to go get a peice of life ?

  2. Parents are next to God but Harman has chosen saumya instead of preeto,who have given birth to him. Vivian is my favourite but Harman’s character is getting bad day by day as he is becoming only saumya oriented and forgetting every one else.

  3. Shakti trp is decreasing because of only this selfish behaviour towards parents and not for any IPL or surbhi even surbhi’s character is far better than saumya’s selfish character. Surbhi is more kind, understanding and sacrificing, l really want a sister like surbhi .

    1. Anu Shakti trp decreasing only reason for ipl even Shakti no 1 daily soap and Slot reader also & barc India rating no5 shows

  4. even Kumkum bhagya’s trp is 2.9 ,greater than shakti. Why didn’t it became 2.3 due to Ipl

    1. One question for you anu
      Agar tum saumya ki jagah hoti toh kyaa expect krti ke puri dunia sirf thokar khilaye kyaa kinner ke adhikar sirf s*x or bache tak seemet hai kyaa unki feelings nhe hoti mana apko ptaa lgta hai ap maa nhe ban sakti apki saas apke pati ko second marriage ke liye bolti hai ao kyaa expect kregi aise me ???

      1. Yes ria ur right, by the situation ur trying to compare is different, u are right, any women can accidentally loose the strength of becoming mother, but if it happens after marriage, the situation is understandable, but before marriage u parents know dat, let u married without anyone’s notice, is it under stable??? dats like nimmi, what u will feel if u get to know ur future partner is not capable of having child, but they know that before marriage, did not let u know, u came to know after marriage, what will be ur parents reaction, please tell me by knowing, no one will allow, its a straight cheating done by nimmi to the harak Singh family, even though she know what are their expectations just to save her child, den y can’t u understand preeto she doesn’t want that have relation with a person whose gender is not particular, she is being cruel, I agree but the person who did this all mess was nimmi in her selfishness, if u want answer please imagine urself in the place of Harman, and presto, before supporting soumyas dumbness and selfishness

      2. What the fault of saumya ? She was unaware n other things saumya trying to go but harman loves her alot n never want to go away this is love matter of my son if i suppose i am trying too many times but he is still with saumya n she look like same as a women then i accept it for my son ……

        I am a doctor last year when i was intern i handle a same case….the female know everything before marriage but after marriage her husband accepted her as a wife but the laws never accepted that a kinner is our bahu n seriously when i looked her mee also unable yo recognised her as a kinner…they mostly visited for a child because they loved alot n you know she is not in this world because of laws n the lovely son he went to america n still live alone
        Thats called love mentality toh bnane se banti hai bahut ladke jante hai he is not capable to mentained a married life but maa shadi krate waqt nhe btati that her lovely son has so many faults even try to hide his affairs
        Its my thinking just n i seriously salute that man who have ability to love a kinner baatey bnana bahut assan hai nibhana bahut muskil
        Ap apni jagah sahi mai apni jagah

  5. Good performance from Vivian , he is good actor , playing character as real , a lot of us seeing preeto and her causes to be grandma , I am with her ,she’s a mother wants her son’s happiness ,we have to see harman’s needs too and made balance between them , both of them have needs , she has to understand that Harman has a right to be as he wants he is capable to make his designs and take care of his responsibilits to experience life

  6. Why do we watch serials?…We watch serials so that we can pass our time and get away a little bit from this otherwise ruthless world. We watch serials so that we get inspired and entertained. However, after watching this crap, the real world seems much better. This serial is getting more depressing. Saumya’s character is not at all inspiring. It’s very demotivating infact.

    1. your silver lining

      Absolutely…the writers should protray saumya in such a way that she sets an example for the transgender society…which actually should be the main focus of the show…’the strength to realization of one’s own identity’…not to be a cry-baby who keeps depending on others. There are kinnars in India who have made a place for themselves in the society and are widely respected. Saumya should be such a kind of epitome.
      Those who have a doubt can check the following link…

      1. I agree with u,but no only the heights of stupidity happens in this serial, the character of Harman is spoiled day by day. Soumya there is no change in her, y can’t she stand for herself, y does she want Harman to stand.

    2. your silver lining


    3. Thanks guys ?

  7. I agree your comment dalia. Hraman want to bothe of them.He want to his parents bless for his love. But their not understand his love.Maybe they want to his son’s happiness.But real resone it behaind that they want to fullfill their aims. I know parents can anthing for their children.But preeto’s aim is differnt. she want to first family respect, she wan to heir. She want to harman’s bride is her choice not
    harman. So i think it called jelouse.She cant leave her son.May be selfish. I know everyone not agree my comment but its my opinion. I think harman do right thing. He want to leran how spent their lifs without parents.He want to learn earn money himself.He want to learn face difficult problems in thier lifs. I think soumya always be with him now and forever. LOVE CAN BE CHEANGE EVERYITHING & ITS CAN BE ALIVE DEAD PEOPLE.
    it has a big power. We can’t imagine that. Its my opinion. You can think diffrerently

  8. Wow Harman is becoming disgusting day by day, such a ruthless and arrogant character, he cannot think of anyone else soumya, oh my god never give such a disgusting son to anyone, he said his parents have bad eye on his love, this proves he is such disgusting son, soumya not a words, always dumb selfish, fake emotions, she is such a disgusting thing in the world

  9. Please make harman more responsible towards his parents apart from his love life. Vivian, kamya,roshni love you all

    1. U are right, I’m missing the masti vali surbhi, that was spoiled by soumya, y don’t she live like that before, by not supporting selfish soumya

  10. Hi Shanaya, yes ,I agree your comment too , Harman has to live away from his parents to make his own life ,own family ,own career by himself not depend on any one even parents , all of us needing to be with parents all the time but one day we are separating from them to make our lives a lone as they did before ,it’s natural

    1. Yes shnaya i totally agree with you ?

  11. This week all epi were good, cruel woman as preeto deserved painful lesson to open her mind, child is not slave, parents can against but not by harm or crime anyone. Everyone deserve the love, harman tried his best to balance his family and love but blind parents closed and forced him only one way to choose, is that parent’s love? and hope to will not make any nonsense track by forced and destroyed many charactors as disgusted trio track before

  12. Shakti seems to be the struggle of parents to get back their son, not the struggle of a kinnar who is herself selfish and a parasite

    1. U are correct, I too feel these days???

  13. your silver lining

    All those sympathizing with Saumya need a recap-
    1. Preeto and family was trapped by Nimmi. People calling harak Singh and Preeto selfish should not forget that Nimmi had, in order to protect Saumya, hidden the truth. Wasn’t Nimmi selfish??
    2. It was Saumya who told Surbhi that she wants a normal family,a child. Also she had no shelter social emotionally blackmail Surbhi and got her married to Harman so that she can stay in the house. True, she was forced by preeto but not even once she thought to take a stand for herself in order to protect her sister. Instead, she opted for the easiest way and ruined surbhi’s life in the name of her so-called bechariness. So why is Surbhi blamed for marrying harman??
    3. Even after marriage she did not let Surbhi lead a normal life. In fact she continued to be a bichari and kept on interfering in harman-surbhi’s matter as if Surbhi had no right on her own husband. Even harman kept on insulting her. She bore everything and at the end left the home without telling anybody without creating any problem between Haya. So can anybody explain me how did Surbhi become a villain in their lives??
    4. There are people who call Soumya as the most selfless person in the entire show. Ahem ahem…. can you guys give me just one instance where Saumya has done something for somebody without her own selfish reasons??

    p.s.:- My post does not intend any insult to any person in general. Throughout, I have only talked about the character Soumya which is imaginary and not real. My hearty thanku to those who understand and I feel sorry for those who don’t…

    pps- this is the last time I am trying to explain my point that there is a difference between reel and real. I cannot explain better than this.

  14. Exactly you are right dalia. Thnks for supporting me ria and dalia

  15. @Jessica – This shayari is 4 u:

    Tere naam ko apne laboo par sajaya h humne
    Teri ruh ko apni saanson me basaya h humne
    Thak jayegi duniya tumhein dhundte dhundte
    Dil ke aisee hisse mein chhupaya hain humne

    1. So you are a poet too ? Where did you copy it from ?

  16. I want to ask one que to soumyas supporters….
    NOTE:I’m not against any persons happiness, please understand I have nothing against anyone, this is just I can’t stand soumyas dumbness and selfishness and becharipan, if u can’t understand we cannot afford explaining you daily.

  17. GULLABO JIII please go and find another saviour or host whom you can parasitise and please leave our beloved harman as he is a innocent one who can’t understand your selfish nature.

    1. May be ur right…..

  18. I think soumya is not a selfish.she want to harman and surbhi live happily. But harman refuesd surbhi. He did not accept surbhi as his wife. Soumya tried lot to understand him. But he did’t listen her.So then what soumya’s fault? Its a harman’s decision. soumya want to all are happiness. I think she has rare qulities. Sometime we haven’t such qulities. Hraman decided live somya in his all life time.Its not soumya’s fault. She told him to go home but he refused. I think its call true love. We can’t find a such love in the whole world.

    1. U are totally and completely correct on the topic, but here the point is not the thing which she is doing, the topic is standing for herself, remember “astitve ehsas ki”, we are talking soumya has to take a stand for herself not depending on anyone, o think now u get that

    2. Dats completely correct and so sweet of u, but I think soumya has to take stand for herself besides depending on Harman, which is leading to unhappiness of his parents. So she can stand for herself, so that Harman and surbhi can give some more time to their family. Ramamber “astistve ehsaski” we want to see that in soumya instead of depending on soumya

    3. your silver lining

      Oh really.. When Saumya wanted harman to marry surbhi, he refused. But somehow she managed to convince him through emotional blackmail and all…and now she can’t convince him when all her purposes are fulfilled…and BTW she didn’t try to make him understand..infact she just asked him once and after he said no she never took pain to be stubborn and make him agree took it like she did before…

      1. your silver lining

        I hope shanaya uh understand mah point..

      2. I totally totally agree with u, soumya is really such a dumb and selfish and unrealistic human, who cannot think of anyone else of her, Harman and adi

  19. To everyone supporting surbhi , she doesn’t need it , she knows life and how to live it , she has experiences , education , a whole family , since childhood but saumya hasn’t anything except her nimi , surbhi and Harman . No one forced surbhi to take her designs ,it’s her choice , saumya sacrifices by her love Harman too when she asked him to marry again from any woman, it’s surbhi’s choice yes I knew she is a good sister but why you are blaming saumya ? Remembered she left house when preeto asked her to get surbhi married Harman she refused to ruine her sister’s life. Saumya proved so many times she loves and cares for surbhi even though she ends her life by jumping in the river , Why you are seeing only surbhi’s sacrifice ? Please saumya needs to see and support by you too , both of them sacrifice for each other .

  20. If saumya really wants to do sacrifice then she must leave everyone and go back to the kinnar world because kinnar are also humans and staying with them is not a crime but GULLABO has to stay with men and women in Samaj. This is what called selfish.

  21. Actually your are right dalia. I agree your comment. But others not undrestand it.

  22. Its not selfish Anu. You people departure them and name their kinners. But they are humans not robats.They have feelings, ambition.They have all rights in our samaj. we cant aginst it. I don’t know how your country. But our country people have humalitiy more than yours. They never think this way like you

    1. Anu n sandy they both are selfish in my thinking not saumya

      1. yes they are humans. They have same feelings for man as like girl but nature have made them for else…they always accept it. Now things are changed with time….

      2. U think perfectly ria, then y can’t u think of others which are disowned, we people are selfish, but u are very good right, then y don’t u think of them, they do deserves a good life, y r u showing selfishness for soumya, y can’t saya, chameli, and all the other who r rusticated being innocent y don’t u support them, y do u support them, they doesn’t have lovable partner like Harman, they were never portrayed as wen and men, y don’t u can’t understand their pain, omg, I forgot they doesn’t have hearts right, just soumya is a human, only she have heart, remaining all are toys right, nobody have feelings except soumya, how can they dream for a good life, only soumya should have good life, nobody else deserves that right, stop being selfish to haya jodi, have some realistic ideas, we were saying that soumya should stand for her happiness instead of depending on Harman and surbhi. But u qnt agree this, u only feel she is the human, actually u are insanely selfish to ur couple haya, u can’t think anything than that, if I’m able to think everything else, u just called selfish, s I’m selfish…. I just can’t stick only to u fav nodi haya, I think of everyone there in that, so if u can’t understand the point, please don’t defame anyone, stick to ur thoughts OK…, don’t defame others if u can’t understand their point of view, plz ask again, stop defaming everyone else.

  23. Faltu show
    Faltu story
    Writer li shadi karwo do kinner se
    Dekhte hain wo apna payega ki nhi

    Its totally out of world yar??

  24. Preeto ka ghamand chur ho rha dhere dhere

  25. Sorry Shanaya but can can your own family can accept a kinnar as their Bahu. Ask them and then tell

    1. kinner as tranny are also human but a straight boy can’t love to kinner as like girl but kinners want like this.In this love is very typical word that definition changed every time for different people and different things.for example we can not put all couples love in same equality. kinner can change their gender but cannot become mother so In the case of Harman and Gulabo.Harman was not know about her.But he like her seance of hummer so much and best also she is so beautiful for him. Gulabo can change her gender for good couple life and kinner as tranny are also human but a straight boy can’t love to kinner as like girl but kinners want like this.In this love is very typical word that definition changed every time for different people and different things.for example we can not put all couples love in same equality. kinner can change their gender but cannot become mother so In the case of Harman and Gulabo.Harman was not know about her.But he like her seance of hummer so much and best also she is so beautiful for him. Gulabo can change her gender for good couple life and Harman can proceed for saurogassy mother for baby to satisfy preeto.all problem solve and love is again win. can proceed for saurogassy mother for baby to satisfy preeto.all problem solve and love is again win.

  26. Pyar har kisi ko naseeb nhe hota …so don’t be jealous?

  27. Dont knw why all are here bashing somya.. I dont get u all… If u all hav soo much prblm with her then dont watch it n.. Afterall the whole serial is about her.. Nd who are saying harmans character is ruined ..what u all want to see that harman supports his mother then why this serial is made…. Why preeto dont understand that its his sons decision when he is not listening to her then leave him… Nd those who are saying somya shud go to her kinner world i want to ask why?? She has no right to live in this world? For this purpose only this serial is made to break the typical stereotypes and at last who think this relation is wrong then do check the reality…in real world also there are instances where many mens hav accepted transgenders and married them.. Soo when real world is changing then why not u all? Bdw these all are my personal views if u dont lyk it then leave it

  28. Hi ria,what a beautiful explanation.I totally agree with you.
    Even i would have accept a kinnar being my bahu if my son loves her so much

  29. Yes u all are right, its not their fault of being like that, can anyone explain me y only soumya have right to live in this real world, y can’t says, chameli, kareena, rani, raveena, all the others who are staying aside don’t have rights to lead a happy life, y don’t u ppl support them, oh there no Harman with any other, than soumya right, y can they be happy, they can’t be happy, because to dream for a good life they need a Harman and to be portrayed as women falsely, we are trying to explain u from many days, this is our point, that everyone deserves a happy and peaceful life if they doesn’t have a Harman in their life, nobody portrayed them as a women and men, our point is standing for themselves “astitve ehsas ki”, not only soumya the people who were living out of this world without any relations do deserves a good and lovable life, y ant u ppl support them, only soumya not only the kinnar, they are also like her na, y don’t u ppl think they deserve a good life, but no calling others selfish is a simple thing u can do, only soumya is the one who deserves a good and lovable life, remaining all in the serial whoever is there they are all just toys right, they can’t hope for happiness, in ur point of views only soumya should get everything because she have Harman right, wow what a realistic emotions, hats off u guys, now those all kinnars should think to get a Harman to open their entry in this samaj, instead of developing themselves they should think like soumya, wow what a lucky person soumya is, what if we too have a such lovable person who fights for us with whole world, they should not take stand for themselves, instead they should wait for Harman jaisa koi ayega, muje pyaar karega, aur him dodno ek pyarisi duniya banayenge. PERFECT MSG TO EVERYONE, CONGRATULATIONS EVERY ONE TO PASS SUCH A DISGUSTING MSG, NO ONE SHOULD BE SELF CONFIDENT, ALWAYS SHOULD DEPEND ON A PERSON WHO WILL LOVE THEM. WOW

  30. If kinnars are humans, as you said Anu ,why you want saumya goes to kinnar world ? What about separation and rejection by you ? Why they are being in a society for only them away from others ? They are humans just talk and only talk

  31. Totally agree with you Sandy. Friends we are not against saumya, we just want her to stand on her won feet. That’s all thanks

  32. your silver lining

    For one last time all of you listen… Neither we are against Saumya nor in favor of surbhi…we are just talking about practical life…as a couple haya is good, no doubt…but here, at this point of time, Saumya should be shown strong who can fight with the world to make her place in the society…when the show was about the struggles of a kinnar, there was no need of a love story…atleast for now… I will give you an example… If you guys see ishita of ye hai mohabbatein, even she could not become a mother and faced rejection by the society, but she always had the guts to stand up for herself…that’s why she is loved…she has set an example for every women, not like bhondu saumya who knows nothing except crying and giving irritaring expressions… I hope now i am clear…

    1. Ya… Saumya is

  33. Now nobody have answer, the people who called us selfish does have an answer to my comment, if yes please reply if no stop defaming us…. We just want to see the meaning of title in the lead

    1. First of all this is a serial where there can be only one female protaganist who is somya not all other kinners thats why story is revolving around her and second thing is if u say that all other kinners also hav right to stay in this world then this is true but the thing is its not clearly shown that they themselves want to live in this world and they are living in their world since they were born because their mothers didnt take a stand for them but in case of somya her mother always kept her with herself tlii 21 years so now somya cant adjust in kinner world …. Also she is not forcing anyone to help herself constantlyin every episode she tells haman to go back to his home… And who are saying that she is dumb and dont take stand for herself then.. Js think for a minute.. A child who always saw hatred and got scolded by her father and dadi since childhood what can her nature be.. She is always frightened from the real world.. It will take some time for her to be brave and to take stand for herself which nowadays harman is teaching her

      1. That is exactly my point, Nobody supported them from childhood means they should be thrown out, doesnt they have dream of lovable life, this is what I’m asking y do anyone need a support as a wall to stand before them, just because they are not completely stated, y don’t they stand for themselves, even though they are thrown out of this world, they are helping soumya much to have good life, but soumya bechari should have stand crying always, she always needs a wall to stand in front of her, y can’t she Learn something from other kinnars, even they are helping her much, y can’t she be like them having a support throughout life, which they never have in all life, y can’t she stop being selfish and dumb…, did u see the new news, I was really happy with stand she want to get back adi by helping Harman, does she remember anyone else, what about surbhi, she is the one who wanted surbhi to get married even without agreeing, but now Harman and surbhi dont want to be together, y can’t she encourage them get a divorce, so that she can move on in her life, may be she can have a person who loves her to the core, but no, they left the home, they should be happy, but surbhi should be happy by seeing them happy, doesn’t she have life, doesn’t she needs love just because sister of a kinnar, y can’t she take all the examples in front of her and stop being selfish…

      2. I think now u don’t have any ans for my question, stop defaming us who cant stand soumyas dumbness and selfishness

    2. The thing is somya hasnt stopped surbhi to marry someone else or divorce harman ..she never tells anyone to do anything acc to her wish….its alwz others who want her to say or work like they want her to do

  34. N yeah!!! Lets stop it now… All these are just our personal views.. Which is nt gonna change by others so lets dont bash eachother….leave the show on director… Afterall he is only responsible for shaping anyones character… Js chill nd watch the show if u like it..

  35. I think u hav not seen it.. Nd yeah noone is defaming u.. Plz dont bash anyone just in name of a show.. Js lyk u hav ur own views similarly others also hav their own…both can put their views without bashing others.. Plz understand this

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