Shakti 4th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Jeet wants Harman to marry Jasleen

Shakti 4th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harak Singh calling Jasleen and asks if she knows someone with name Jeet. Jasleen says he is Jasjeet, my brother. Harak Singh is shocked. Veeran and Shanno come there. Jeet asks Harak Singh to give his intro to family members and give them hint. Harak Singh slaps Jeet and holds Raavi’s neck. He says today I will kill you for ruining the family respect. Jeet says you will not get solution by killing her and asks him to leave Raavi. Harak Singh says I will make your pieces. Jasleen calls Harak Singh and thinks he is not picking the call. Sameer thinks God, do something and bring some emergency so that they leave. Veeran asks Harak Singh what is happening in the house. Jeet calls him uncle and says he is Jasleen’s brother. He tells that Raavi and I love each other, and she is now pregnant

with my child. Raavi is shocked too. Jeet says I will marry Raavi and accept my baby and Chintu also, but you have to agree to my condition, and give dowry. He asks them to get Jasleen marry Harman. Everyone is shocked. Raavi asks so you did this to take revenge and asks why did he played with her emotions. Preeto slaps her and says you would have thought before doing this. She asks her to go to her room. Raavi runs to her room. Jeet asks them to call Harman and Jasleen home. Preeto says you are doing a mistake which Jasleen did, by separating Harman and Soumya. He says he wants Harman to marry Jasleen and have nothing to do with Soumya. He says but you might be concerned for Raavi as she is your daughter. Jasleen calls Preeto. Preeto asks them to return fast. Harman asks Sameer to tell him if he finds Soumya. Sameer says ok and smiles.

Neighbors bring unconscious Varun home and tell Maninder that he was saying Please forgive me. Maninder asks him to get up and not to act. Just as everyone turns, Varun holds his neck. Maninder shouts and tells that he has suffocated his neck. Surbhi and bebe tell that Varun is unconscious.

Sameer comes home. Soumya goes to make juice for him. Sameer says he has sent Harman and Jasleen to Patiala, and tells that miracle happened and his family called him back. Sameer’s mum tells that Harman will fight with even God and will come back again. Soumya hears her and says it is his love and he will never stop his search. Sameer says if he loves you so much then why did he remarry? Soumya says I gave him this right and tells that he will search her. His mum asks why don’t you return to him. Soumya says it is my love. Sameer asks if it is a bouncer. Soumya says this is my love. She tells that she will keep toys in room. Sameer thinks she will be forced to love him. Jeet goes to Raavi’s room. She throws all his gifts and says she would have returned the money if she had, and tells that why did he show fake love and knew all her weakness etc. Jeet asks her to be careful and says I didn’t do anything wrong with you. She says you have betrayed me big and says she will kill this baby in her womb, and don’t worry about herself. Jeet says you will not do anything as such and asks her not to harm their baby. He promises that he will not do anything wrong. He says I made you mohra/puppet to take Jasleen revenge, but this is also a truth that I love you a lot. He makes her sit on bed, swears on his baby that he will not do anything wrong, and asks her to let him do what is he doing. Raavi gets thinking. He goes to Harak Singh and asks him to see from his sight. He says I know you are a father and needs both kids happiness. He says you will not get happiness by seeing Harman with Soumya. He says even I don’t want. He says you want Harman’s happiness and can do anything for his happiness.

Sameer tries to make Soumya instigate against Harman. Soumya says my life is complete because of him and lonely. Sameer promotes the show Silsila.

Harman and Jasleen come home. Harman asks Preeto why did you call us suddenly. Jasleen hugs Jeet and asks why didn’t you tell me that you are coming. Jeet says you also didn’t tell me that you were about to marry Harman and now hanging out with him. Jasleen asks what does he mean? He says your brother came and will get you marry Harman, think that all marriage arrangements are done. Harman asks have you gone mad? What nonsense? Jeet asks Harman to think that his house respect depends in his hand. Jasleen asks Jeet if he did something wrong. Jeet says I value your happiness since childhood and asks her to tell Harman to marry her so that he can marry Raavi. Harman and Jasleen are shocked.

Sameer asks about Vrat Savitri Puja and asks why did she want to keep fast when he is remarried. Soumya says it is wrong to remove his name from mine as he gave identity to me. Sameer meets tarot reader and asks about Harman and Soumya. Tarot reader tells him that Soumya will love Harman until he is alive. Sameer thinks he will go to any extent to get Soumya.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Hi, show makers ,Rashmisharma ,where are the leads of the show? We saw samer , jasleen , Ravi and this new one jeet ,did you change the name of the show? And leaders too ? What’s nonsense you are showing ?you are carping the show , it’s a very bad drama , stop this separation and this drama of Ravi and the whole family we want to see our show of shakti (Harman and saumya ) can you tell me where are theye ? We are searching for our haya as Harma’s searching for saumya the show lost it’s exciting and passion to see it thanks to Sharma congratulations for this drastic changes and boring

  2. Rashmi Sharma is wasting Vivian’s talent.
    Vivian, u deserve better!

  3. Wasn’t raavi (garima) already pregnant with Balwinders child then he became house husband in her house? How did she get pregnant by Jeet? The show is messed up the writers are making mistakes and confusing viewers.

    Plus the show is becoming so boring I literally don’t watch it with passion like I used to. Everyday it shows Harman looking for soumya and soumya making toys lol fed up now!!!

    People start watching Roop. Bepannah or Silsila. Those 3 shows are fresh and new.

  4. Utama Seshagiri

    The show has become a mess, a non sense ! No sense of direction. How long will the game of hide and seek between Harman and Sowmya go on ? You better get Sameer and Jasleen paired. Please don’t take the viewers for granted.

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