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Shakti 4th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harman seeing kinnars. Kinnar tells that he came to help us and we scolded him. They try to talk to him, but he leaves with Soumya in car. Preeto asks Varun to go home. Harman asks Soumya to pack 20 clothes each for them and says if we get passport by tomorrow, then we will go tomorrow itself. Soumya says we are going for few days. Harman says we don’t know where is Aditya and it may take many days. Soumya asks him to promise that he is doing right. Harman swears on her that whatever he is doing is for her betterment. Soumya is still doubtful. Preeto follows the kinnars and come to their house. Kinnar tells old kinnar that Harman met them in the market, but escaped seeing them. Preeto comes and asks how do you know him and why you were following him. Kinnars say that he is Harman

ji. Preeto says he is my son. Old Kinnar tells her that her son is great and have done so much for them. She tells how Harman tried to help them when a kinnar was shot in the market. Surbhi gets her boss’s call and he asks her to send balance sheet. She says she will send and searches for one missing paper.

At the dining table, Soumya asks Preeto why she is not having food. Preeto sasys she is not feeling like having it and asks her to massage her head. Raavi and Shanno get iriked. Shanno says it seems she has accepted her as bahu. Viren says she will never accept her. Shanno says Harman and Varun set his life, and says we shall also set our lives. Viren says because of you, I have become salaried employee. Balwinder says it is their matter, let them solve. Chintu comes and says Maa and Shanno nani can’t digest anyone’s happiness.

Soumya massages Preeto’s head. Preeto says Nimmi gave you good values. She says the argument between us is because I am Harman’s mum. I have understood that my son loves you a lot and says I want to understands your feelings. She says do you love him or found support in him. Soumya is shocked. Preeto says you are a kinnar. Are you staying with Harman, as you don’t have to do and behave like kinnars. Soumya says Kinnars are living in this world. She says if my mum had left me in kinnar world then I would have been living there also with shelter and food, but I wouldn’t have gotten Harman’s love who accepted me with my identity and made me realize that I am complete for him, and he gave me strength to fight with the world. Preeto says now she is sure and says she has accepted her even though she is a kinnar and asks them to be happy. Harak Singh comes and tells that he is feeling suffocated. He says he didn’t wish this time of life. Preeto asks him to make arrangements of Harman’s birthday. Preeto says if he leave us then we will dance in his memory else in his happiness. Harak Singh is sad.

Harman tells Soumya that when he saw her doing massage, it seems like their differences is ending. Soumya says girls starts dreaming since they play with dolls. Harman asks her to give tuition of understanding. Soumya says I will be with you always. Harman thinks she has decided to go from here so that he can stay with her.

Soumya gives tea to everyone. Preeto asks everyone to make arrangements for Harman’s birthday. Chintu asks what he likes. Harman looks at Soumya. Chintu says I will ask Mami. Preeto asks Viren to invite everyone and Soumya’s family also. Surbhi makes tea for Varun. Varun thanks her and says tea is on time today. He asks about her job. Surbhi says she couldn’t complete the assignment and that’s why not picking their call. Varun says may be God don’t want you to do job and says may be land or sky have swallowed it. Surbhi says she will find some solution. Varun thinks he will stop her like a ghost.

Preeto thinks about Harman’s care for Soumya. Soumya’s words for Harman. She thinks Soumya will get touched by her words and thinks Harman is not same like before. She thinks she will plan cleverly and will find out if Harman is still her son or just Soumya’s husband. She thinks this will be her brahmastra. She sees Chintu and asks him to call Raavi. Chintu says I don’t talk to her. Preeto says she has important work with her. Chintu says ok. Viren calls Maninder and invites him for Harman’s birthday. Maninder is angry and tells bebe that they have to go due to society.

Raavi comes to preeto and says today you remembered your daughter and asks what is the work? Preeto says she has some work and asks her to do silently.

Soumya comes to room and asks Harman if he is not going for work. He says no. Soumya says this is wrong. Harman says I have mind. Soumya says if you don’t go to work then Harak Singh and Preeto scold him. Harman says he will hear their taunts.. Soumya says I will not argue and says she is going to make food. Chintu comes and asks her to give chocolate milk.

Raavi adds poison in left over milk of Chintu. Soumya drinks it and her condition deteriorates. Preeto says we shall take her to hospital. Harman says he will not take her to hospital.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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