Shakti 4th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Shakti 4th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harman getting closer to Soumya and says it seems like he has taken all the world in his embrace, and not her. Soumya asks him to remarry and have his own world. Harman gets sad. Soumya says then mummy ji, papa ji and everyone will be happy. Harman asks what about you? Soumya says she will be happy seeing him happy. Harman asks if she will leave him and go again. Soumya says no, once you remarries. Harman says I want to share my happiness with you and you wants to share me with someone else. He turns her towards him, and says I like you and wants to spend time with you. This moment is ours and nobody shall come in between us, and only we will be here….A song plays……Kuch bhi nahi hain yeh jahan……Viren (he is fondly called Veeran by Harak Singh) and Shanno hear the music

and wonder what is happening. They argue.

Harak Singh tells Preeto that Kinnar dancing is going on. Preeto says let them dance, and they have to dance on my tune only from tomorrow. Soumya wakes up in the morning and finds her cupboard empty. She is shocked and thinks where is her stuff. She comes home. Preeto tells Soumya that she got her stuff kept in Harman’s room and says yesterday you both danced on the music. Harman tells Soumya that Preeto have no problem with them now. Preeto says I have no problem and wants my son’s happiness only. She asks him to go and get Pulao rice. Harman says even he wants to eat Pulao today and goes to bring it.

Preeto takes Soumya to room and shows her clothes and pic. She says do you know why I got these things kept here, to make you realize that Harman and this room is lonely because of you. She says Harman will not agree as he loves you. You have to play with his emotions and hurt his heart. She says you have to vacate your place for someone else. Soumya is shocked when Preeto breaks the glass, and tells that she tried yesterday to talk to him, and will try again. Preeto says you have to make him understand that his marriage is necessary with Surbhi, and says he will marry for you if not for him, and asks her to make him understand anyhow. Soumya is scared and cries.

Surbhi is resting on Nani’s lap. Nani tells Surbhi that she couldn’t understand her decision. Surbhi holds her hand and asks her not to think that her decision is right or wrong. She says I can’t let my mum’s efforts go waste, and that’s why I have done this. Soumya thinks to show some way to her. Harman comes to his room and takes his wall pic out from wall. Soumya asks what you are doing? Harman says I don’t want to stay alone here, and says you have torn my painting naa, now it is your punishment that our pics will be together on the wall. He tells that he is going for Harak Singh’s work and asks her to get their pics hanged on the wall replacing his single pics, before he comes back. Soumya looks on sadly at Harman’s pic.

Preeto comes to jail to meet Varun. Inspector opens the lock up. Preeto gets inside the lock up room and tells him that whatever happened was needed. Varun looks at her. Preeto tells that she will remember his sacrifice all her life and will take you out from here. Varun says you don’t need to give me explanation, I understand everything and that’s why I haven’t told anything to anyone, not even Surbhi. He says that night you made Soumya write that letter. Preeto is shocked to hear that he knows her truth. Varun asks her not to worry and says I will not tell this to anyone, I knows that you will take me out from here safely. He says I am afraid to face Harman. Preeto says no problem, I will make everything fine in some time. She says I will leave now. She asks him to take care and leaves. Varun thinks you should take care of yours and family members, as you are giving shelter to wounded tiger.

Harman comes back to his room. Soumya gets tensed and gets up from bed. Harman looks at the wall and asks where is the photo frames, did you changed? Soumya looks at the photo frame which is covered with a red cloth. Harman says I will check. He lifts the cloth and sees his pic with Surbhi, gets angry and shocked. Soumya looks on tensed with teary eyes. Harman turns to Soumya angrily and asks what is this? He says may be you are in stress and that’s why got Surbhi’s pic with me, how can you do such a big mistake. Soumya says it is not a mistake. Harman says it is my decision. Harman asks what you are saying? Soumya says I am saying which is right. She says Surbhi…..harman says if this is a joke then it is a bad joke. Soumya says no, and tells that her identity have become joke. She says this is truth, Soumya is not in that pic and in your life, and says Surbhi will be with him only.

Harman is shocked and asks what you are saying? Have you started drinking instead of me, are you drunk? Soumya nods no and requests him to marry Surbhi. Harman asks have you gone mad? You are saying this without thinking. Soumya says I had thought enough and reached this decision. Harman asks do you know who is Surbhi or forgot in your madness? Soumya says she is my sister and…..(pause for a second) says she is your wife too. Harman asks her to stop her nonsense and says it is enough. He says you was good in that room only, holds her hand and pushes her out from his room.

He closes the door and sits on his bed. Soumya stands outside his room and cries. Harman is equally tensed and thinks now she has started crying again. He thinks if she leaves house again then…He opens the door and sees her standing.

Preeto tells Harman that he is thinking wrong. Harman says no Preeto…and tells that he will not marry Surbhi. Preeto is shocked. She asks Soumya to take water bucket to terrace, and says Harman will come there surely, and asks him to convince Harman somehow. She takes her shawl and says I don’t think you need this. Harman goes to terrace and sees Soumya standing on the balcony wall, asks her to get down. Soumya blackmails him to agree, and pours a bucket of cold water on her head. Harman is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Today I thoroughly enjoyed d haya performance with their’s ausumnnnnausumnnnnnnnnn.Again y all r blaming soumya?surbhi only doing over action now. Abhishek said to surbhi if once they get marry he accepts d soumya to stay with them. But surbhi said somu will not happy without Harman. STUPID SURBHI didn’t think that she is giving more pain to soumya by accepting to marry Harman than abhishek idea to keep somu with them. Now tell me why surbhi didn’t agree d abhishek idea?ALL R commenting that soumya is SELFISH, if she’s selfish then why she leave d Harman home nd even Harman asked d truth why she didn’t tell the preeto torture behind why she left d home.SOUMYA is kindhearted nd she didn’t have d mentality to give pain to others that’s y only she bear all d torture of preeto. NOW tell me why surbhi didn’t tell d preeto torture to HARMAN towards soumya even if she knows d truth that marriage proposal idea is preeto’s?may be really she accept this proposal for soumya or otherwise she has any hidden feelings on harman that means at starting she has crush on Harman na?

  2. Sabrina

    Waiting for this madness to end

  3. Angelk1

    Soumya please stop listening to preeto, whats the point of marrying himbwith surbhi when u will be out his life by preeto doing. Please just think an tell harman the truth. Your ruining your sister life an his. If surbhi starts to have feeling for harman again will you back away too an leave the house. Please start standing up for yourself.

  4. Lesser Surbhi scenes today…. I don’t like the acting of the actress who plays Surbhi…her acting is not natural but artificial, all other ladies like Shanno, preeto, Nimmi, Nani, Dadi, Soumya, Raavi, kalsi acting looks natural and good..

  5. Today i thoroughly enjoyed d haya romance, emotions. OMG it’s really ausumnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.AGAIN why all are blaming soumya? Now surbhi only doing over action here.Abhishek said to surbhi that if once they get married, he accepts soumya also to stay with them.But surbhi only said that soumya is incomplete without Harman .STUPID SURBHI didn’t think that she is giving more pain to soumyasoumya by accepting marriage with Harman than abhishek proposal. All r commenting that SOMU is selfish, if she’s really selfish y she leave d home after hearing that marriage proposal from preeto nd even Harman asks about d truth why soumya didn’t told d preeto’s original behavior nd she is d reason behind leaving d home. Bcoz soumya is kindhearted nd know d value of relations. That’s y only even preeto is torture her like that she never spit d truth nd bear all pain for harman-preeto healthy relationship. She is not having a mentality like hurting others.NOW tell me why surbhi didn’t agree for abhishek proposal? And even if she know d truth of marriage proposal idea is preeto’s why she didn’t tell about this matter to HARMAN?she knows that how preeto is torture nd blackmailing soumya ,but y she didn’t told to Harman?may be she really agrees this proposal for sake of soumya or she has any other hidden feelings on Harman that means at d starting she has crush on Harman na? What’s d truth behind surbhi? What about soumya life if surbhi is married to Harman.I have no faith on surbhi ,preeto easily changes d surbhi bcoz in childhood also surbhi throw d soumya into d river na?I hate surbhi is happy if surbhi is married to abhishek nd keep soumya also with them. this is d better way to save soumya from preeto nd soumya for lead a peaceful life.if Harman wants soumya then he will break d relation with preeto nd lead separate life nd soumya truth gets revealed that she is not a kinnar then preeto also happy nd both haya gave a heir to their family entire family will happy.

  6. harman plz yaar dont marry surbhi set to know the thruth of preeto fast
    this soumya is so innocent i love her

  7. harman plz yaar dont marry surbhi set to know the thruth of preeto fast
    this soumya is so innocent i love her.
    love u harman
    looks so cool he has shaved in that promo scene

  8. You’ve seen the promo? Harman to married. I do not think it will change anything.

  9. Today somya’s acting was superb!!!

    Any one saw the promo Harman is taking pheras with surbhi and somu. What nonsense is this. I don’t know y writers r ruining our culture. I hate this track . Poor Harman when r u going to know ur evil plans of preeto don’t let her to win.

  10. Hi karthi,Ashley,raji ,uthaya how r u all? Yenna serial la muzhgiteengala yaarum comment pannave illaye. Yaarukkavathu aduthu enna nadakum nu theriyuma ? Plz sollunga.

    Karthi result vanthaacha semester odathu?

  11. hi ammu na inga pudusa vandarukein
    yaan pa soumya and harman na separate panaranga
    hate this track actually

  12. hi guys im new here i even know tamil but yaar yeh toh bahot bura hai yaar its just like someone taking rounds holding d wife’s hand wish soumya was not a kinnar.but dis track is really out of senses

    but love somu soooooooo cute and innocent…………………….

  13. pls change this track..

    ammu ma innum result varala.. epdi vandhalum ok dhan…

  14. Hi vidhi nice to see u in this page. Neenga tamilian na? Unga Peru nalla iruku ma.

  15. Hi karthi unnudaya positive thinking enaku romba pidikum . Kandipa first class thaan paaru.

  16. What is this nonsense taking about harman and surubi married its tomach valgour two sister one man how its not possibe plz change this se track

  17. What is this nonsense to show harman and sorubhi how its possible harman marry two sisters its very dirty deama so plz change these seane

  18. Oh my God ..poor Harman it seems like there’s a conspiracy to make him go crazy ,and why they insist to make Sumya as the original edition of the credulity although she is intellegent but she harms herself and her beloved as well by that credulity, I know Preeto is a horrible woman and a girl like Sumya can be scared easly by her , but how long will they make Preeto doing this ? I wish the writer (Sharma ji) put an end to Preeto’s actions soon otherwise it can be so boring that way .

  19. Even though they will not get married already (Harman and Sorbhi) that can just scratch their relationship as a brother and sister …Oh I never accept this idea.
    By the way I’m new here, hi everybody in this page .

  20. ¢нαи∂яα

    Hai. Guys I am from Malaysia and me too tamilian.. So enaku intha promo parthu sariyana kovam ?somu… Pandra sacrificeku alave. Illaya so selfish preeto and somebody notice varun avanuku Ellam vishayam terinchu iruku thirumbavum ethavathu panuvano.. Ipaa varun ethavathu pannanum ?

  21. I dont wtch it now cz harman will marry surbhi and agian a typicl indian drama will be formed.

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