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Shakti 4th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Surbhi asking Nimmi, how can this be possible? How can she be Kinnar? Nimmi cries and asks her to recall all the incidents since their childhood incidents, and tells about giving kataar/knife to Soumya, chudail kidnapping her, Nimmi tying her with dupatta always, Maninder’s anger seeing her, prohibiting her from going out…She says your didi is Kinnar. Surbhi asks Nimmi to come and says I know where is she? Saya tells Soumya that they have incomplete place in men and women’s world, and have no place for them. She asks her to come along with them. Soumya is shocked and teary eyes, and says no….calls Harman. Saya tells her that the day Harman comes to know about your truth, he will kick you out of house. Soumya says no. She looks at all the kinnars and says I am a girl, like

my mum and choti. She says I am not like yours. Nimmi and Surbhi reach temple and see Saya holding Soumya’s hand. Nimmi shouts Somu. She brushes off Saya’s hand and looks angrily. Soumya hides behind Nimmi.

Saya tells Soumya, you don’t trust me but your mum naa. She asks her to ask Nimmi. She asks Nimmi to tell truth to her daughter. Soumya asks who are they and what they are saying? She says I am getting scared maa. Nimmi asks her to come with her and don’t listen to them. Saya asks Nimmi, until when you will run from truth and gives Soumya’s promise asking her to tell her truth to her, else her lie will take her life. Nimmi asks Soumya to come with her. Soumya asks Nimmi what they are telling? She said that Harman will leave me, I am not part of this society. She says why these people are saying that I am like one of them. Nimmi cries.

Soumya asks do I have some defect? She holds her hand and says whatever world you showed me, I have accepted. I have always obeyed you. She says they are raising fingers on your upbringing and questioning on my identity. She asks who am I? If I have any defect? She shouts and asks her to tell, gives her promise. Surbhi is shocked. Nimmi cries and says you are my blood, life, shakti/strength, but there is a bitter truth that you are a Kinnar….Soumya is shocked and shattered. Saya looks on. Nimmi and Surbhi cries. Saya smiles and keeps hand on Soumya’s shoulder. She says your mum stood by you as your shakti and have fought with the society and us since 21 years, but until when this will go on. She says if your truth was exposed in your sasural then what you would have to suffer is beyond your imagination. She says I will take you to our world, where everyone will love you. She asks Soumya to come with them, and says your life will get better.

Nimmi asks Soumya not to come in her talks. She tells Saya that you said that you will not even touch her for 21 days, and asks why you have taken back your words. Saya says if Harak Singh comes to know about her truth then he will cut her and throw. She says you wanted to make her bride, and have sasural and you have done. She says who can’t become wife and give birth is called kalang.

Surbhi says she is my sister and happiness. Nimmi says I am her mum and will take care of her. She tells about their 21 days challenge and asks Saya why did you come now. Saya leaves Soumya’s hand…..Shakti song plays………..Nimmi says we have decided that if she is thrown out of her sasural then only you will come. Saya looks on. Nimmi asks Surbhi to take Soumya with her before her sasural people came to know that she is not at home. Soumya is in shock and recalls Saya and Nimmi’s words. She runs from there. Surbhi and Nimmi follow her. Soumya comes back to Harak Singh’s house and locks herself in her room. She recalls all the childhood incidents and a fb is shown. She recalls Maninder ill treating her, Saya kidnapping her, and telling her about the other world which is meant for her. She recalls her marriage with Harman and holds her mangalsutra and sindoor. She again recalls Saya telling that she is one among them.

Harman asks Soumya to open the door. Everyone gather outside his room. Harak Singh asks him to break the door. Harman breaks open the door and finds Soumya lying unconscious after cutting her wrist. Nimmi, Surbhi, Harman and others are shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. What will happen now? So sad

  2. Hello everyone here. I am New here… So please can I be your friend? Everyone of u seems so good here. .!

    1. Renuverma

      Welcome dear xxxxx

      1. Narendran

        Welcome to shakthi family!!..

  3. Narendran

    Such emotional epi!???.. Epi sad OK!!.. Next epi.. Harman scenes????????… There is triangle.. Love story..for Harman, soumya and surbhi!!??In spoilers.. How can sister.. Do this to soumya???Anyways.. This story line is quiet diff.. From all saas bahu drama.. So that only I am still watching???????????

    1. Where is the spoiler narendran?? Can you please share! !

      1. Narendran

        Sorry I don’t know???Go to tu page home.. And check out. Spoiler page and u can find yesterday spoilers.. In that shakthi full!! Ljnk… Will be there..

  4. Renuverma

    Thanks hasan mam for the update ?

  5. Renuverma

    Looking forward to see what happens now todays episode was just an extension of yesterday n story is at the same point.

    1. Umm i guess she just cant reproduce or have some organs missings which a girl shud have…

      And yes in a country like this where we cant openly talk about some one will knw wats trangender/inters*x.. This topics shud be explained in basic biology then this society will change atleast to some extent..Nd these days people are making issues about same s*x mrgs.. Have dose stupid people ever gone and saw the temple carvings u can ovserve sames*x couplation and 3-4 mems indulged in group s*x.. Anyways forget about same s*x mrgs these people still dont agree inter cast or inter religion mrg!!! Best example is my self im damn frustrated about these people and society..just becz he is a not of my cast and every one is doing so much noutanki from an year!! God! There are lot many things to change in this society

      1. Atleast these colors people dared to bring this topic on tv… Seriously i my self have very basic idea about this aftr this serial started i just started reading books and in internet to find wat it is cleary and damnn they r a lot many types nd cases in xxy xyy xy xx types !! Although she may not have any y chromosome her outer parts may be just misshaped or no proper passage this crazy people in our great society say that she is a kinner!! Nd we just stuck at kinner nd enuch !

  6. Poor Somu feel so sad for her

  7. Nice but I can’t understand the story .if somu is kiner then how the story runs

  8. Sriranjani

    Ohh God how can they show my beauty Rubina like this. My heart is breaking down only for my Somu

  9. Hii guys I m new here nd u guys r superb in writing reviews…jst luv ur cmnts..This is my fst show for whom i m writing…jst luvd this show…Feeling bad for somu.Will harman accept her after knowing her bittr truth???Hoping for the bst nd eagerly waiting for upcoming storyline nd thnx for fast update.

  10. thnx for the update……
    it may be a misundrstand that she is a kinnar.. i think,they havn’t a knowledge to identify her physicaly prblem

  11. pwincess pari

    Based on d incident tat Nimmi told to Surbhi , doesn’t mean that Soumya is kinner yeh

  12. Nimmi expressions are awesome ..and even somu… it made me cry ….good attempt ….different from sas bahu drama …

  13. Luv this serial very much it has become an addiction type for me .I allways wait for 8.0 pm daily .new concept good try keep it up directors ..but dont drag the drama like saatiya and balika vadu….9yr or 10 yr …let it be short and sweet

  14. So sad episode. End of haya scenes i suppose.

  15. Now what next.. I’m excited to know how Harman will react for this.. I think they won’t come to know the truth now as surbhi and her mom will do some excuses for somya’s doing..

  16. There are multiple surgical procedures to change gender,Soumya already is like a girl,she can lead a normal life.

    1. rekha vaghela

      Yes she can lead a normal life after being operated. But the thing is who ever her husband is should know it.
      We talk about women rights and freedom. We can’t forget about men while doing so. We can’t expect a men to accept a women who is infertile and was an inters*x. If he accepts her by his wish its good. If he doesn’t then also he is not a bad person as he thought about his happiness too.

  17. very very sad for soumya..
    my heart is crying for her. .. god y such punishment to any human?? though this is a story. . in reality there are people of such type right. . oh god so difficult their life would be also their mothers. ….

    my prayer to God. . Please bless all parents with healthy kids…

  18. A good concept but dont spoil the show by showing love triangle… Dont understand why all Rashmi Sharma shows have love triangle? uttaran, swaragini n now shakti!

  19. I think Sumya’s case has been misunderstood by her family . I don’t think she is transgender and I hope she is not. This problem is raised to discuss the issue of not talking about certain medical problems like this and considering them a taboo. The show tackels the destructive outcomes or effects on the individual even by the closest people. On the other hand it will show how 2 categories of people they will view this misunderstood case . One will reject Sumya and the second hopefully represented by Harman and his type pushed by care and pity will look into the matter by making further tests with the hope to sort out the problem.

  20. What the nonsense can’t be possible.somu look like a complete girl she has sweet n slow voice like a girl.she has body structure like a girl.I hope u guys r getting my word(body structure).now if somu have all the things like a girl then how could she be a kinner.and most important thing we identify a person by her way of talking, walking,figure.
    I am a girl it does not mean that if my mom would grown-up me like a boy then I would look like a boy.i would have beards or nothing is like that.iI accept at early age its not possible to identify but after 14_15 years of age.anybody can easily differentiate b/t a girl and a boy.because its all a matter of hormones.girls can’t behave like boys n boys can’t behave like girls.and same happen with kinners.they used to clap,n talk in different way n they didn’t learn all these things its a type of inbuilt feature to them.
    So they can’t show that nimmi have grown-up somu as a girl that’s why she look like a girl.
    Somu doesn’t have a single quality like a kinner.
    She doesn’t have moustache,heavy tone.not even a single quality that can show that somu is a kinner.
    If they really want to convey msg to the society then pls show every thing openly n exactly what happens to kinner.
    Pls don’t make fool to us.
    Kuch kaayede ka dikhaya nhi bas kinner kh diya.
    Trp badhani h sirf show ki logo ko lge ki different plot h.but later on I am sure this serial will also take turn like typical saas bahu or pati patni or woh type of scene.


    1. Mystery

      Dear…..thee r many kinner who are very beautiful… our neighborhood…. One girl is kinner…but she seems to be a girl…but then also the kinner tools her with them after 24 yes….

    2. rekha vaghela

      A kinner talks the way and claps because that is wat is taught to them when they r brought up. Such children are given to them to raise and as they grow up in midst of them they too learn that body language, if u let a kinnar grow up in normal environment u won’t b able to tell the difference.

    3. rekha vaghela

      And if a girl is brought up like a boy she won’t totally become a boy but will b tomboy..

  21. Lila

    I still can’t believe it…..

  22. Narendran

    Where is Alisha??.. Pls comment.. Soon

  23. I hope harman will stand by soumya. He loves soumya by first site. If it is a love story then supporting soumya makes the story KALPANA SE PARE

  24. Hello all,

    My name is Vishwa n I’m.from.hyderbad, I just know about this serial and it’s good, so.let me introduce myself I viswa and I work for an Top MNC, and im an volunteer for hijra samiti for.past 5 years and part of LGBT too from more than 7 years, as of my experiences seeing many transpeople,I can say there are somu , body is of female structure n genitals inside is of boy, their voice body everything looks like a girl but they are kinners, as I have been to my ppl.n I spoke to.many of trans ssisters, there were ppl who couldn’t believe themselves when they came to know that they were kinner. Not all kinner look like aboy with structured fit boy body, moustache,beard….. Many of them after born they do s*x transplantion operation by removing their organ ,few of them are born in that way…..!!! So as of my knowledge I shared about trans ppl as I 80% of my frnds are those if u can see turm. U can’t identify them as a kinner, they too look beautiful girls voice, girls bodybsturture but they have men genticals….:) :)… Sorry if I hurted anyone over here…. !!! I just shared what I knew…..

    1. Renuverma

      Hi viswa . Good to kn

      1. Renuverma

        Hi viswa good to know that atleast someone shares my views on this page i have many times mentioned about ghe genitals issue but no one replied back orveven understood it.last month we had gone to chintpurni devi in himachal pradesh n after coming out from temple on stairs was a group of kinnars standing asking for money. I think they stay there permanently n in that group i saw a girl who was too faor very pretty with nice height n figuren lovely hair. I bet she can easily go into modelling but i was shocked to see that she was a part of that group

    2. hi! vishwa.. thanks for sharing.

    3. can you please tell me how can we identify that he or she is tg for just a 10 days baby?? I mean we get to know when they will get older but how one can identify in a new born baby whether he or she is a tg??

  25. Hi guys!!! I m new here…I think somu will f8 for d rights of all kinnar 2 give them a place in d world nd Harman will stand by her bt as her in-laws want child so she will force Harman to remarry surbhi nd have a child…..what do u guy thnk? Plz comment

    1. Renuverma

      Yes kreya u r right.

  26. I agree with u Admim.

  27. Hi all, just failing to understand why saumya herself didn’t realize that shes a transgender?

  28. Hey viswa and renu di.I am just 18 years old I don’t have knowledge about all these things.but I have seen a kinner completely look like a girl but when she spoke she has male voice.thats why I have said all this. somu have body structure like a girl and even voice is also like girls. Its really very difficult to digest that somu is a kinner to all those ppl who don’t know about kinners so I think they should show some qualities of male in somu.

    1. Renuverma

      Hi,admin ? are you from ikrs family.

    2. I agree with you admin

  29. Hii guys… Im new here. I’ve been reading all ur comments all these days. Fan of Vivian after MadhubalaEIEJ n Fan of Rubina after Choti Bahu. I was so excited to watch this new drama coz of them. But it seems to be a transgender story. I really don’t want it to be ?? Pls change the story. Don’t seperate harman n soumya. And the written episodes are really helpful as i dont knw hindi much.

  30. Hhahaha.. thanks @Renuvarma… ppl have knowledge only this much, tht a kinner means they Should look like a boy, and must clap n shld b a tomboy it’s just the way they are bought up… there are kinners who dont know to clap n behave same like a girl as one of our Company HR is of same kind…!!!It’s very difficult to understand about them too.. But as being with talking them I know….. But they are such wonderful ppl with lot of dreams who to achieve something in right manner, but they are only not given chance…either to beg or s*x work….. That’s the bad part..

    1. rekha vaghela

      Agreed viswa. People think that a kinner is kinner by their act. If they talk like that or have male voice or have beard and moustaches growth they r kinner. But I worked as counselor for gov hospital and tried to explain people that they should not loose hope. But with so little knowledge about this issue in society its difficult. May b this serial will create awareness about this issue.

  31. Xxxxx ( Shrinjal )

    Thanks to u both… 🙂 for welcoming me… 🙂

  32. rekha vaghela

    People r interested in just love stories…
    For them…
    This ain’t one.. Its a great social msg. So stop this that Harman should accept soumya as wife or they should reject this idea of soumya being a kinner or should show typical love story like other serials.
    The way the serial goes its good. Even if Harman marries surbhi its also okay… (Itshis wwish so he can. Their is nothing wrong)
    But want to see how surbhi Harman and nimmi support soumya to face the world with her new identity and make her own place in the world.
    It is not necessary if u love some one they r to become urs. Even if the story of soumya Harman(as husband wife) ends the story of soumaya and Harman (as friends) shouldn’t stop

    1. Agree with you. All people want to show the love story of harmarn and soumya. but we always see that. just think new. want to know kinner’s ANOTHER WORLD. leader take her to their society and soumya overcome with that with the help of nimmi, surbhi and harman also. and Soumya makes her identity not as kinner as soumya who have SHAKTI to fight againt both our and kinner’s society.
      you know our society is also changed. they gave them opportunity in different sector beside kinners role.

      also agreed if love is there shakti would be love story of harman soumya. love story is created only there is some boundaries, some issues or some problem. those story would be great.

  33. hi guys we should treat transgender also as our part of the society as they too have dreams and wanted to prove themselves by the talents around the world.the society decided them that they should not be a part like us and brought them like that. you people will better understand when you see the film kanchana ( telugu and hindi movie) it is afilm that supports transgenders and horror film also.for your kind information i am not advertising the film just telling that transgenders also can achieve so donot try to see them in another angle that they do nothing but claaping

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