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Shakti 4th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shanno taunting Maninder and asking him if he is also a kinnar like his daughters. Maninder gets angry. Harak Singh tells Maninder that he is doubtful and asks if he is a man. Maninder says your son is mad after a kinnar and says he is your blood. Harak Singh gets angry and asks how you have insulted my blood. He points gun at him. Maninder asks Harak Singh to keep the gun down. Soumya asks Harman to let her go out. They hear the gun sound and are shocked. Preeto stops Harak Singh from shooting Maninder and asks him to leave right now. Harman and Soumya come out.

Maninder asks Soumya if she is relieved now and says your life is successful now. Harman says Soumya is not the reason for your insult, it is your thinking and asks him to go. Maninder says I will see you and asks Bebe

to come. Nani tries to talk to Soumya. Harman says not today. He says we have taken a decision. Preeto looks at Harman and says you know what my heart is saying today, says she wants to burn herself to have given birth to him. She asks him to burn her. Harman takes Soumya to room and locks her inside. Soumya asks him to open the door and says this way nothing will be solved. Harman asks Preeto to say now.

Preeto says for a kinnar…..Harman stops her and asks her not to call her kinnar and says you are free to call me anything. He says Soumya is bahu of this house and my wife. Preeto says I am fed up of making you understand. She says do you know what is heir and kids. She asks him to wait and goes to room. Soumya continues to knock on the door asking Harman to open the door. Preeto brings a bag. Harak Singh asks her what is she doing and asks her not to scratch their past. Preeto says my son is arguing with me about the heir. She shows her shoes, wallet etc and says do you know whose it is? She says these things belongs to your father’s elder brother and my first husband. She tells that she was married to Harak Singh’s brother. She says she had a dream of becoming a mother.

A fb is shown. Harak Singh’s mum is congratulated by a neighbor. Fb ends. Preeto tells Harman that he died after few years of marriage and she was childless. She says all my dreams were broken and people started taunting her that she is cursed etc. She says my life and world ended there. A fb is shown, Preeto tells her mum in law that she can’t stay in the house anymore and can’t hear any taunts. Harak Singh calls her parjayi ji and asks how you will go? Preeto says I don’t know, but I will leave. Harak Singh stops her and says my parjayi will not be alone. Preeto says her destiny is broken. Harak Singh says I will become your support and keeps his hand on her head, says you will become Harak Singh’s bride. Preto is shocked. Viren and his mum looks on. Fb ends.

Preeto tells Harman that Harak Singh married her and would have got married to anyone, but he married her as he valued his family respect. She says what you have done. She tells that a woman is complete when she gives birth to a baby and says what you have brought is not our heir. Preeto says this house heir will be born from a woman’s womb and says I have given Raavi and you to Harak Singh and asks what you will give us. Harman looks on.

Shanno taunts Soumya and tells Preeto that may be she is feeding baby. Preeto comes to Nani’s house with Police. Surbhi opens the door. Preeto slaps her hard. Surbhi tells her that she got married to Harman to unite him with Soumya and not to separate them. Preeto looks angrily.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. This baby track looks good… Hoping for good trp, want to see Harman journey as a father…

  2. Thank god! finally a new track!!

  3. Preeto had a chance to live again after her husband death by harak Singh .she refuses to give saumya the Sam chance by her son Harman , why ? I think saumya deserves one as preeto . Harman and Saumya are deserving to have their son from themselves not adapting son .

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