Shakti 3rd October 2017 Written Episode Update: Harman returns Kinnars’ old home

Shakti 3rd October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Harman asking Preeto where is Soumya? Preeto says she didn’t come.. Harak Singh says she must be doing puja path and will come. Preeto calls Soumya. Soumya tells Saya that she is not going to work anymore. Rani sees Preeto’s call on Soumya’s phone and thinks if she is trying to trap Soumya again. Saya asks Chameli to come with her to talk to kinnars. Preeto tells Harak Singh that Soumya is not picking the call and Harman can’t stay without seeing her face. Harman comes to Kinnars’ old house and knocks on the door. A man comes out and tells that he is a tenant and gives rent to Kishan Lal. He says Kishan Lal have kicked kinnars’ out. Harman slaps him and asks him to vacate the house in 1 hour.

Preeto asks the tenant to vacate the house and gets worried. Harman

meets Surbhi and tells that Kinnars are not staying in old house and tells that few days back, Soumya took jewellery saying she will give to you. Surbhi says she didn’t give me anything. Preeto calls Soumya. Rani sends her message that she will not come. Soumya takes her phone and talks to Surbhi. Surbhi asks her to meet her. Soumya asks if they are fine. Surbhi says yes. Soumya calls her home. Rani asks Soumya to give phone to her as she wants to play games. She thinks she won’t let Preeto talk to Soumya today. Varun pretends to talk to Preeto and tells Maninder that Preeto asked her not to come to factory anymore. He says what he will do now and tells that he is ready to go to Delhi, but who will convince Surbhi.

Preeto talks to Saya and asks her to give call to Soumya. Soumya takes the call. Preeto scolds her for not picking the call and tells that Harman can reach her at anytime. Soumya gets tensed and tells about the red shirt’s place. Preeto says she will call on her mobile and asks her to keep phone on. Surbhi and Harman comes there. Harman asks Surbhi to get everyone stuff packed as they will stay in their old house. Saya says they will not go back. Soumya says we will shift to old house, I will think it as my prize for my work in his factory. Saya says but. Preeto thinks Soumya is smart. Soumya says she will pack her stuff and falls down from the table. Harman holds her. They have an eye lock. Tu hi mera khuda plays….

Harman says packing is done, lets go. Tu Hi Mera Khuda plays….He takes kinnars to their old house and keeps their stuff in the room. He feels pain in his shoulder while keeping the stuff. Soumya gets concerned and offers to massage him to relieve him from pain. Tere Ishq…plays…Soumya thinks today also you have done a big thing for me. You have right to know how this has happened. Harman thanks her. Soumya says Harman ji, I want to say something. She is about to tell him the truth, but seeing Raveena, she says thanks to Raveena. Harman says whoever has done this with you all, have to pay for this.

Harman comes home holding hockey stick and calls Harak Singh, says he will do all calc today. Harak Singh asks what he wants to do with his family. Harman says kishan lal made the kinnars homeless and kicked them out, have to answer for this, now he is missing. Balwinder says Preeto asked him to do so. Harman says you all can go, but he stops Balwinder asking him to stop. Balwinder looks on tensed.

While Soumya is sitting to be Gurumaa. Surbhi comes there with Maninder, Bebe, Nani and Varun, and tells everyone is safe, asks her to go and meet Harman and live her life. Soumya runs from there and calls Harman. Harman sees her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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