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Shakti 3rd October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Surbhi telling Harman that she missed Soumya that day, and says she couldn’t be found. She tells that Maninder will get her married after Navratri, and says don’t know what to do. Harman says even preeto gave me time till Navratri. Surbhi says how we will find her. Bhatinda is a big place, all leads are wasted. Harman says there is one lead, and tells about the old couple’s house where Soumya went. He says Soumya and other Kinnars will come there again to get the nek, and we will search her anyhow.

Later in the night, Soumya is having food. Raveena tells Rani that she saw her husband and mum in law, and asks her to tell them about their world. She says we are not that bad. Soumya asks them to ask what they want? Raveena asks them about her married life, and her sasural

and family. Soumya tells that her sasural is in Gurdaspur and have all the family members. She tells that her sasur is a well known and respected man. She says if Harman would have been there, then I would never have been here. Raveena says it is good that you came out of their trap, your saas is a kataar. Soumya says she is nice and cares about Harman being his mum. She thinks whenever she tries to move back, but something stops her feet. Harman thinks he will find Soumya anyhow. He sees their selfie and thinks you was quiet before, and even now. He thinks you was in your destiny before, and now….you are in this pic. He says I never cared about you, but I am missing you today seeing Nimmi and Surbhi’s condition. He says I fell down in my eyes and is determined to find you. Soumya thinks Harman will come to take her back.

Preeto comes to Harman and says I was thinking to keep puja so that Soumya is found. Harman says Soumya will not be found with pujas and says he will go and search her. Preeto asks if you came to know about her location. Harman says Surbhi missed seeing her and says Soumya is in Bhatinda. Preeto says it is a big city. Harman says I missed her last time and will go there again. Preeto is tensed and calls someone insisting to meet.

Rani and Raveena come to Guru Maa. Guru Maa asks where you both are going? They say that they are going for work. Kareena says you both never go early morning. Rani says she is going for work and asks her to come as well. Guru Maa asks them to go and looks on.

Rani and Raveena take a taxi and ask them to take them to bus stand. Surbhi and Harman come to old couple house. Surbhi says we are tired of searching her, and requests for their help. Old man says we can’t afford to have enmity with them. Harman says we know both the ways, but I will talk to you as your son left you and is not bothered to come back. He says I can feel your pain. You must have done so much for your son, now do something for someone’s child, may be your son returns to you. He asks will you help us? Surbhi says leave them…they will not agree, we will find another way to search Soumya di. Old woman stops them and asks how can we help you. Harman and Surbhi look hopeful.

Maninder comes to meet Preeto on the road. He says you had threatened to kick me out of house, and asks why did you call me here. Preeto says I didn’t come here to hear your nonsense, but to tell you about your daughter’s doings. He says my son is searching her, but if he gets her then he will get her back in your house. Maninder asks what do you want? Preeto says your younger daughter likes to roam with my son. Maninder gets angry and says I don’t hear anything against my daughter, and tells that he is getting her married after navratri. Preeto says it is good and says she also gave time to Harman till navratri. She says they will find her soon, but we have to stop them. She says tomorrow is day 1, they couldn’t think that we will stop them. She asks him to keep an eye on Surbhi and she will keep eye on Harman. Maninder asks what is the guarantee that Harman will not go in search of Soumya after Navratri. Preeto says I won’t let you go.

Harman and Surbhi explain their plan to Old couple. Someone comes to deliver diaper pack, and sees toys inside the house. He asks old man to buy more diapers from his shop. Old man says his grand child is coming there only for a day and if he stays for more days then he will come to his shop and buy more diapers. Man leaves. Old woman asks what we will do with this stuff. Harman says we have bought all this items from old shop keepers. Surbhi says now we will find my sister, as Kinnars will come today as your grand child will be here for a day only.

Diaper shop keeper calls Saya and informs her to send Kinnars to old couple house, as his grand son came there for a day only. Saya says okay, I will send. Rani and Raveena come to Preeto’s house, and thinks this is the haveli which Soumya told us. Surbhi tells Harman that she can’t wait anymore now. Saya calls Kareena, Champa, Jasmine and asks them to go and get the nek. Varun comes to Shanno and asks did you call me. She asks him to buy medicine for her. Varun says okay and asks her to rest. Rani and Raveena come inside. Shanno says there is still time for good news. Rani says they have some work with Preeto. Preeto comes and asks what is the work.

Surbhi waits eagerly. Harman asks her to have patience, and says even Soumya will come. Just then Kinnars come in car. Surbhi and Harman peep outside the window. Soumya is still in car with the baby.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. omg im eagerly waiting whn harman sees sownya:-) Tk hr hm soon, luv u vivian ur attempt is jst awsm but ur preeto is jst idiot lady:-(

  2. Sheeba khalil

    Surbhi marry varun instead of herman varun do something herman and soumya reunit soon

  3. Surbi should marry varun how surbi can take her sisters place this is like cheating sowmya and Harman you are hero soon save sowmya and bring her back with you teach a lesson to your mother preeto because your mother is not fit to be a mother we fans want Harman and sowmya love story back and it is must that surbi should marry varun and enter preeto house to take revenge with preeto surbi should not enter in Harmans life surbi should fight for sowmya s life with preeto and she should make Harman and sowmya together

  4. The title of the serial is shakthi which shakthi his going to help Harman to find sowmya front of God only sowmya and Harman got married than why that God also not helping Harman and sowmya love this is love story were is love if Harman marry surbi why he should bring sowmya back with him to see Harmans marriage that also with is own sister for doing this he can kill sowmya in your serial we learnt a lesson that how hurt others you did give any good message to us you dint teach us good thing s as a fan of your serial I gave nearly 150 to 200 comments and in all the comments I mentioned to respect the relationship and I also said that surbi should not enter in Harmans life and we fans requested you and I dint get any reply this is the way you respect the fans I feel very bad

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