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The Episode starts with Kareena telling Saya if it would be right to bring Soumya back as she wants to stay with her mum. Saya says she is not understanding now, but she will later. She asks until when Nimmi and her mum will be alive. She says Harman is also getting married. We will kidnap Soumya after her sister’s marriage tomorrow and asks her to do as she says. She tells something. Kareena nods her head. Rani and Raveena calls a kinnar and asks if Saya is planning to bring Soumya back. Kinnar tells about Saya’s plans. Rani says okay, and tells Raveena that they have to kidnap Tarana before her sister’s bidaai.

Preeto calls Shanno and says haldi is today. Shanno brings haldi and asks Preeto to apply haldi on Mahi’s first as her mum and mum in law will be you from today. Varun says you

said right. Preeto applies haldi on her face, followed by Shanno. Preeto comes to Harman’s room and sees him seated. She tells today is Surbhi’s marriage, we have to go due to helplessness, and says I was thinking to return Soumya’s last memory. Harman asks which one? Preeto says that sweater which she made for you, and asks him to give that sweater.

Harman says I am doing as you said and asks her to let him keep sweater, as it is Soumya’s last memory and will help him forget her. Preeto says you told me that you will return the sweater. Harman says I didn’t have the strength to return it, and tells that he will keep his memories and sweater in the box forever, and asks her to give some time. Preeto agrees and asks did you think about Mahi. What she will think if she comes to know about it. Mahi comes, hears them and says she will be very happy and feel proud too. She says if Harman takes care of sweater so much, then he will keep her happy too being his life partner. She asks Preeto not to hide anything from her. Preeto blesses them for a happy life. Mahi comes to Harman and applies haldi on his face from her face. She asks him to come for haldi ceremony.

Viren asks Harak Singh to keep more money. Harak Singh says okay and asks him to make the door closed, and don’t let anybody enter home when the function is happening. He says we will keep the function private and think about party later. Preeto tells Shanno that they will get the marriage done after coming back. Shanno asks why she is not doing any rasam, and asks her not to worry. Viren asks her to go, and closes the door.

Saya asks Kareena to decorate the room nicely just as Tarana wanted. She says we will take care of her very well. She says Tarana likes you as a friend. Kareena asks her to call Tarana by her real name as she likes to be called as Soumya only. Saya looks on. Kareena says it is my personal thinking.

Bebe asks Soumya to go from there and says we don’t get auspicious things of marriage to be done by a kinnar. Surbhi tells her that Soumya is her sister first, before anything, and tells that she won’t go anywhere. Harak Singh and Preeto comes there. Soumya is shocked and recalls Preeto’s tortures. Maninder greets them and asks Nimmi to bring tea and snacks. Harak Singh keeps the gift.

Soumya greets Preeto and is about to touch her feet, but she takes feet back. Soumya then greets Harak Singh. He blesses her hesitantly. Preeto taunts Soumya as she is not destined to remain as married woman, and tells that Surbhi is getting married. She tells Harman will not come, and is not mad to leave his marriage for a kinnar. Soumya is shocked. Preeto says today is Harman’s marriage, and shows Mahi’s pic in her mobile. She says this girl is a woman and will give us heir. Soumya looks shocked and shattered.

Nimmi brings water and snacks. Harak Singh takes water and drinks. Preeto asks Nimmi to make her kinnar daughter understand and asks her to control her emotions. She says we didn’t come to attend marriage here, but came to save your respect as you have saved ours. She tells that they have brought gift for Surbhi and asks Nimmi, if she don’t feel good listening to Harman’s marriage. Nimmi says Harman is a good guy, we are happy and congratulates them. Harak Singh says bye. Kalsi asks them to wait for marriage. Preeto says they can’t wait as they have a big puja at home for Harman. She says a bad reflection is on him, and everyone of us is troubled by that reflection. She says we all will be rid of the reflection today and taunts Nimmi. Harak Singh and Preeto leaves.

Soumya is in her room and cries, thinking about Harman’s marriage. She says I am not suitable to become your wife, or to be with you. She says don’t know why I am feeling bad about your marriage, and cries badly. Nimmi and Beeji hear her crying. Beeji asks her to let her cry and make the tears go. She tells Soumya is unlucky and Harman have to marry someday. She asks her to think about Surbhi’s happiness. Soumya continues to cry.

Harak Singh knocks on the door and asks Viren to open the door. Viren opens the door. Harak Singh and Preeto bring Pandit with them. Preeto asks Viren to close the door and asks Pandit ji to get the marriage rituals done fast. She asks Viren to check if Harman and Mahi are ready. Preeto thinks she will get rid of Soumya after today, and is relieved. She prays to Mata Rani.

Maninder gets ready and wears turban. Bebe comes and says my son is looking very happy today. Maninder tells that he is happy as Surbhi will married, and Soumya will leave from here. Shanno makes Mahi ready and tells that Harman will faint seeing her beauty. Mahi says she wants to enjoy his company and don’t want him to faint. Shanno says okay and says Harman will become your slave. Mahi says she needs a life partner and not slave.

Meanwhile at Maninder house. Someone asks Maninder about Baraat. Maninder says they will come. Varun asks Harman, why he is not ready till now. He asks him to get ready and reminds that it is his marriage today. Harman says it doesn’t matter as there is only family members, and rituals and customs don’t change with clothes. Varun asks him to think about Mahi, and asks why she should suffer. He selects sherwani for him and thinks he shall take Soumya’s name infront of him once. He asks him to meet Soumya if he wants to meet her. Harman says if I go now, then I won’t come alone, and if I talk to her then everything here will be ruined.

Harman comes dressed in sherwani and sits for his marriage. Mangalam Bhagwan plays..someone knocks on the door. Preeto gets tensed an says who could be at door. Viren comes the door and sees Saya standing. Harman looks at her.

Rani and Raveena kidnap Soumya and take her from there. Nimmi comes calling Soumya and sees kinnars kidnapping her. She is about to shout, but Maninder keeps hand on her mouth stopping her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. AGain same precap :/:/:/. Very bad precap why do those idiot kinnars need soumya?uff

  2. Irritating episode . Again kidnapping scene and searching

  3. evil preeto… However mahi & harman ka shaadi nahi ho saktha… because harman will go for in search of sowmya… How this track come to an end? kidnapping & searching…

  4. very disappointed for this plot story … why this show still boring loop about hit & miss, kidnapping, 2nd marriage, no evil plan reveal (since poinsoned, snake in box, kidnapped) … no clever, smart and strong hero anymore, only poor and faith heroine.

  5. is really sowmya a Kinnar

  6. saw spoiler that nimmi n mahinder death in the upcoming episodes.

  7. Whyyyy, this is so annoying how do the get her kidnapped so soon after she was rescued! The better not subject us to days or worse weeks of the last torture. And preeto is the worst person ever she has a daughter and can’t simpathize with nimmi how would she feel if someone sold her daughter to be a s*xslave! No heart

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