Shakti 3rd May 2018 Written Episode Update: Soumya rescues Harak Singh from Kishan Lal

Shakti 3rd May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Saya, Chameli and Chanda are searching Soumya and coming near Sameer’s shop. Soumya is sitting outside and runs seeing hearing this. Saya says we are searching Soumya madly everywhere. Soumya hears her and thinks I know everywhere, if you had not come here, then also I know that you are searching me, says you are my dear ones and will support me. Saya says if I find her once then I will make her understand that she shouldn’t have done with this with loves ones. Soumya says even I love you all, but can’t come inbetween Jasleen and Harman. I don’t want their marriage to suffer because of me. Saya says we shall go now. Chameli asks Saya to call Preeto or Harman about Harak singh’s condition, says he was shot. Soumya gets shocked. She thinks to go out and check Harak Singh. She

opens the locker with her hair pin and gets money from it.

Harman prays to Mata Rani and says Harak Singh is a tiger, keeps everyone happy and have a good heart, and asks him to make him fine. Jasleen comes there and covers her head, asks Harman to pray like she does. Soumya comes there. Jasleen asks Harman to pray with folded hands. Soumya sees them together and misunderstands. Jasleen folds her hands. Someone comes and gives Prasad to them and says Mata Rani will hear you and your wife’s prayers. Soumya hears him and goes inside. Harman says we are not husband and wife. Soumya thinks Jasleen has taken care of Harman and family members. She thinks how can I be so selfish and ruin his life by coming infront of him. She enquires about Harak singh’s room. Kishan lal enquires about Harak Singh’s house with the intention to kill him. He says you are saved by my bullet, but not today. He tries to suffocate him, just then Soumya comes there and is shocked to see him suffocating Harak Singh. He tries to threaten her holding something and runs out. Soumya runs after him. Others hear the sound and run inside. Preeto says why the room is messy. Harman says I will check.

Veeran says Kishan lal tried to kill him. Soumya runs behind Kishan Lal and asks him to stop. She asks why you wants to kill Papa ji. Kishan Lal asks her to leave him and hits stone on her hand and runs away. Soumya sees blood coming out from her hand, hears footsteps sound and hides behind the car. He sees blood on the ground and is about to follow the drops, when Jasleen comes and says harak Singh is fine, and gained consciousness. Harman goes with her. Soumya prays for their happiness.

Doctor tells everyone that Harak Singh will be fine in 4-5 days. Harman says he will be fine in few hours. Harak singh says how did he get strength to shoot me and says if I had known that he will shoot me then I would have shoot him much. Kishan Lal calls Harman and says your father’s destiny is good to be saved by bullet and in the hospital, and says until when he will be saved. Harman says you was saved as you are Raavi’s father in law, but you will not be spared. Raavi tells Balwinder that his people are cheap. Harman says Balwinder didn’t do any mistake. Harak Singh says lets go home. Harman says we will go home and asks Preeto to take care of him. He goes to settle bill. Preeto asks how are you? Harak Singh says I have seen that if anything happens to me then you will come running to me. Preeto says Kishan Lal will not be saved. Harak Singh asks her to keep her nails safe and calls her tigress.

Sameer sees his mum going to his shop and stops him. He knocks on the door and asks her to open the door. Her mum comes and asks him to open the door. He finds it to be locked. Sameer is surprised and says he forgot keys. His mum asks him to go home and bring keys. Sameer says key is lost. He sees Soumya coming and asks why did you come again, and takes keys from her. His mum do the puja and asks him to ring bell. Soumya sits at a side near by and is sad. Sameer’s mum does his tilak and leaves. Sameer says bye. He thinks where is Soumya and goes in her search. He sees her sitting nearby and says Maa would have done by aarti because of you. He asks her to come and holds her hand. She feels pain. Sameer sees her wound and takes her to his shop. He bandages her hand and asks her to tell what happened? He says if my Maa sees us then it will be a problem? Just then his mum comes there.

A man sees Soumya and says she is the same whose missing pic is posted in the newspaper. He is about to call Harman, sameer’s mum asks him to drag her there. Soumya is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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