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Shakti 3rd May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Soumya giving watch to Harman. A fb is shown, Soumya goes to tea seller and asks him to take her bangles and return her husband’s watch. Tea seller says so you are his Gulabo and says I can’t believe that such loving people exist in this world. He refuses to take her bangles and returns watch also. Fb ends. Harman tells Soumya that he was not having money so he… and says that he don’t need watch now. He tells that until she is with him, his time will be good and wipes her tears. Tu Hi Mera Khuda plays…..Sumya asks him to return home. He says we will stay together and asks her to drink tea.

Saya comes to Harak singh’s house and asks where is Preeto? Raavi says she is in her room and tells Soumya went from here. Saya goes to her room and apologizes to Preeto for coming

to her room. She says I couldn’t wait to congratulate you, and tells that your son have sent money which he got by selling jewellery for aditya. She says we can’t give birth to baby, but you people can give birth, but can’t understand their own child. She says God have united Harman and Soumya with a motive. Preeto says a kinnar will lecture me and asks her to leave. Harak Singh calls someone and says nobody shall help Harman. Harman tries to get room on rent, but he is refused. They tell that they can’t have enmity with harak singh. Preeto tells Harak Singh that she is feeling sad for her son. Viren says shall I call him. Preeto says no. Soumya and Harman are together and seeing people eating in the temple bhandar.

Harman tells that he is unable to give her food and shelter. Soumya says if he is with her, then everything will be fine. They sit there and have food. Harman makes Soumya with his hand. Chameli and Saya come there. Chameli says this is love. Soumya asks Harman to eat food. Harman says this Prasad is spicy and goes to get water. Saya tells that Harman knows that Soumya is hungry and that’s why he made Soumya have his Prasad also. Chameli says we shall take us to our home. Saya says their relation will strengthen and asks her to come. Harman promises to make everything fine and asks her to come holding his hand.

In the night, Harman and Soumya are walking on the road. Harman says everyone is refusing to help us. Soumya tells him that she will stay with him forever and will walk with him. Harman gets up and throws his phone, says he will win the world now. He asks her to come.

Nani calls Saya and tells that she is calling them, but their phones are off. Saya says they are fine and she saw them. Surbhi asks Nani not to worry as Harman is with Soumya. Rani and Raveena plan with Kareena to do something. Raveena comes and tells that preeto kicked Harman out of house, and now he is roaming on the streets with her. Kareena asks them to keep eye on them. Rani says we will just keep an eye on her, if Saya comes to know then she will make us have a tough time.

Preeto is restless. Harak Singh comes to her and asks her to talk to Harman. Preeto calls him, but his no. is off. She calls Soumya, and her no. is off also. She gets worried and says we will search him. Harak Singh asks her to send Varun. Preeto asks if Varun gave him birth and asks him to come with her.

Preeto and Harak Singh are in their car. Saya asks if they came for outing. Preeto says yes and asks do you have any problem. Saya says your son will be happy today without food, shelter etc, and says he has found happiness outside your palace.

Preeto asks Harman to come home. Harman refuses and takes their rights away as his parents.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Again a very late update…. Update more faster…..

  2. Again a very late update…. Try to update faster….

  3. Preeto and harak are crual and selfish parents. If they are real parents then they wil understand his son’s love. As well as they don’t let this happened.But what did they? They throw out harman in their house. Unbeliveble! I hope haramn don’t listen them and soumya stand herself for her husbund.Its a good lesson for haramn parents.

    1. Hey Shanaya, No parents can be cruel and selfish…Harman’s parents love him and hence, they do not want Harman to get affected by anyone in the world. They feel that if the world comes to know about Saumya’s thruth , their son would be ridiculed and harassed. Moreover, their entire family will be shamed and banned from society. This is what Harman’s parents feel ok. I don’t want to comment on how much right or wrong they are as parents can do anything and everything for their children.

      1. I agree with u Jessica, u are totally correct, please everyone stop being selfish and ur haya is happy now, please think about surbhi at least once stop being after soumyas dumbness

      2. your silver lining

        u are right Jessica and sandy. Parents can never be selfish. And haya fans just think once about surbhi. She has been used by saumya. I am sorry to say this but it is true.saumya was the one to get Harman and surbhi married so that she can get a place in Harman’s home and now when Harman is completely under her control she doesn’t care if her sister is happy or not. I may sound rude but i am being practical. Come out of the filmy world and get into reality. It’s very rare to find a sister like surbhi who sacrifice herself for her dumb and selfish sister.

      3. your silver lining


      4. your silver lining

        I think only jessica, sandy and I are the three people on this forum to have similar views. Others are very much involved in a seemingly good, romantic and filmy love story where only the togetherness of boy-girl is important and nothing else.
        This show had a subject but the story seems to be deviated completely from its theme as if the writers are absolutely clueless how to pull the story forward. Sad but true.

      5. I totally agree with u silver, if it very difficult to get a sister like surbhi, soumya is such a dumb, selfish and useless even cannot stand without Harman,

      6. Well said guys ✌️☺️ Saumya doesn’t know herself as to what she wants…others are just living in thier own fantasy world where everything is nicey-nicey.

  4. Not a bad epi. Soumya tells Harman that she will stay with him forever and will walk with him…I loved this sentence but the question is how?? I hope Saumya does not keep on crying and become a burden on Harman. She needs to be Harman’s power not vice versa.

  5. Waitng fr tday epi. …….
    Make somu bold character. ………we dont want her weak nd alwayz teary ….
    Name only kept as shakti but character and actng s too weak nd dull……….

  6. May be your right Jssica. But it has must limit.

    1. Yes shanaya u r right, everything has limits, even Harman should bound limits, he could have taken care of soumya without hurting presto and harak Singh, did he do that, he is the one who crossed all the limits now u ppl need to realize soumya is not only the person who needs love, care and happiness also there are so many ppl who deserves a peaceful and happy life like surbhi, presto, harak Singh. When u can understand such a great relationship between harman-soumya, plz try to understand the motherly love too, I feel if Harman was not trapped in to this marriage by nimmi, he could have great life with another person, at least once try to understand preetos concern, s I agree completely she is doing wrong things, but her concern is not wrong, presto is a very good mother, just imagine what ur mom feels if u r trapped unfortunately with a transgender in a marriage, seriously I confirmed from my mom, she told she will get us divorced as soon as possible, not just as a serial, but please imagine ur self in preetos place, what will u do when u get to know, ur child got trapped in like this with a transgender, who cannot be his/her partner completely ur child is to adopt someone else being eligible to have child because of the other, so before judging presto once u all people try to understand y she is doing this all or u people please ask ur parents what they will do if u are in place of Harman, even rubina has stated that Harman cannot waste his life and families emotions on soumya, before judging anyone please imagine ur self in their place please

      1. your silver lining

        How correct.?

  7. Preeto is totally correct . She wants to save his son from this selfish kinnar . Not a single mother will agree to have a kinnar Bahu .

    1. I agree with u

    2. I totally agree with you anu

  8. your silver lining

    Btw i hope for some other logical thing. As harmam and saumya did not have a single penny for tea, so i guess they will have to suffer a lot for an extra set of clothes. They should not just go and change the moment they get a place to stay.??

    1. Ur right, they will have same cloths until Harman gets a job and advance

  9. People in here hate so much kinnar/transgender… I can smell it. And this movie try to send them a message that kinnar is a human too… I am sorry for this kinnar, I mean why must God send them to this world and why mother give birth to this kinnar… Kinnar has God in their life too and have father and mother too…

    1. your silver lining

      I am neither talking about kinnars in general nor the actress rubina. I am and have always talked about the the character saumya who never thinks about anybody. All she cares about is herself, her harman ji and her aditya.that is it.
      And others too talk the same..

      1. Exactly, I think sarcasam u hate men and women DAT is y u can only see soumya

      2. We don’t have anything against kinnars, in fact we too feel they should have good life, we are just hate soumyas selfish ness, I don’t y she want to live in the samaj by snatching everyones happiness, so please have look at comment completely

      3. Others just don’t understand or don’t want to understand…not use of wasting time on them guys ?

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