Shakti 3rd July 2018 Written Episode Update: Harak Singh brings hurdles in Harman-Suomya living

Shakti 3rd July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Suomya asks Harman to go inside but Harman says they will first go shopping and then have ice cream. Together, they select household items and purchase grocery. Suomya’s bag spills on the way, Harman places his and his items also spill on the road. Both laugh and sit to collect them, their heads hit each other. Harman looks towards Suomya.
At home, Harak Singh tells Shanno and Veere to tease that kinner as much as possible.
Surbhi was sitting with her laptop. Varun says she is going to be a mother of their child, she likes Batasha so let’s go have them. Surbhi replies it’s not needed, Sumit must be waiting at office. Varun was curt over her attitude, he wonders if she replaced the report just to dodge him and it isn’t his child. He decides to get the test done again.
Harman and Suomya

come home. Harak Singh was angry over Harman that they wish to have grandchildren but Harman is only enjoying with this impotent kinner. Harman doesn’t pay much heed to his words and dances with Suomya. After everyone has left teased badly Suomya asks Harman why he teased Harak Singh. Harman says he has shown to his father how much he loves her wife. They want to shatter him by snatching the property, but his love for her would never lessen. Suomya doesn’t like the much show of love and dancing in front of everyone. Harman says he isnt afraid of anyone. Suomya discuss with Harman how she will cook without a stove and gas? Its difficult. Harman was in a mood of romance and says whenever she is around, he even forgets breathing.
Harak Singh sat in the room recalling Harman’s confrontations with him, and the good times they had. Veere comes inside and says he understands how he must be feeling by losing his son. Harak Singh says he isnt at all angry, he is a Pehlwan and stick to his words. He is happy alone and doesn’t know anyone else. They hear some sounds, it was Harman fixing an old stove at home. Suomya was sure Harman will fix it. Harman was finally done with stove. Chintu asks what he would do about gas cylinder. Shano offers to give an extra cylinder then have. Harak Singh forbids Shano. Harman goes to arrange for a gas cylinder. Shano taunts she will now have to do lesser work at least. Whatever God does is for one’s better. Chintu teaches her a lesson by breaking a glass bottle in her portion. Shanno scolds him but he says he will clear his portion, and she must clean hers.
Harman returns home with the gas cylinder, he says he brought it from Bunty’s house. He asks her to prepare Pulao for him now. Harak Singh watch them together and calls Shanno to serve the food while he is going out for 5 minutes.
Bunty’s father stood outside. Harak Singh says there was a division in their house, how he dared give Harman a cylinder.
Harman was restlessly waiting for the food to get ready. Preeto assures Suomya there is a beautiful aroma around the house. Shanno curtly wonders why Preeto didn’t go to their side. Bunty’s father come inside and takes his gas cylinder. Harman requests him to let their food cook atleast but he says there are guests at home. Harak Singh comes inside victoriously asks Shanno to let the food cook well.
Preeto comes behind Harak Singh in the room and complains that even a person doesn’t snatch a bite from an enemy’s mouth. He was desperate to enjoy the food. Harak Singh drags Preeto to the line across the house, he asks if she can’t see the distributed house? Their house has been ruined, he as a father was divided. Can’t she witness what he is going through?

PRECAP: Harman and Preeta pray in the temple. Harak Singh calls from behind that Harman will only be successful if his parents bless him. He blames Suomya having destroyed Harman’s life. Suomya insists her love is true and can never harm Harman.

Update Credit to: Sona

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