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Shakti 3rd July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Preeto asking Soumya where is Harman? Soumya says she doesn’t know. Preeto thinks he might be getting ready to fly. She then asks Shanno if her son is fine, and tells neighbor’s son left them and asks her to get her son married early. Soumya says you are right. Preeto thinks why maninder haven’t called her until now. Bebe calls Soumya and tells her that Maninder is missing her and saw her in dream last night and since them remembering you. Soumya gets happy and asks if Maninder missing her really. Preeto asks Soumya to go and thinks now she will get some time to think.

Surbhi makes the balance sheet for the company in which she went to do job. Varun wakes up and asks for tea. As Surbhi goes to make tea, Varun tears one of the paper so that she don’t get job. Harman comes

to the agent to make his passport, sees kinnars outside on road and gets tensed. Agent says passport will be made. Preeto asks Varun to find out. Varun says don’t know what is happening. Harak Singh asks Varun to find out whom he met. Harman comes and calls Soumya. Preeto says she went to mayka. He gets angry and asks why did she go, and says he will go and bring her. Soumya comes home. Bebe welcomes her. Nani thinks they might be playing with her emotions. Maninder wide opens his hands to hug her.

Soumya gets happy and emotional, and hugs him. Maninder says as Surbhi is married now, you can come and stay in this house. Nani blesses Soumya and says Nimmo must be very happy now. Bebe asks if she would like to have kheer and asks her to have it. Soumya is happy and takes the bowl to eat it. Just then Harman comes and holds her hand stopping her from having kheer. He asks why did you come here? I asked you not to go out of house. Soumya says this house is mine only. Harman says you have nobody except me and no house and says crowd can have gun, knife anything. Soumya asks why you are saying this. She says this is my house too.

Harman says they have never thought you as human and you want to stay here leaving me. Soumya says if you are my husband then he is my Papa. Harman raises his hand on her, but stops himself. He then folds his hand. Soumya cries. Music plays……Harman asks her to come. Soumya goes with him. Maninder gets irked.

Raavi comes to Preeto and says she wants 21000 Rs. Preeto says Soumya is not here, then who will give money. Maninder calls Preeto and says Harman came and took Soumya from here, like always we couldn’t do anything. Preeto says ok. Harman brings Soumya and takes her to room. Preeto asks Raavi to get money from her. Harak Singh asks Preeto what she will do now. Preeto says he is our blood and stubborn too.

Harman apologizes to Soumya for raising his hand on her. Soumya says Papa called me. Harman doubts him. Soumya says he talked to me nicely and said that I can stay in his house. Harman says we will go and stay with them. Soumya asks him not to come closer to her. Harman asks her to slap him and hugs her. Soumya says if he thinks that this is the solution. Harman says yes and cheers her up. Soumya smiles.

Chintu wakes up Harak Singh and tells that he wants money for icecream. Harak Singh says that’s why you woke me up. Chintu says I have already taken money from your wallet. Harak Singh takes back 100 Rs. and gives him 200 Rs. Chintu thanks him. Harak Singh thinks when will the day come when Harman’s son asks me for icecream.

Shanno asks Viren where is Preeto? Viren says he don’t know. Raavi comes and says Maa must have gone with son and daughter in law. Chintu asks Shanno if she will feign back pain now. Viren laughs and says even a child now of your acting. Shanno says nobody cares for me. Soumya and Harman are outside. She recalls Preeto’s words and tells Harman that they shall tell Preeto once. Harman says we will bring Aditya and return. Preeto and Varun are seeing from hideout. She thinks I will see how you will go far from me.

Harman sees kinnars on the road and asks Soumya to come home fast as he is hungry. Kinnars see him. Preeto asks kinnars why they were following him. Kinnar tells them about the death of kinnar and Harman witnessing the murder.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  3. OMGGGGGGgGggggg today HAYA hug scene was ausumn nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.don’t want to talk anything except that.what a chemistry. Both my cutipies nailed d show.bcoz of hug I forgot all.want more emotions nd hugs like this.

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