Shakti 3rd January 2017 Written Episode Update

Shakti 3rd January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Preeto coming to Soumya’s room and says I hope you have talked to Surbhi and asks what did she say? Soumya looks on. Maninder asks Nani, what is the new Siyappa and what did Soumya and Surbhi talk to each other. Nani says I wouldn’t have told even if I know. Maninder says you have given more importance to Soumya always and asks her to think about Surbhi. Abhishek comes and says Nani shall not worry as I am with her. Maninder says he got son in law like a diamond. Preeto says she will get Harman married, but if other girl comes then she will not accept her.. Surbhi comes and says she came. Abhishek tells Maninder that they will go to shopping and asks them to come. Maninder asks him to go with Surbhi. Abhishek calls him papa ji and asks him to make him as his son. Maninder gets

happy and hugs him. Abhishek says lets go.

Abhishek goes to shopping with Maninder, Beeji and nani. Beeji says you made us shop for our pind. Abhishek says everyone should know that it is our marriage. Maninder tells Nani that Surbhi haven’t come till now. Abhishek goes to keep stuff in Surbhi’s room. Maninder asks where is Surbhi? Surbhi comes there. Maninder says where did you go?

Abhishek keeps the clothes in Surbhi’s room. Maninder asks Surbhi to reply. Surbhi says I went to Soumya’s di house. Maninder gets upset. Nani tells Surbhi that Abhishek came and is in her room. Surbhi goes to her room. Abhishek says surprise and takes her inside the room. He says we have bought all these sarees for you, and asks if she liked it. Surbhi makes a sad face. Abhishek asks what happened? If you are worried about di. Surbhi says no, and says I have left her at her house. Abhishek says you don’t need to worry and says we can focus on our relation now. Surbhi says I have paid the price for Soumya’s comfortable life at her inlaws house. Abhishek asks what do you mean? Surbhi says I can’t marry you. And tells that she have to marry Harman for Soumya’s cake.

A fb is shown. Surbhi agrees to marry Harman and asks her not to let anyone know about it. Preeto says nobody will ask your sister to go from here, and she will get shelter and respect in the house for forever. Fb ends. Nani hears her shockingly. Abhishek is teary eyes. Surbhi tells Abhishek that she played with his emotions many times, and asks him not to forgive her. She says you can call me selfish etc, but whenever Soumya’s talk comes, I get weak. Abhishek says I told you already that Soumya will stay with us after our marriage. Surbhi says you don’t know di, she will not have problem with us, but she will not be happy. She says she is incomplete and only Harman’s love make her feel complete. She apologizes to him and says only his love can make Soumya happy.

Abhishek closes the boxes and tells that he will return all the stuff. He gets teary eyes and tells shaadi Mubarak to you…Surbhi, don’t forget to call me. Surbhi calls his name. Abhishek leaves from the room. Maninder asks where he is going with the stuff. Abhishek says I couldn’t understand your daughter’s choice and that’s why taking all these things. Nani asks Surbhi, why she didn’t ask her before taking this decision. Surbhi takes kheer from her hand and eats it. Nani says Nimmi would have never let you do this. Surbhi cries hugging Nani.

Soumya thinks why Surbhi, why you have risked your life for me. Harman comes to Soumya’s room and says knock knock. Soumya smiles. Harman asks her to say who is there? Soumya says I know, and says who’s there. Harman says Harman…Soumya asks who? Harman tells that he is apologetic for his doings. Soumya sits. Harman holds her hand and says I want to apologize to you. I have promised your maa and everyone that I will never leave you, and says my promise is broken. Soumya says you have always been with me. Harman says I was not with you for 36 hours. Soumya forgives him. Harman is about to go. Soumya asks where is he going. Harman keeps his hand on her mouth.

Harak Singh thinks why Harman is in love with Soumya. He tells Preeto, you said that soumya will not come back. Preeto laughs and says she came with someone and removed the darkness of the house. She says our son will marry now. Harak Singh asks who will marry him now. Preeto says Surbhi agreed to marry Harman. Harak Singh is shocked and asks who will convince Harman. Preeto says Soumya will convince him, as he is mad about her.

Harman brings Soumya to romantic set up. Soumya sees the romantic ambience and asks him. Harman says we shall live the moment and double the happiness. He says we both are happy. He asks if you are happy to be back with me. Soumya nods. Harman plays the music. Tenu Itna main pyaar karra plays…………….He holds Soumya romantically. They have an eye lock. Harman pulls her closer to him and dances with her. Soumya looks on.

Harman holds Soumya’s neck and asks what nonsense? Soumya asks him to kill her and says she will prefer to die rather than suffocating. Later Harman calls Soumya. Preeto says she is on terrace. Harman goes to terrace and sees Soumya standing on the balcony wall.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Soch na sake is not as good as Tu he mera khuda, it (tu he mera khuda) suits Haya alot…

  2. In today episode haya seens r very very superbbbbbbbbbbbbbbnn.But, I feel very sad for surbhi nd abhishek. Not only for them soumya nd Harman also bcoz Harman don’t know what is happening nd even soumya knows she can’t do anything bcoz of stupid preeto. The situation is too paining.Pls makers marry to haya nd surbhi abhishek. Leave them peacefully. So many people r suffering bcoz of preeto selfish. Pls don’t break haya jodi. Plsssssss.

  3. Meenaji ,now i saw ur comment on yesterday episode. Whatever u said is true I also accept it from bottom of my heart.But ,this serial concept is not a totally life about kinnars.The serial producer said that -its just a story about how a kinnar face problems in our society nd they tried to show it by d character of soumya on one side without hurting any real kinnars bcoz it is a sensitive matter nd they finished that track with nice ending. They gave a social message also how parents should take care to such type of children by d character nimmi,who is soumya mother nd now her family like surbhi, abhishek, nani all r supporting her.If makers can focus only on kinnar problems no one can show interest to watch that type of concept for longer time.That’s y only they ended that track. SERIAL PRODUCER also said that it is a love story concept also.To get people aware about this sensitive matter in society RASHMIPRODUCTIONS take male lead as VIVIANDSENA nd female lead as now they r focusing on haya love story. If I hurt anyone pls excuse me.sorry.

    1. Sabrina

      Bunny I agree they did justice to Somu character being a kinner …. they show the life of such and how everyone should be accepted regardless…. I remember I told a friend abt this show and she was like I don’t want to watch that type of person…. sad but true

  4. just hate this new track???

  5. Yes! I actually agree with you!

  6. In the drama beginning surbhi loved harman and it will good if harman marry her.guys we actually forgot that somiya is transgender. We can just respect them love them but not is drama therefore we like them otherwise it is impossible to live together(transgender+men)

  7. Angelk1

    What the hell soumya, why do you do this to yourself. Your ruining people life because of this decision. I cried for abhishek because he really love surbhi. Surbhi wont have anyone to love her once she marries soumya. An soumya will continue to be hurt.

    Please soumya think of the situation. Dont use your love to manipulate harman to agree. And surbhi you cant baby sit soumya forever. Let her hand go an let her solve her problem. Be happy with abhishek. Bebe os right nimmi wouldnt want this.

    I hope surbhi old feelings dont come back for harman when their married. Lastly, how can soumya just let her sister marry her husband, preeto will make sure she doesnt live comfortable. She wants soumya gone for good.

  8. 100% agree u tanvi…??

  9. ammu ma.. nethu verum oru comment dhan.. why no cmnts? wi fi kidaikalaya…??

  10. Sabrina

    I am so in love with Abi and surbhi feeling so sad abt their love story now I hope that when Abi said call me it means call him when this drama with preeto get busted….love that Harman is a man of his words wish that Somu tells him truth but then again this would be him and her breaking all relation with them and that just painful by itself …. waiting to see how all this played out…

  11. Soumya is a selfish b*#&tch. Surbhi has got best life partner as abhishek. She could easily go back to her own house and live with her nani but no. Her sister always has to sacrifice herself. Dum idiot. Hate soumya. Colors always ruin their serials after starting such good concepts.

  12. Shit man shit!! I loved abhishek and surbhi’s jodi, two people that are super compatible, and just made for each other characters, ughh I feel so bad for Abhishek man, he was honestly my favorite character in show, the CV’s have done total injustice to him, down with this stupid shakti show man, I hate this effin love triangle track between the sisters and harman, like f**k off directors, piece of shit track, who cares abt preeto, she cant literally force him to marry someone else, dont know why soumya is abiding to her so innocently, like just tell preeto to f**k off.

  13. Hi sakthi family, today more new fans !
    Feeling good. Coming to the show very disgusting. Somya yen selfish ha iruka Ava thadukavey illaye. Chi ithula Harman and Abhishek thaan romba paavam. Precap paathaale yerichala iruku.

  14. Hi karthi, aama wifi problem thaan ma.
    Serial thaan yerichalaa irukunu paatha intha wifi Vera imsai pannuthu. Serial la ippa sisters sacrifice pathi kaaturaanga pola.

    Paathachu paathachu ithellam eppavo enga Tamil serials la !

    Abhishek and surbhi ya setthu vaiyunga paa!!!!!!

  15. Soumya plz under stand the situation you only can overcome from this situation.Don’t act like dump you are not a younger sister you are elder than surbhi.She ruined her life for you plz think about ur choti .CVS don’t separate Abi & surbhi.

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