Shakti 3rd February 2017 Written Episode Update

Shakti 3rd February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Soumya getting sad as Chintu asks her about the meaning of Kinnar. Harman tells him that kinnars are the one who can handle even mischievous kids like you, who are more beautiful from inside, but outsiders couldn’t see, he praises Soumya a lot. Chintu asks did you meet any kinnar. Harman says he is in love with a kinnar. Preeto thinks she can’t separate Harman and Soumya and thinks to do something big. Maninder cries. Bebe asks him what happened? Maninder cries and says he was hopeful about Surbhi’s marriage and life, but…He asks her to call Surbhi. Surbhi picks the call and speaks rudely says even Soumya is fine and scolds them for blaming Soumya. She says she will talk to Maninder only when he addresses her as Soumya’s younger sister and ends call. Maninder is angry.

Harman and Harak Singh comes home drunk. They call Preeto. Harman tells Preeto that he will tell her some reality. Preeto says you are drunk and asks him to go and sleep. Harman asks Harak Singh if he told Preeto. Harak Singh says it is a secret. Harman says Harak Singh kept your sautan and is having affair with his factory’s secretary. Harak Singh is shocked too and asks what nonsense? Viren says you didn’t tell me. Harak Singh says he is lying. Preeto says yes or no. Harak Singh says look in my eyes, I love you. Preeto asks yes or no. Harak Singh says yes….Preeto asks what did you say and grabs his collar angrily.

Harman says I lied to you and even Harak Singh lied. He says even I felt bad when you lied to me, Pulao was made by Soumya and not Surbhi. Preeto says so you wanted to hurt me and want to take revenge from me. Harman says I want you to understand to stop conspiring against Soumya. He says I got married for you, and tells that Soumya is in his heart and her place can’t be taken by anyone. Preeto says you got married, but what about your life. Harman says we will see later. He asks Harak Singh to sleep and says you will not get hangover now.

Surbhi comes to her room and sees Harman sleeping. Harman is sleeping and in sleep asks Soumya for a hug. Surbhi thinks he is a real hero to stand with his love and says I came in between your perfect love story. When I saw you for the first time in college, you was fighting. She asks him to befriend with her so that he can stay with Soumya for life.

In the morning, Harman wakes up and sees Surbhi, says his day will be bad now. He sees time and asks why nobody wake him up. Surbhi says I will wake you up tomorrow and asks him to befriend her. Harman refuses and goes. Surbhi says you have to befriend me for Di. Harman comes and asks Harak Singh if he is drunk even now or feeling hangover. Surbhi brings Harman’s shirt and asks him to change it. Harman removes his jacket and says he don’t want to wear. He asks her to mind her own business.

Harak singh says it seems air is not good and goes. Soumya is taking tea for Harman, Surbhi takes tray from her hand. Chintu comes and asks Soumya to give him something to eat as he is very hungry. Soumya says she will bring milk. Chintu asks her to make parathas also. Soumya says okay. Surbhi gives tea to Preeto. Preeto takes it. Harman asks why Soumya didn’t bring this tea? Surbhi asks if this is not tea and asks him to throw it. Preeto asks Surbhi to talk with respect and says he is your husband. Soumya and Chintu comes with his breakfast. Harman asks why you are busy? Soumya says Surbhi brought tea for you and says she was busy with Chintu. Harman throws tea angrily. Preeto looks on shocked. Surbhi says this is what I wanted, and thinks Preeto should come following us now.

Kareena tells other kinnars that she will be at peace when neighbors kicked Soumya out of Harman’s house. Neighbors come to Harak Singh’s house and shows poster of Soumya with kinnar written on it. Everyone is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. H Hasan update like this quickly everyday, Harman was so good today…. Also I don’t want Harman Surbhi friendship track,only Haya’s romance is needed, Hope Harman shows Surbhi her correct aukat by hating her….

  2. Explanation abt kinnar to chintu s gud and at same he got chance to xpress his feelng….
    Befrnd wit surbi s not bad but dont be unconscious in ur limits….
    Precap bahut buri hai….
    Varun ke vajah se sab barbaat ho rhi hai

  3. Hi guys..whr r u all??
    Feelng vry sad fr our comments…kaha kho gayi sab log……..
    I m waiting fr u girls…
    Ammu ma nd raji ma….and much tamil frnds epdi iruknga…..pls do comments evryday..

  4. Yes I agree with you tanvi.i also don’t want surbhi____________harman friend ship.we always want HAYA love only.Really I hate surbhi from my core of d heart that’s y only i gave more space in comment also.i can’t bear that even that stupid surbhi name along with today episode HAYA nailed d show especially HARMAN he make to realise that Soumya place in his life nd stop to conspiring her always.he gave good clarification to all about his gulabo importance in his life.Another one,I liked most is that Sautan drama.preeto can’t bear that when Harman told to her that haraksingh has an affair with some secretary ND she has Sautan.i saw her emotion at that time.but she never thought that she did a huge mistake by bringing surbhi stupid as Sautan to innocent SOUMYA.She can’t tolerate that lie then how Soumya bear this reality that her sis is d Sautan to her?She also have feelings na.harman did a great job.after Knowing her mom reality I think Harman never forgive her.i want Soumya to share bedroom with Harman but not that stupid surbhi.precap is really horrible who will save Soumya? Harman only can do something.

  5. Hi friends, hw r u all? Today Harman nailed the show. Nice episode. Iam get irritated with surbhi . Anyone remember that Somu once removed harmans shoe when he was in drunkard state I don’t know y makers r repeating the again this preeto went behind Harman to see their closeness. She don’t have any work at home? Always roaming and spying behind Harman and somya. That r legally married couple no. Plz makers don’t spoil preeto character more ..surbhi will save somu in front of villagers.this is the spoiler. And she will find varuns plan behind karinas act.

  6. Hi kopz,karthi ,raji, uthaya and Ashley. Hw r u all guys? Plz do comments.

  7. I think incoming episode surbhi will turn negative and will try to separate Harman and Somya.

  8. Hi guyz Am new here here so is soumya trangender or nt

  9. Nila

    hai harmaya fans and family members. I saw a news one week before that in puvaneshwar one man married a kinnar in grand manner its really good to see.

  10. Hi….wlcm to shakti fmly…
    Nala iruken @ammu ma

  11. Yes I agree with you Ammu.I can’t understand her intentions towards Harman.really I didn’t like that Harman shoe removing scene.that seen irritates me really alot.thats y only I hate her veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy much . Stupid surbhi I will kill u.she knew that she is burden for HAYA bond then y she is trying to close with him? Can’t bear that stupid ND can’t understand her feelings.

  12. badhiya

  13. love today’s episode

  14. Shakti drops at 3rd place n TRP ……….i literally disappointed wit tis ratngs……
    Naagin and kapil show gets first 2 places……

    Guys we hav to support ….if surbi’s stupid drama continues like tis then shakti can drop down…….

  15. Harman insists soumya to hav slow romantic dance in moonlight …waitng fr upcming epi……..this s d upcmng news guys which i saw n sakti pg…

  16. wow im really surprised how is everyone is supporting the relationship between harman and soumya i mean c’mon would u accept this kind of relationship for ur sun preeto is right she wants the best for her son she wants to see her grandchildren she want to enjoy everything about her son marriage i bet anyone of u would’nt accept this kind of realtionship for his son tho i mean try to put urself in the same situation as preeto

  17. Plz writers if soumya is a normal women plz reveal it can’t see soumya’ s sad face ..want to see her happy ..with Harman.. . And what about surbhi ..will she become negative…

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