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Shakti 3rd August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Soumya asking Surbhi why she is getting her ready? Surbhi says today is your special night and asks her to bowl Harman with her beauty. Soumya says she is not feeling good as Nimmi asked her strongly to stay away from Harman. Surbhi tells her nothing will happen and asks her to think about Harman. Raavi comes and asks why you are getting ready? Surbhi says husbands like to see their wife ready. Raavi says you know much even though you are not married and taunts her. She says Preeto called Soumya downstairs. Soumya asks Surbhi to come. Surbhi says you have to go alone and have to handle the things by your own. Soumya comes to Preeto. Preeto gives her shagun chunari and asks her to keep it safely in her cupboard, but chunari falls from her hands. Chachi says it is inauspicious thing/abshagun.

Preeto says there is nothing inauspicious. Soumya picks the chunari and gets tensed. Harman asks Varun to give him 1000 Rs change and sees his wallet missing. Varun asks him to go to Police station and file complaint. Harman says my record is bad with police and gets worried.

Harman waits for Soumya and leaves a letter for her. Soumya comes and reads the poetic letter by him. She reads it….and gets glad. Harman comes and tells the poetry praising her beauty and innocence. He pulls her closer to him and says Gulabo…now nothing can come in between us, no camphor, no short circuit or any abshagun….only my heart beat and your breath sound….Soumya blushes shyly. Tera Ishq Hai Meri Ibadat plays………..Soumya tries to go, but he holds her closer…..and looks at her romantically. Just then he gets a phone call. Harman tells all the world are around me to separate us. He receives a phone call from Saya asking him if he lost his wallet and gold chain. Harman says yes. She asks him to come and get it in the police station. Harman gets happy and says I am coming. Soumya asks are you going out? She asks can I go and sleep in Surbhi’s room as I get afraid to sleep alone. Harman says I will go and come back. He asks her to prove her love for him, and says he is going to get something which he bought for her. Once he goes, Surbhi comes inside and asks why Harman left? Soumya tells that Harman got a phone call and left. Just then someone throws letter in her room with a message from Harman’s side asking her to come to temple. Surbhi reads the letter and asks Soumya to go. Soumya says I will take elders’ permission. Surbhi says you don’t need to take permission to spend time with your husband and asks her to go through window. Soumya says we can go through door naa. Surbhi says this is more interesting. Harman comes to the Police station and gets his wallet. He thanks the Inspector and asks him to tell who called him. Inspector says nobody called from the police station and says somebody came and give wallet to us, said that you will come and take it. Harman is surprised and doubtful.

Later Nimmi comes to Soumya’s house calling Soumya. Preeto, Harak Singh and Surbhi wake up and come down. Surbhi asks what happened? Why did you come here so late at night. Nimmi says you have Nani’s report with you and we have to take her to hospital as she is unwell. Surbhi says I don’t have any report. Nimmi insists. Harak Singh asks Surbhi to take Nimmi inside and show her bag. Surbhi takes her inside and asks her to see her bag. Nimmi slaps her hard shocking Surbhi. She asks where is Soumya? Surbhi says Soumya went with her husband. Nimmi is shocked and asks why did you let her go? Surbhi asks what kind of mum you are? Can’t see your daughter’s happiness. She asks what is your problem? Why you don’t want her to stay with her husband. She is more beautiful and have more qualities than me. She asks her to tell what is the secret and asks her to tell. Nimmi cries and says your Soumya di is not like you are thinking. Soumya reaches the temple and calls Harman. She asks Harman to come and says she is afraid. Just then she sees someone and says I got scared, so you are there. Just then she sees many veiled women coming there and asks who are you all? She says I came to meet my husband and calls Harman….They block her way. Soumya cries and asks why you are blocking my way…why you are troubling me, let me go to my husband…Saya comes and says we didn’t come here to trouble you, but to share your problem and tell you truth. Soumya identifies her to be the woman who is behind her since childhood and calls Chudail. Saya laughs loudly and says your mum gave a good name to me so that she can keep you away from me. She asks do you want to know who am I? She lifts her veil shocking Soumya. She says people calls us something. Everyone lift their ghunghat. Saya says Harman didn’t call you, but us. He says we don’t want to hurt you, but want to tell you truth which is hidden from you. She says you have to know what is your Astitva and who are you?

Surbhi asks Nimmi, what do you mean? What do you want to say, tell clearly….Nimmi cries and says she is Kinnar(transgender). Saya says you are a kinnar. Soumya is shocked and shattered. She says your life is with us, and if somebody marries us then it is inauspicious. She says we can dance for this society and but live in this society. She says your mum wants to change society’s rules and have brought you up as a normal child. She says your truth can’t change. She says God made us like an incomplete toy and nobody will accept us. She asks her to come with her.

Nimmi comes to temple calling Soumya. Saya asks Nimmi to tell her truth. Nimmi tells Soumya that she is Kinnar. Soumya is shocked and runs from there. She comes home and locks her in room. Later everybody come to her room and is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. She alway look the same


    I think the story is like social msg soumya will face all the troubles which kinnars face then she becomes stronger to fight back she again sacrifice Harman to shrubhi who have feelings for Harman get them both married Harman & shurbhi support s soumya that the changelings she go through stand up for soumya …..

  3. omg! whats going to happen now? no matter what happens please please please i don’t wanna soumya to be separated from harman!

  4. Mukti.H

    hi guys can I join u

    1. Sure mukhti you can join us

    2. Narendran

      Sure mukthi.. Welcome to shakthi family.. Keep commenting..

  5. Sorry everyone but can you guys plz explain what do you mean by kinnar

    1. Kinner is the transgender women

      1. transgender woman means

  6. But how could people know about that in 10 days old baby.

  7. Aaliy shomu is not a girl and not a boy..she is third gender..hijra, kinner, its all are same..they could not become father or mother…unke ma bap unke pedha hone ke badh hi une kinner ki ek team hoti hea or unke main leader ke pas de deti hea ya toh o le jate hea..o jinda hoti hea par hum jese aam logo ki tarah nehi une jindegi me bohut muskile hoti hea..kiu socity une aam jindegi nehi deti.. tumne ek bund ishq dekhi hea joh life ok me ata tha.. usme joh villan tha o ek kinnar tha..I hope tum samaj gai..

  8. Poulami Chatterjee

    Exactly how can someone know that she is a transgender when she is just 10 days old

    1. Renuverma

      Dear paulami n janani , a child afterbirth is said as a girl or boy due to the genitals
      In kinner u can see both ones in same baby so immidiately after birth one homs to know. Hope clear.

  9. Oh no I hope soumya doesn’t commit suicide!!!

  10. dont know what will happen now it is just so odd

  11. Rekhavv

    Hey I think people have confusion regarding wat transgender is actually is and ssss is trying hard to explain it to people.
    Dr ssss stop trying, layman doesn’t accept medical concepts nor does they know. They have very less knowledge about it and their no. Is also big so we can’t explain each and everyone about how this girl is. It will b fruitless for u..

    1. Renuverma

      Hi rekhav even i tried to explain same

      1. Rekhavv

        Ya it is hard to explain laymen this medical term and in a country like ours where things like this are normally avoided to talk about people don’t even know anything, about biology if this thing

      2. Renuverma

        True rekhav it is sad that even educated people believe that if a girl is born then a mother is responsible n they dont understand that mother always goves X chromosomes so if father gives X THEN XX IS GIRL IF FATHER GIVES Y THRN XY IS BOY SO ITS 100 % FATHERS CREDIT OF CHILDS s*x N PEOPLE R HARSH N MARRY THE MAN AGAIN IF THE LADY BEARS CONTIOUSLY GIRL CHILD

  12. Ab kya hoga

  13. Rekhavv

    If u remember bol movie zafi said that he liked mustufa, but it is not necessary that mustafa likes zafi. Soumya and Harman will b like that. People saying Harman should accept soumya are u really out of Ur mind???
    He can support her. But accepting as a ‘wife’ is altogether different.

  14. Ade1111

    Am glad this show if executed well will provide information and give the inters*x attention they are human too. She is not a transgender there is a difference
    I look forward to seeing how they execute the story.

    1. true ade111…
      concept is new but how will they handle it is Tobe seen. .

  15. the episode was very painful. . whole night I was thinking of soumya.. she is so delicate beautiful n devine.. how can she face such reality? how did her mom handle it these many years. .
    The new promo of soumya saying main kinner hoon to soumya koun hai is too touchy… Good knows how the story proceeds. .. Hope god give rashmi sharma only nice ideas to make soumya normal. . her n hermans jodi is too good ni bowled over by rubinas beauty n acting beyond words…

  16. people please don’t get confused between kinners n homos … being kinner is physical disorder or birth defect which is associated with their genitals… but homos is mental disorder about their love interest. ..

    1. Rekhavv

      Ok … Homo is not a mental disorder its just that they find interest in the same s*x

    2. Thank you for posting that calrifing that point I thought i was the only one that know she isn’t a homo but an inters*x.

  17. I m hoping harman will take a stand to get required medical attention to soumya to make her normal.. else the essence of the story will go. . I was looking soumya in current attire so much.. I how they don’t deprive us..

  18. pwincess pari

    Tiz story track is really awesum n I am proud of Vivian Jaanu cz he has becum a big part in tiz show ??? Hats off Rubina Dilaik ?


  19. Rekhavv

    Gay and lesbian r not mental disorders. They r normal in all the ways.

    1. May be disorder was a wrong word I used but it can be called abnormalities. . It’s not normal condition for sure…

      1. Rekhavv

        Actually its not an abnormality, they have nothing wrong in their anatomy or any hormone stuff.

        Like Megan fox is bis*xual does that mean she is abnormal.. Their r people with different interest. Some like chocolates some don’t its as simple as that. Telling them abnormal is actually very wrong. As a transgender has abnormalities but they don’t, I can give u a long list of bis*xual and gay celeb but u won’t even know the difference.

  20. But how can Soumya be so ignorant of his identity till this age? That’s so rubbish.

    1. Rekhavv

      She was not educated nor send out of the house. She never met some one outside her family. And was never told about this matter by her mother. So..

  21. Narendran

    100comments!!?????Superb guys

  22. Narendran

    100comments!!?????Superb guys
    I went to school and came back now only.. Sorry for late comment..

  23. Wht..soumya does not looks like an transgender..she is sooo cute and beautiful..and how can be soumya unaware about this..bcoz if a transgender cant be a mother ..then there must be no menstruation process…..


  24. Feeling very bad for haya…..CVs just ruin the show

  25. Hi…I am new here.Can I join ur family?

    1. Renuverma

      Hi daisy welcome to our family.?

  26. Hi I am a silent reader nd ds is my fst cmnt..feeling vry bad for somu.It will be interesting 2 wtch harman reaction.

  27. now plz dont seperate harman and somya

  28. please dn’t separate them

  29. I have a doubt..if she is a kinner y doesnt she knew dat yet?
    She is a matured girl now,isnt she suppose to understand dat?


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