Shakti 31st October 2017 Written Episode Update: Raavi insults kinnars

Shakti 31st October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rani asking Saya to ask Kareena why did she insult karvachauth mata and added salt in Soumya’s sargi. Saya asks if she is saying truth. Rani shows that she got Kareena’s stuff near the salt box. Saya asks Kareena why did she do this. Harman says saas and bahu drama happens everywhere, and it seems Kareena is not less than Saas to Soumya. He asks Saya to leave Kareena and asks Rani to serve them food. Rani asks them to freshen up.

Harman tells Mohini that she is not less than a hindi film heroine and acts well also. Mohini says she would have become heroine, but her father didn’t allow her. Harak Singh says if you had become heroine, then we wouldn’t have meet. Mohini says yes and asks him to keep the cash ready. Harak Singh says he has given word and will her money.

Mohini says family is entertainment. Harak Singh tells that his son went away from them. Mohini asks what is the matter which is forcing Preeto to bear me. Shanno says Harman is not caring about Preeto. Raavi is angry on Harak Singh. Shanno says he would have thought about his marriage.

Soumya thinks what Harman is thinking, how to ask him. Harak Singh brings Mohini out and makes her have food with his hand. Veeran says Parjayi is hungry and you are feeding food to her. Harak Singh says he will kick everyone out. Preeto throws something and looks angrily. Mohini says why did you throw stuff. Preeto says this is my house. Mohini says it will be hers now. Harak Singh says yes. Preeto says you don’t have the status to stay here. Mohini taunts Harman, Raavi-Balwinder, and Shanno-Veeran. Preeto says I am alone enough to handle you. Harak Singh asks Preeto not to make the environment bad and asks her to go to room. Preeto says I am alone, nobody is with me. Raavi says I am with you and asks Balwinder to come with her. Harak Singh and Mohini acts infront of everyone.

Bebe asks Maninder to have roti and asks why is he sad? Maninder says I always fought for Surbhi’s happiness, but all my efforts are wasted. Bebe asks what happened? Maninder says this is not marriage, but a compromise. He says because of Soumya, Surbhi and her husband are here. Bebe says Varun is a nice guy and loves Surbhi very much. Maninder says Surbhi would have gotten more good husband than Varun. Bebe says nobody gets more than destiny and says may be this Varun will become something someday. She asks him to have roti and stop thinking. Surbhi and Varun come to room. Varun gets romantic. Surbhi asks him to wait and says she will call Harman and Soumya first. Varun says ok and says I am waiting. She calls Harman and asks did you both have food. Harman says Rani and Chameli have made food and we are about to eat. Surbhi says ok and asks them to be happy and together. She asks him to tell I love you from her behalf. Harman says I love you to Soumya. Everyone looks at him. Harman says why you people are staring at me, Surbhi asked me to tell her I love you on her behalf. Soumya smiles.

Shanno asks Veeran what happened? Veeran says why Harak Singh brought woman home as there are troubles in his life already. Shanno tells that she is feeling bad for Preeto even though she dislikes her. Veeran says I was thinking from where Harak Singh got such a nice girl in this age. Shanno says she will not keep quiet and break his legs. Veeran says I am not like him, and loves you.

Harman comes and sits beside Soumya when they are about to eat food. Tu hi mera khuda plays…..Raavi comes and claps. Harman asks what is she doing here? Raavi says when a mum needs her son the most, he is enjoying here. Soumya asks what happened? Raavi says bua ji brought Maa’s sautan and tells that Preeto is hungry and haven’t eaten food, and here you are eating food and making kinnar have it. She calls him carless son and useless guy. Harman asks her to leave. Soumya tries to calm her down. Raavi blames Soumya and all kinnars and says you all have taken advantage of my brother. Saya says you have said enough. Rani says you are insulting us at our house. Raavi says you are gutter insects and goes on insulting her. She slaps Rani. Rani also slaps her. Saya asks them to leave each other. Soumya stops their fight.

Raavi says Harman ji it is enough, you have seen my insult here. Harman says who asked you to come here and insult them in their house. He asks her to tell Harak Singh and Preeto to stop the dramas as their son will never return and is happy with his Gulabo. Soumya says jiji. Raavi goes angrily.

Harman tells Rani that he wants to see Soumya. Rani asks him to meet her. Soumya comes and asys you haven’t gone. Harman says how can my work be good until you says bye. Soumya looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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