Shakti 31st October 2016 Written Episode Update

Shakti 31st October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Soumya thinking about Surbhi telling her that Maninder and Nimmi want her to marry. Soumya asks her to marry. Surbhi says I can’t marry without you. Soumya says if I tell Harman ji then he will take me there. She tells Harman that she wants to go to Surbhi’s marriage. Harman asks have you gone mad? He says Kinnars are searching for you, and asks how I will find you again, don’t know where they will keep you. He goes to bring vegetables. Soumya thinks she has become trouble for everyone. Harman comes back. Soumya says vegetable is burnt, I will cook it again. Harman says we have to go from here. Soumya asks if they come to know about this place. Harman tells her that now he can take her to her house safely and tells that Kinnars are not waiting for her now. Soumya gets sad.

Harman is sad too. He asks what happened? Hurry up, and asks her to pack her stuff….your wait is over today. Soumya thinks today she is going to meet Nimmi and Surbhi, but her life will be vacant big. Harman thinks his promise is going to be fulfilled, but why he is feeling sad. Preeto calls Rani and tells her that Soumya is going to her house for Surbhi’s marriage. Rani tells Raveena that their plan is easy now, and now they can kidnap Soumya from her house.

Bebe applies haldi on Surbhi’s face, and blesses her for her happy life. Guest lady asks about Soumya, other lady asks her to stop asking else they will get angry. Kalsi says I will tell you. Guest lady recalls Kalsi insulting them for asking about Soumya and says they don’t want to hear. Harman comes and says why will Soumya not come for her sister’s marriage. Nimmi gets worried. Surbhi gets happy seeing Soumya and runs to hug her. She says we all have missed you. Nimmi walks upto Soumya and hugs her happily and emotionally. Maninder smirks. Soumya cries hugging Surbhi and Nimmi. She then sees Maninder and gets worried recalling Maninder sent her with Saya. Nimmi asks Soumya to come with her, but Kalsi stops her and asks for a hug. Soumya hugs her. Kalsi asks Harman to apply haldi on Surbhi. Harman applies haldi on her face and congratulates her for marriage. Surbhi thanks her. Soumya also applies haldi on her face. Kalsi prays for Surbhi’s happiness and asks her to come. Nimmi asks Soumya to come with her.

In the room, Soumya hugs Nimmi. Nimmi asks why did you come here? Soumya says where I would have gone Maa? Nimmi says I don’t mean that and tells that Maninder is upto some conspiracy as he let her come inside. Harman comes there and says nothing will happen. He tells Kinnar never lies, and tells that Saya promised him. He asks her to take care of Soumya and says he will go home now and take care of his mum. He apologizes to her for the inconvenience caused. Kalsi comes and takes Soumya with her. Nimmi tells Harman that he is a nice man and praises him. She tells your mum is also good and have done this for you. She says I pray to Mata Rani that we don’t meet again. She says it is better that you don’t meet Soumya for her betterment. Harman says I will do this, but can’t promise as Soumya is like time for us, I will look back at her. He asks her to promise and take Soumya very far from him. He asks her to take care of his Gulabo….their Soumya and also asks her to promise never to let tears come in her eyes. Nimmi looks on emotionally.

Kalsi asks Soumya why she is shying and asks her to dance on the occasion of Surbhi’s haldi. Song is played….Chalka Chalka Re……Soumya dances on the song. Harman is mesmerized seeing her dancing happily. Surbhi is happy as well and smiles. Harman smiles looking at her. Soumya looks at him….and continues to dance. Everyone claps for her. Harman is about to leave. Kalsi stops him and says you have entered as a hero..She says we won’t let you go. Harman asks what does she wants? Kalsi asks him to dance. Harman says Soumya is dancing naa and it is same if I dance or her. Kalsi says couple dance is needed and asks him to dance with her. Harman looks at Soumya…Soumya also looks at him. Kalsi asks to play the song….Rab ne Banadi Jodi plays……………….Harman and Soumya dance on the song while they are lost in each other eyes……Everyone claps for them. Kalsi prays for their Jodi. Harman and Soumya get sad as the moment of separation came. Harman tells her that he will leave now…..He touches Bebe and Maninder’s feet. Bebe blesses him. Harman starts walking towards the door, turns back and looks at Soumya.

Soumya gets teary eyes and wipes her tears…..Tu Hi Mera Khuda music plays…………..Harman turns to go. Soumya lifts her hand to wave him bye…..She recalls Harman caring for her. Kalsi asks where she is lost? And asks her to dance. Nimmi gets sad thinking about Soumya’s emotions. Maninder and Bebe smiles. Harman stops his car on the way and thinks he is feeling peace to have fulfilled his responsibility. He thinks there is two ways….one goes to Soumya, have a different happiness. He says other way goes to Preeto and his family. He thinks to forget Soumya for his family. He recalls all the moments with her, how he saved her from fire and their stay in the rented house. He opens his arms wide and keeps on his chest as if he is hugging Soumya.

Preeto is restless. Viren says I will call Harman and asks him, where is he? Preeto says no need, he is coming. Harman comes just then. Preeto says I told you naa that Harman will come. She hugs him. Harman smiles. Preeto asks if you are my Harman, Preeto’s Harman. Harman says I am your son Harman and asks her not to doubt. Harak Singh asks her to confirm and says he will go again to favor on others. Harman says your anger is justified, but my responsibilities is over now. I will do whatever you says. Preeto asks if you will do as I says. Harman agrees and says I will give life if you want. Preeto says then how I will live? She says I can see my old son back. She says I want your happiness and calls someone. A girl comes out. Harman is surprised seeing her.

Harman calls her Mahi and asks you are here? Preeto informs Harman that she has fixed his engagement and marriage with Mahi. Harman is shocked. Later Preeto asks Harman and Mahi to exchange rings. Harman is skeptical and looks on sad.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Super episode…harmya scenes are emotional….. Precap is bad…

  2. Super episode…harmya scenes are emotional….. Precap is bad…superb. .

  3. Happy Diwali H Hasan and all the Haya fans….

  4. I don’t understand preeto’s logic to send soumya to the other world.. The moment she is sent hhharmn will go after her. .. How does it help to separate hhaya?

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