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The Episode starts with Maninder asking Bebe about Surbhi. Bebe asks him to have food and says she is with Soumya. She tells him that Varun has hatred for Harman and his family. Maninder says yes. Bebe says if we get Surbhi married to him, then he will keep her away from that family. She says if Harman gets death sentence, then also it will be advantageous to us. Surbhi brings Soumya and Nani home. Soumya says nothing will happen to Harman ji. Surbhi says don’t care about their talks and says nothing will happen to him. Maninder asks why did you come here, and asks if she will stay here. Nani says I told you Surbhi. Surbhi says Soumya will stay here, and asks Maninder to tell to neighbors that he wants to throw his daughter out. She takes Soumya inside.
Harak Singh and Varun are leaving for court.

Preeto asks Varun to bring Harman back and tells that she will sit infront of God. Varun asks Harak Singh to come. Harak Singh asks him not to take tension and asks Viren to go to factory.

Viren asks Shanno to handle home and he will handle factory, goes. Chintu thinks God listens to good people. With this logic Nani is not good, but Mama is good. He prays for Harman’s freedom from jail. Surbhi asks Soumya to come to court. Soumya says no and asks her to go. Surbhi thinks what happened. Nani asks her to go. She asks Soumya what happened? Soumya says she wanted to go, but Harman is worried about me and asked me not to come, as I might get tensed with the court questions. She says since I came in his life, his life is ruined. Nani says this is true love. Soumya says even me. Chameli asks Saya if Harman’s bail will be done. Saya says I hope so but it is not easy as he committed murder. She says if anything happens to Harman that we will be Soumya’s support. Rani says nothing will happen to Harman. Kareena and Raveena says one more supporter is born. Kareena says our enemy.

Lawyer Chaddha comes to fight for Harman. Inspector asks if he knows that it is a murder case. Harak Singh comes there. Surbhi also comes. Soumya is tensed and prays to God. Preeto also prays for him. Saya also prays. Harak Singh returns back home. Preeto asks if Harman got bail. Harak Singh says bail is rejected. Preeto is shocked and asks what you are saying? Surbhi tells Soumya that Harman’s lawyer started fighting against him. Soumya says we will get some other lawyer for him. Preeto tells Harak Singh that she will go and bring her son back home. Harak Singh says you will not get your son this way, it is a law. Soumya is restless. Nani says we all will go and meet him and asks her to have patience. Bebe says what do you think that a murderer will get bail. Soumya gets up and says he is not a murderer, but saved my life.

Preeto says I will bash up that lawyer. Harak Singh says then you will go to jail. Preeto asks how did the bail haven’t happen. Harak Singh says because I wanted it and tells your son didn’t anything. Preeto asks why did you do this? Harak Singh asks her to sit and tells that Inspector brought goons to me. Harak Singh asks them to shoot Harman and tells that he is hot blood and tells that he will shoot you and asks them to use fake bullet. Preeto asks why didn’t you tell me this? Harak Singh says you are a mum and a woman, I thought you will do some mistake.

Soumya meets Harman in jail and says they will hire good lawyer to get him freed. Inspector says you will not get good lawyer. Soumya says she will get him freed anyhow and tells that Harman saved her. Harman tells Inspector that this is wife’s power and asks him to answer. He asks her to go home and says he wants to dance. Soumya says I am going. Harman says feelings come out eventually and asks her to say I love you. Soumya looks on.

Soumya comes to Preeto and tells that Harman is trapped and asks her to help Harman to come out of jail. Preeto says you have every relation, even though you are incomplete and asks her to free Harman.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Chintu is so Sweet!

  2. I think now we can see how soumya’s power.Now She is become a strong woman. I hope soumya free harman soon. As well as chintu is soooooo cute.I want to hug him.?????

  3. Please delete the useless drama and bring the convincing and appreciate drama.

  4. LOVE YOU VIVIAN,Finally your birthday is near.

  5. Common Saumya you can do it…Varun is sooo handsome… I like Varun ?

  6. Prachi Mehta Durkaal

    I like Sudesh Beri’ s acting also hate Haraksing thinking

  7. Lovely episode well enacted by all.

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