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Shakti 31st July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Soumya thinking Harman must have come to Mallika’s house and will come again, cries and thinks how to forget him. She holds her dupatta and thinks until I was tied to your Aanchal…. Maa, everything was fine and since you went, I have no place to stay. She cries and ass why did you leave me. She cries and sleeps on floor. In the night, Harman comes to Saya’s house and see her sleeping. He shifts all her contacts from her phone memory to his phone. Chameli comes there. Harman keeps his hand on her mouth and asks her not to shout else he will press her neck. He transfers the contact numbers and gives phone to chameli, asking her to shout or tell her. Chameli stands shocked. Harman tells her that he will bring Soumya back and will take her very far from all of them. Harman calls

on the last number, ie of Soumya without knowing it is hers. Soumya is fast asleep and doesn’t pick the call.

Harman thinks he will search his Gulabo. In the morning, Avinash asks Soumya to make Indian tea. Soumya says ok. She asks him about the temple. Avinash says he will take her. Soumya puts water in the kalash to take it to temple. Avinash is going and suddenly collides with Soumya and the water falls on her phone. He says sorry and says he will get her another phone. Soumya says we will go to temple later and goes to make tea. Harman thinks this might be Soumya’s number as she talked long. He calls on other number and tells the man that he wants to meet him, as mallika ji said. The man gives his address. Harman goes to his house and knocks on the door. The man opens the door. Harman slaps him and asks about Soumya. Man tells him everything that he has sent Soumya to Bangkok on Mallika’s saying. Harman asks if she went with her wish or forcibly. Man says she went happily and asks who is she?

Harman doesn’t reply and thinks to search her anyhow. Tina tells Avinash that she is going out to the market. Avinash asks her to take Tarana along with her and asks her to take her safely and says she shall not get any bad eye fall on her. Tina agrees with him and goes with Soumya. Chintu tells everyone that Harman did right to lock them in house and blames them as Soumya left the house. Raavi says she will slap him. Chintu asks what else do you know to do, you just knows to push Soumya mami from the terrace and to slap me. Surbhi is shocked and asks Chintu to tell what has happened here. Varun says he is a kid. Surbhi asks him to wait. Harman comes home and keeps all phones on the table and tells that Soumya’s address is found. Varun locks Surbhi in the storeroom before Harman could see her. Harak Singh asks Preeto to do something.

Preeto says Harman will do now, we can’t stop him. Chintu comes to Harman and asks if he will bring Soumya. Harman says yes. Chintu asks her to tell Soumya that he will not drink chocolate milk until she returns and asks him to tell her that he misses her. Harman says even I miss her. He packs his stuff and gets down the stairs. Varun asks where is Soumya and what did you know about her whereabouts. Harman says if we are destined to unite then destiny will take me there where she is. He tells Preeto that she was ready to accept her infront of society and asks her to get ready as he will bring Soumya. Preeto is shocked and says if she don’t come. Harman says then don’t wait for my return. Preeto is shocked. Others have mixed reactions.

Soumya and Tina are in the market. Harman takes flight and comes to Bangkok. He is about to see Soumya.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Cant they show something good in the serial. Vivian acting is so good , but they are not showing any interesting thing in this show

  2. Harman was superb in the last scene!

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