Shakti 31st December 2018 Written *Maha* Episode Update: Harman and Soumya unite

Shakti 31st December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harman saying finally I got my Gulabo. He makes her wear mangalsutra. Everyone smiles. Tera ishq hai…plays.. Soumya says I want to meet my family, take me home. Preeto gets thinking. Shanno, Varun, Ballu/Balwinder, Veeran celebrate and drink. They are happy that Harman and his family aren’t with them. Varun says Ballu, maybe you have someone else in your life. Varun plays music and asks them to dance. Preeto asks Soumya to stay with Nani for some days and then come to Sasural. Saaya says you have to come to my house as well. Harman recalls Harak’s words. Raavi jokes and asks Soumya to visit her Maayka first.

Harman stops Preeto and says you lied to me, Shanno and Varun made you out of the house. Preeto lies. Harak comes there and says you don’t believe me, okay,

you always believe your mum and wife, you never listen to me. He asks Preeto to tell him that she doesn’t need him in her life. Soumya asks Harak not to say so, he is the family’s foundation. Harman says I will talk to you later. Harman and Soumya ask Preeto why did she hide truth from them. Harman says I will not leave Varun and Shanno. Soumya says its my right to come with you, I m also part of family. He agrees. Harman, Soumya, Harak, Preeto and Raavi return home. Shanno and others get shocked. Harman and Soumya recall the attack on them. Harak and Raavi beat the evil gang. Shanno gets shocked. Harak scolds Veeran and beats him.

Ballu asks Raavi to forgive him. Varun apologizes to Harman. Harman beats up with a hockey stick. He asks how many times shall I forgive you, you have raised hand on my Soumya. Soumya asks Harman to stop it, Mata Rani will punish them, they got punished already. They apologize to Soumya and ask her to stop her family. Soumya says you have done wrong with my family. Harman asks them to get out of the house. He threatens them and asks them to get out. Veeran, Balwinder and Varun leave. Preeto stops Shanno and asks her to do the work in their house. She says I will show you hell in this house. Raavi shuts the door.

Preeto asks Shanno not to come in her sight. Harman says my friend is coming to meet you. Soumya asks the name. He says you know him, when he comes, you can meet him. Preeto asks him to say. He tells her. She gets glad and says then you will be glad. Raavi asks who is coming over, tell me. Harman says you will know it soon. Preeto tells Raavi. Raavi gets glad and says Soumya will get mad in happiness. Soumya asks him to say. Harman says its the new year surprise, I want to see your happiness. Door bell rings. Preeto and Raavi ask Soumya to go and see. Soumya gets happy seeing Surbhi. She smiles knowing Surbhi is pregnant. She hugs Surbhi. Harman says this is the surprise, she is my friend. Soumya asks was this your surprise. Everyone hugs Surbhi. Soumya says everything is fine, don’t worry for me, I will get tea for you. She asks Preeto can Surbhi drink tea in pregnancy. Preeto nods. Soumya says I m very happy for Surbhi’s coming baby. Shanno looks on.

Surbhi says I have missed you all a lot. Shanno goes and calls up Varun. She says your wife Surbhi has come here, she is pregnant. Varun gets shocked. Preeto comes there. Shanno hides from her. Preeto leaves. Varun says the end didn’t happen, Surbhi has come back, the film just started. Balwinder asks what will happen with her coming. Varun says this time, she has come with my baby, I will get property of Maninder, see how I get entry in this film again. He smiles. Soumya thanks Mata Rani for giving her Harman back. Harman comes and asks her to eat almonds to sharpen her memory. She says you have tried silly things to remind me the past, you could have explained me with love. He says yes, I m weird right, you were not sensible Soumya, but egoistic Khushi. She says even you showed me attitude by being Jolly. They argue and have a pillow fight. He recalls the old moment. Dil kyu teri ore….plays…. They hug. He says we are one soul. She smiles seeing him and jokes. He holds her close.

Raavi says Harman and Soumya united. Surbhi says we should give them some big surprise, we can get them remarried in a new style, they can get memories in white wedding. Raavi asks how will we manage this. Surbhi tells her plans. Its morning, Raavi calls out everyone and tells them about Harman and Soumya’s white wedding and party. Shanno looks on. Harak asks Raavi to stop all this, pairing should be between man and woman, you can burn money, nothing will happen even if they marry. Harman says I like the plan, I m ready to marry my Gulabo. Surbhi says this is different marriage. Soumya says its not needed. Raavi says a new year is going to begin, Harman will become groom. Surbhi says Soumya will become bride.

Harman and Soumya get ready. Preeto compliments Harak and laughs. Harak welcomes the guests. Surbhi sees Nani and cries. She asks Nani to go and meet Soumya, she is looking very pretty. Nani goes. Varun comes to Surbhi. She gets shocked. He takes her and asks her to wear the gown. He says we will also have a white wedding today. Surbhi says I have ended all ties with you. He says you are carrying my baby in your womb, I love my baby, don’t make me away. Surbhi gives him a last warning. They argue. Varun threatens her. He goes. Soumya hugs Nani and cries.

Harman comes to meet Soumya. Nani stops him from seeing Soumya. Raavi asks Harman to come with her, father has come to conduct wedding. Harman jokes. He asks her to go. Nani asks Harman to just go and come later. She compliments Harman. He shouts Gulabo I love you. He waits outside the room to see Soumya. Nani gets Soumya out. Varun asks waiter to make his gift reach groom and bride. Waiter says sure and goes. Harman sees Soumya coming. He gets stunned seeing her pretty look…. Raavi and Surbhi also smile seeing them. Harman imagines dancing with Soumya on Mere rang mein…..

Harman and Soumya exchange vows and hug. Mohini dances on Lat lag gaye…

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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