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Shakti 31st August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Preeto seeing Maninder talking to Saya on the road. She thinks why Maninder is talking to Kinnar. She asks driver to stop the car and gets down to go there, but suddenly a truck comes while she was crossing road. She sees them gone, and thinks they were here only just now. She thinks everyone is strange in the family. She sits in car and goes. Maninder and Saya come out from hiding. Saya asks Maninder why did you hide, you should have tell Preeto about Soumya’s truth. Maninder warns Saya not to tell anyone about Soumya, as Surbhi’s life will ruin. He says I have to cover up Soumya’s truth for few days until Surbhi gets married. He asks her not to roam around Soumya or see her.

Harak Singh comes home, calls Preeto and asks her to get water. Sindhu comes and says Tai

ji went early in the morning. Harak Singh says okay and asks her to bring water. He says I am having headache. Soumya comes and gives him water, says I heard your voice. Harak Singh says even one mouth haven’t passed, and you have handled home very well. He praises her values and says you should get my age too. He is about to take tablet. Soumya asks him not to take medicine and says she has added ajwain and black pepper in the water and says your headache will go. She says my Nani says that home remedy is good. Harak Singh says your nani says right, but in our house we do fight etc. He takes water from her hand. Just then Preeto comes and goes straight to her room. Harak Singh calls her, but she goes ignoring him. Harak Singh drinks water. Raavi comes to talk to Preeto and asks where did you go? Preeto says she has seen Maninder talking to Kinnar and asks what they were talking about? Raavi says you must be misunderstanding them. Preeto is still doubtful.

Surbhi comes to meet the guy with whom Maninder has fixed her marriage. The guy comes and says he was leaving to sanctioned loan. Surbhi thanks him for coming. She says our marriage is after 4 days, but I can’t marry you now. The guy Abhishek asks don’t you like me. Surbhi asks him to postpone wedding for 5 days. Abhishekh asks what is the reason? Surbhi says I will tell you reason later. Abhishek agrees. Surbhi thanks him.

Preeto thinks to find out. She thinks why people will talk to Kinnar on road. She thinks what is the relation of Maninder with Kinnar, and thinks why he will tell me. She thinks to do something and gets an idea.

Harman comes to room. He sees Soumya talking to flowers, saying she brought them to cheer up Harman, as he is upset with him. He goes inside the room. Soumya says I want to talk to you. She says I brought roses for you. Harman asks if my life will be fine again, and asks her to move flowers from his room. Soumya says it is a matter of few days, then you don’t have to bear me, don’t have to sleep on sofa, don’t have to lie to family, then you can forget me as a bad dream. She cries. Harman asks what is her problem? He says I can’t bear tears in your eyes. He says I was a flirt, but my intention was never bad. He says I always gave happiness. He says our relation is a betrayal, but I am managing and asks her to manage too. He asks her to wipe tears and tell what she was saying? He says if you don’t stop crying then I will leave from this room. He asks her to sit on sofa. He gives her water and asks her to drink. Tu Hi Mera Khuda plays…………Soumya drinks. Harman asks her to tell, if she will be his friend. Soumya looks on surprised. Harman says I know that a girl and a boy can’t be friends, but you are unique. He says our relation should be unique. He says you will soon leave from here.

Soumya looks on. Harman promises her that he will not get angry or shout at her until she is here. He asks her to promise that she will not cry, and gives his hand asking her to promise. Soumya blinks her eyes cutely. Soumya gets up and nods her head. Harman says I can understand that you have never promised anyone, but you must have seen in films. He says promise should be done by shaking hands. Soumya gives her hand hesitantly. Harman shakes hand with her, and says this is promise and now you are my friend. He asks what you want to say? Soumya says Mummy ji went to my house, and asked Maa (Nimmi) about our relation. She says I am scared. She says Surbhi called and informed me. Harman says why my mum is a spy. He asks her not to take tension, be strong and says I am with you. Soumya thinks I don’t want this days to go.

Preeto comes to Saya’s house. Saya asks you and is shocked. Preeto asks will you make me stand on the door. She sees Soumya’s numerous pics on the wall starting from her childhood. Preeto is shocked and picks a photo.

Preeto asks Saya why she has kept her bahus pics on the wall. Saya says your bahu is beautiful and good, I like her as she is also like me. Preeto asks what do you mean? Saya says your bahu is a kinnar.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Mystery

    So cutety he say I can’t bear tears in ur eyes…..omg?…..

    But in the upcoming episodes somu has to cry more…as presto will sent Harman for work …n then she will throw somu out…..saya will take her…..?

  2. Oh my that must be a dream. Maybe Harman will say he knows she was a kinnar when he married her. Oh my can’t wait for tomorrow

    1. No its not a dream…..?
      I think Harman will find her…n bring her back…n then oppose preeto….

    2. No its not a dream…..?
      I think Harman will find her…n bring her back…n then oppose preeto….

      It will be seen in MAHAEPISODE I GUESS…..

    3. Ya just wish it’s a dream…

  3. I hope Harman will save somu…..n will take her back to his house…..

  4. Harman is so sweet. I’m sure he will defend Saumya 🙂

  5. Oh no! What next? What will Harman do?

    1. Presto will send him for some work…n in his absence she will throw somu out

  6. Angelk1

    Their so cute… poor soumya… she has to fight for her love and happyness. Presto and harman sister are to nosy, why can’t they leave my sweet Gallo alone ( forgot her nickname xd)

    1. It’s Gulabo 🙂

  7. Harman Save Somu But What Happen Next !!! How Many Days Harman Save Somu…

  8. now what will happen
    i think preeto will get shocked to know about somu
    and hi guys

  9. I saw on fb that saumya will get a makeover now…..

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