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Shakti 30th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harman coming to meet Surbhi. Surbhi asks Harman to go and tells that she don’t need him. She says that she was very close to Soumya, but missed her. She says she haven’t lost hope to get her and says she will continue to search her. Nimmi sees a veiled woman in her house, and closes all the doors and windows, tells Beeji that chudail came to take Soumya. Beeji tells her that all veiled women are not witches. Nimmi sees Harman and asks him to sit, and says she will bring tea and snacks, and goes. Surbhi tells Harman that Nimmi’s condition is deteriorating day by day and tells that she is behaving abnormally sometimes. Harman tells her that he sat at home because of the happenings at his house, but you are still searching Soumya even after bearing so much. He promises to

support her and asks her to tell what she came to know about Soumya. Surbhi tells him that she missed seeing Soumya and a fb is shown.

Harak Singh asks Preeto what she found about Soumya. Preeto tells him about getting Soumya’s call on Harman’s phone and then going to her basti and confronting her. A fb is shown. Guru maa confronts Preeto and supports Soumya. Fb ends. Harak Singh asks Preeto why did you go there? Preeto says it was good that I had picked the call, else Harman would have gone there and brought her here. Harak Singh says he is feeling helpless and trapped. Preeto says we have to stop Harman.

Rani and Raveena come to get fruits and vegetables. They buy Apples and go. Soumya thanks Kareena for saving her. Kareena says I am feeling bad. She asks why did you call Harman, who didn’t care about you. Soumya says I called Harman, and thinks why did he send Maa ji. Kareena asks her to tell everything. Soumya tells that she told everything in a hurry and cut the call. She says may be Preeto picked the call and came here. Kareena says may be he is a nice guy, but now. Soumya says you will know when you meet him. Kareena says I am happy with my people. Raveena tells Rani that her father is rich, have big houses and cars. She says my brother must be ruling now. She says our family have disowned us. Rani tells that she got an idea and tells that we can become rich by shaking hands with Preeto. She says Preeto will give us lots of money to move Soumya from Harman’s way. Raveena asks about Guru Maa. Rani asks her to think about money and says we will send her to Bangkok, where she will entertain people differently and here we will fulfill our dreams. She says we have to go and convince Tarana’s mum in law to give us money.

Soumya tells Kareena that you people have snatched my mangalsutra saying that you people don’t belief on their customs. She asks why do you people apply sindoor in your forehead. Kareena says we just want to give excuse to ourselves and that’s why apply sindoor. She asks her to forget that world. Guru Maa tells Saya that Soumya called Harman from the PCO and tells that Preeto came here to make her understand her truth. She says I knew this, but I kept silent.

Rani and Raveena come to Preeto and tell her that they will send Soumya to Bangkok to make her go far from Harman, and asks for money. Preeto gives them money. Later Harman tells Surbhi that there is an area of kinnar’s group and tells that they will find Soumya anyhow. He asks her not to worry.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Renuverma

    Hi friends whère r u. No comments till now.

    1. Hi renu hw r u.sorry i was busy today till11 Now i got free. Do u loike the track going on innshakti. Well there are very negative comments but i hope the episodes further coming are interesting whats ut say

      Bt where were u yesterda

    2. Renu di r u busy now a days. U aren’t commenting in shakti page.why?

  2. Good going harman, any hw stop sownya gng bangkok

  3. Coming to the episorde it was average bt dragging. dont know of u all bt t i m seriously waiting for bankok track ehatever it is

  4. Hi saras uthaya reenu tanvi reena as vivian fan .where are u all today .guys plz commment on. Its disguisting to see so less comments in no. 1show page

  5. Thanx hasan for the update. She is the best writer of whole tellyupdaters of diff show. I too like amena

  6. It seems today i have to comment only todqy

  7. Awwwww guys shakti on no. 2 position.

    This is the list of trp ratings of indian tv serials this week ie.38th week of q 2016



    3.saath nibhana saathiya

    4.yeh hai mohabbatein

    5.kumkum bhagya

    If this boring track was not going on in shakti then it would have been no.1 till many weeks. But cv-s totally destroyed it ah now witing for next track

  8. VivianFanTEJU

    I am too late today. Episodes are going just OK hope they are reserving interesting tracks for next week. U know festive season.

  9. Ahh! I know the track is boring and many cum to this site and think what to comment bt they can simply write the episode was worese but atleast ca write something. Its my request to visiters of this page not to visit only bt also write something

    1. hi siya.. Thanks for remembering me. ..
      I m out of station for a week so not watching it..Just reading wu..

      Hope the track changes n it gets more interesting soon..

  10. I dont understand how number 3 is still in place. I thought that would go off air like two years ago. And sasural simar ka. Tapki is a load of crap. At present watching kasam and shakti.

  11. pwincess pari

    The track is ok for me but I am eagerly waiting for Haya’s meet …..

  12. I want harman to help soumya to fight the world n support her .. Not that she becomes woman in bangkok n he accept her after that…

    Don’t know when n how they both meet. ..

  13. pta nhi yaar Harman itna late q kar rha hai Somuya ko bachane me…
    Iske bad hi to show me mja aayega

  14. hi i sm noha i will be glad to join you all

  15. i think shakti is going very from the idea of identity and the power of love the rumour about surbi and harman marriage will be true. i think it will be preeto condition to rescue somya that harman marries surbti as he will agree for his love . but my point of view is that it is only adeal between surbi and harman in order to save somya

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