Shakti 30th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Harak Singh shares his plan with Preeto

Shakti 30th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harak Singh bringing Mohini home. Shanno asks if you will celebrate Karva chauth with her. Preeto says you are my ego, and asks why did he do this. She says she don’t hope this thing from him. Mohini asks her why she is talking waste things and says since she accepted him as her balam, she has to fulfill the rituals. Harak Singh calls her Sanam ji and asks Raavi to move back. He tells Mohini that his family is jealous of his happiness. Mohini asks do you mean I am your happiness. He says yes and asks her to come, and goes to show the room. Preeto, Shanno and others are shocked. Veeran is about to go to Harak Singh, Shanno stops him and asks him to complete the rasam first else she will die with hunger.

Soumya does Harman’s aarti. Tu hi mera khuda plays. Surbhi does Varun’s

aarti. Shanno and Raavi break their fast. Preeto asks Harak Singh, why he didn’t think about her once and breaks the things in the room. She says I will kill myself, you too, but won’t let her stay here. Mohini says you didn’t tell the truth to your wife, she has broken the things in the room unnecessarily. Preeto asks what? Harak Singh says they are doing drama. Varun breaks Surbhi’s fast and blesses her. Soumya touches Harman’s feet. Harman stops her, says puja is incomplete, now it is my turn. He looks at her through the mesh and breaks his fast. Soumya smiles.

Harman says the moon in the sky is nothing infront of my moon. Tu hi mera khuda plays. He does her aarti and touches her feet. Soumya back off and asks what are you doing. Harman says when you can touch my feet, why can’t I touch yours. He says we have equal relations and makes her have water and eat sweets. Soumya then makes him have water and sweets. Everyone looks on with mixed reaction. Harak Singh tells Preeto that they have to drink this poison. He says they have to act and she has to behave as if Mohini is her sautan. He will be proved characterless infront of everyone. Mohini says once your work is done, I will get my money and leave from here. Harak Singh says we have to make proper strategy.

Harman asks Saya, can I take Soumya with me. Saya says surely. Gurumaa who shook hands with Kareena is shocked. Harman asks are you alright as you haven’t kept any condition. Veeran brings sweets for Shanno. Preeto comes there and knocks on the door. He calls Veeran and tells that Harak Singh have gone mad and is in her room with Sanam/ Mohini. They go there and see Mohini seeing Harak Singh through the mesh and saying she can’t see the moon. Veeran asks Harak Singh what happened to him. Harak Singh asks him to call Mohini as Bhabhi Maa. Veeran says preeto will be his bhabhi only. Preeto acts and says son and husband both have left her. Harak Singh continues to do drama with Mohini. Everyone leave.

Soumya and Harman are walking on the road. Soumya says he was looking good while stitching saree pallu. Harman says needle pierced in his finger and she thought it good. Soumya says no and tells that sargi was good, but salty. Harman asks if salt was much and says sorry. Soumya says she wants a gift from him which shall be unique. Harman asks what she will gift him. Soumya says I have fetched water in the bucket for you. Harman says that was not a gift. Soumya signs him to dance with her. Harman says this is not less than a gift and dances with her. Kuch kuch hota hai music plays…………Soumya hugs him and smiles.

Shanno tells Preeto that everything will be fine. Raavi asks Veeran to kick her out else she will kill that woman. Veeran says only Harman can handle Harak Singh.

Soumya says Harman ji. Harman asks her to feel the silence. Soumya says she is feeling hungry. Harman asks why didn’t you tell me before. Veeran calls Harman. Harman picks the call, hears him and is shocked. He ends the call. Veeran is shocked. Soumya asks whose call it was. Harman says wrong number and asks her to come.

Veeran says Harman didn’t say anything and disconnected the call. Raavi says he didn’t think about his mum. Shanno says he will do something surely and will come running here. Chameli tells Rani that Harman took Soumya out for dinner, but he don’t have food. Rani says he will manage being dilwala. Rani sees something and goes and slaps Kareena. Kareena is about to slap her, but she stops her. She tells Saya that Kareena added salt in Soumya’s sargi. Harman and Soumya returns and hear her.

Soumya thinks what Harman is thinking. Raavi comes and blames Soumya and calls Harman useless like kinnars, and tells that his mum is in trouble and hungry and he is having food here.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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