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Shakti 30th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Lawyer telling that the case is difficult, but they can tell that he shot in self defence. Preeto asks him to do something and save her son, don’t think about money. Lawyer says I will do my best and goes. Chintu comes there. Raavi asks from where you are coming. Chintu says I can’t lie like you and says I went to meet Soumya. Raveena tells Kareena that Soumya have to come back to us now. Rani is sad. Raveena says she is dreaming like Soumya. Rani tells that if Soumya have a failed life, but also her life would be far better than us. Raveena says she has gone mad. Preeto asks Varun to take out car and says Harman might be feeling hungry. Shanno says Didi did right by making food and says she gets freedom from kitchen today. Chintu hears her and asks her to make chocolate milk shake

for him and then parathas etc. Shanno asks him to ask her mummy. Chintu says I will tell Nani what you said about her. Shanno agrees to make food for him and asks him to play. Chintu goes.

Rani tells Saya that she wants to come with her to meet Soumya. Saya asks if this is her new conspiracy. Rani says no, and says she has realized her mistake. Saya says I am happy that you have realized your mistake and says I will take you some other day. She goes. Chameli asks Rani if she is acting. Rani says she has changed surely. Soumya is sitting infront of the broken hut. Surbhi and Nani are with her. Saya asks Soumya to have food. Soumya says Harman might be hungry and says how to make food now. Saya shows the tiffin and asks her to make Harman have food. Soumya thanks Saya and cries.

Harman tells Inspector that I fired gun at the goon to save my Gulabo. Inspector asks him to tell in court. Harman says I swear on Gulabo. Inspector says she is not any holy book. Harman says she is like a holy book to me. Soumya comes there and cries seeing him. Harman asks her not to cry and says I will be fine soon. Soumya blames herself. Harman says nothing happened because of you. He says you have brought food, I am so hungry asks her to feed him. Soumya feeds food to Harman. Tu Hi Mera Khuda plays. Harman asks Soumya not to be alone in the house till he returns. Preeto comes and sees Soumya feeding him. She gets angry and asks Inspector to give food to Harman if he feels hungry else throw it. Constable asks Soumya to go. Harman asks Soumya not to come in court, even if he is hanged. Soumya says I need to come. Harman says I don’t want you to get tensed hearing the questions. Soumya agrees. Harman asks her to remember.

Chintu tells Preeto that he is missing Harman and Soumya and asks her to bring them home after Mama gets freed. Raavi asks him to come to room, and not to trouble Preeto. Varun tells Preeto that today is the hearing and says Harman will get bail. He asks her not to take tension. Shanno says he is big lawyer of the city and will get bail. Saya tells Soumya that Preeto has hired big lawyer and Harman will get bail. Soumya says we can’t sit idle. Surbhi says they can hire big lawyer, but we can’t. let them do this for their son. Saya asks Surbhi to take Soumya home.

Harak Singh talks to lawyer. Lawyer says I can understand your concern and worry for your son. Harak Singh says I will make money flow like water. Lawyer says I will do as you says. Harak Singh says Harman shall not get bail. Lawyer says just as you says.

Surbhi tells Soumya that the lawyer turned prosecution lawyer and fought case against Harman. Soumya goes to Preeto and requests for help. Preeto asks Soumya to make Harman free being his wife.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Congratulations to the BEST PRODUCER OF TV RASHMI SHARMA & to the entire cast and crew for completing 1 year of the show!

  2. Congratulations for one year shakti; thanks for your hard working and bringing us a new topic on indian Television…IT ‘s an iconic love story without any bondaries… True love is rare nowdays and how can we say with a such pure love story…hats of to All shakti teams a hope they ‘ll do their best to make it hits .

  3. Congrats to rashmi mam and the entire team of shakti especially to my vivian.

  4. Truly one of the best dramas. Keep it up

  5. Congrats for one year shakthi drama. As well as rashmi sharma and her team and shakthi cast. Your work is weldone and this story is different love story. I hope our haya’s love win at the end this drama. Vivi and rubi i love you both sooooooooo much.Good work and wish your all the best all of you! Thank you for your hard working ?????????????????

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