Shakti 30th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Shakti 30th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nimmi getting shocked seeing Soumya’s broken bangles. Constable says it seems kidnapper have killed her. Nimmi cries badly. Surbhi tells Nimmi that nothing can happen to Soumya as her heart says. Inspector says nothing will happen to her. Khadak Singh says if Harman have done this mischief then he is not my blood. He calls Preeto. Preeto asks where are you? And asks him to bring son and daughter in law. Khadak Singh tells Preeto that Harman has killed that girl. Preeto says you are cursing my upbringing and says he couldn’t do this. She says Harman just called and was taking care of that girl. Khadak Singh says she is blinded in son’s love. He thinks where to search him. In the morning, Harman asks Soumya to go home. Soumya requests him to drop her home cutely. Harman says he

is looking like Bajrangi bhaijaan and calls her munni. He asks her to come. All the neighbors gossip about Soumya and says a guy have eloped with her. Maninder tells Bebe that neighbors can’t let them live peacefully now. Bebe says we shall badmouth about her and ruin her respect. Maninder says yes, and says we will get their sympathy and nobody will believe on Soumya’s truth.

Maninder asks Surbhi if Soumya is found. Surbhi says not yet but uncle is searching her with his force. They see Soumya returning home and gossip that she has spent a night with her lover. They say that they can’t let her stay in the pind and asks her to leave. Surbhi comes out and sees Soumya walking towards their home. She calls Nimmi, and asks her to come out. Nimmi comes and sees Soumya coming, and is happy. She thanks the God. Maninder and Bebe are shocked. Soumya looks scared. A neighbor stops her from going to her house. They get crazy and refuse to let her stay in the neighborhood. Nimmi asks them to keep quiet. The neighbors hold Surbhi and Nimmi and others pushes Soumya to make her leave. They throw stone on her. Soumya cries and falls down. Nimmi shouts Soumya…..Soumya gets injured as the blood comes out from her head. The neighbor asks them to kill her. Nimmi cries helplessly. The neighbor tries to hit her, but Harman comes and stops his hand. Shakti song plays……..Harman asks who are you all to decide her destiny, and became judges. He says it is unmanly thing to raise hand on woman. He gives his hand to scared Soumya. Tera Ishq Ka Meri Ibadat plays………………Soumya gives her hand hesitantly and gets up. Harman asks her to wipe her tears…gulabo. Soumya wipes her tears.

Harman asks what is the Siyappa/problem. The neighbor asks who are you? Harman says he is kidnapper, but didn’t do anything wrong with her. Neighbors says we should hang her at the crossroad. Maninder says yes, you said right. He says this girl has blacken our face, and should be punished. Nimmi says Maninder. Maninder asks her to shut up. Biji asks her to save Soumya now. Harman says are you mad? Surbhi says we should ask what happened actually. Neighbor says these girl has decided to ruin our village. Maninder stops them and asks to punish Soumya and not Surbhi. Harman asks Soumya, if Maninder is her father? Are you sure? He says until I am here, nothing will happen. Soumya nods. Neighbor says even father is agreeing with us, we should beat both of them. Harman stops the neighbors and beat them.

Khadak Singh says my son has done a mistake and have to rectify it. He asks Harman to fill her maang with sindoor. He fills her maang. Everyone is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Janani

    Ssuperbbbbbb precap.

  2. Ritvi

    Wow without dragging marriage?that too in rashmi mam serial

    1. ?? well said ritvi…but wt abt surbhi now??

  3. pwincess pari

    Awesum epi ????

  4. Harman is so good looking ,his dialogues and and way of telling them is more good. i always look forward for his scenes. Soumya and harman’s scenes always look perfect…

  5. It means harman married sowmya to fill her maang. But its so fast. But nice precape.

  6. Saumyas scenes were sooo heart touching ? …this Maninder needs to be beaten with chappals…and what stupid villagers, especially that old man who came to hit saumya. Good that Harman handled them well. The good thing is that because of the villagers, Saumya and Harman will get married. Love you Harman ?

  7. U know I n my mom was cursing somya’s dad….really he is too much…..we were just praying that Harman should came n then he came….n protect her gulabo…..loved it…..but I m scared if somya is a KINNER Or not???? JUST HOPE SHE IS NOT

    1. believe she is not

  8. nice . i got emotional when hitting somu with stones . hard hearted peoples. but expected harman fr resque nice perfect entry .i luv this serial sooooooooooo muchhhhhhhhhhh

  9. seriously loving it…
    Harman s dialoges his body language. . soumya everything super. . bg score is icing on the cake. ..

  10. I just love Vivian I hope saumya is not kinner

  11. pwincess pari

    Love this serial ?????? veryyyyyy excited 4 Haya’s romantic scene ????? My Viviiiiii , u r really superstar yarrr ?

  12. Alisha

    This serial is literally killing me with suspense. On the other hand, I am loving the couple Soumya and Harman (Harmanya). They are adorable. Loved the way Harman offered his hand to Soumya and she complied, plus every time Harman calls her Gulabo, I be like ??. I never loved an on screen couple this much in a few days. Their chemistry, acting everything is making me love this serial. Plus, I don’t think so there would be a love triangle between Harmanya and Surbhi, but you never know what the writers are planning. The precap is kinda interesting and shocking too. I hope the mystery would be revealed soon.

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Yes I agree suspense n suspense I love suspense n I m also quite died up with love triangles

      1. Alisha

        Yeah! We have no idea that which one of the rumor is actually related to Soumya’s past. You never know? Hope they reveal it soon and don’t drag the serial, like they do to the others.

  13. I love the precap and I am not able to describe how I am feeling ladduuu phut ra hai hai mera dil maye……….

  14. Mukti.H

    Thank god that it is not ek’s serial
    Else it would have been very dragging…

    1. mukti i was really missing someone of our family here so i am very happy to see u here very excitedly waiting for today’s episode

  15. Yeah great episode, this happens in villages I’m sure, it’s so sad. ?
    What does kinner mean? I don’t understand.

    I have two theories, tell me what you think…
    1. Soumya’s real mother dropped her outside the gate when she was a baby because she had an affair with Maninder (remember he said ppl will know my weakness) and he has to look after her. He and his mother plan to kill the baby so hide the secret. But Nimmi won’t let such a sin happen. So she vowed to look after the baby as her own. This witches are not witches, but Maninder’s goons that tried several times to kill Soumya.

    Theory 2 – When Soumya was born, a jothis says she will bring shame and lots of issues for Maninder and his family…hence they have been trying to get rid of her?

    Ok but I like my 1st theory better. ?

    1. first is better but can’t say anything surely

    2. Those are good theory, but remember when soumya was playing with the doll, and her sister said she will make a good bride, the dad commented saying more like a groom. So I think it’s something wrong with her hormone, or system. Maybe she can’t have kids or she has some xy chrome , some guy cells in her.

      1. Oh really!! I must have missed that. So my theories are out of the door lol. Hmmmm how weird…but I don’t know what dad means that everyone will see my weakness…I read somewhere it’s not a transgender story. So don’t know yaar what is it…?

  16. inthonoka beech wow superbbbbbbb I really enjoying this serial

  17. Bunch of idiots how they do this to soumu ,will they do same if the girl is from their own family and ofcourse mahinder is exceptionist he didn’t have humanity too but vivan entry and his dialogue all r awesome

    1. due to that behavior Harman’s father force him to do this marriage

  18. episode was good
    precap is just bomb which is going to blast today hope so as the writers/directors can also drag it but the precap is just fabulous

  19. pooja prajwal

    Hey guys what is the meaning of kinner

    1. Yeah I want to know the same thing.

      1. Kinner means transgenders. Men’s who usually dress and behave like women. You’ll find them mostly begging on most of the traffic signals in India.

      2. I see thanks Jessica ????

  20. Guys I just read that Somu is actually born female n male..she is an eunuch! Hence unable to bear children let alone be intimate with anyone to begin with. ? Ok so that’s weird!!! It’s all gossip I guess till we get told for real. But they decided to make Somu a female instead of a male. Omg I’m dying to know! Tell me already ?

    1. Also I bet her MIL is going to give her hell once she finds out her Harman’s wife cannot bear children!! Cause she wants a Grandson. Poor Soumu. ?

    2. Basically she’s a men stuck in a female body. The family thinks she can’t have kids, which is not only a disgrace to the father but a shame to him because he had someone in his family like that. I think that’s why his so mean to her, but they have pills for those type of situation, that can help her system. Maybe she will get help, but I think the mother lied about her being that way, and the father believed it.

      Maybe a misunderstandment, and soumya is actually a girl. I feel so sad for her, she’s so innocent, but the village AAAh!! They make me so mad.

  21. Achuz

    Love this serial
    Poor somu
    So lovely and innocent girl

  22. Yrr m during to know the truth

  23. RANdomfANCreationz

    Love this show, awesome precap I think now soumya fact will be revealed

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