Shakti 30th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Soumya thinks of Harak Singh’s condition as Maharani blackmails her

Shakti 30th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Maharani telling Preeto that she is the one whom Harman is searching there and asks her to call Soumya. Soumya comes there and is shocked to see Maharani. She recalls seeing her in Dubai. Maharani says you have heard my name, right..come and stand near your saas. She says what do you think that I will be in jail always and not come out. She says I will take my revenge, and will end your game as I am Maharani.. She takes them to hall. Soumya and Preeto are shocked to see everyone unconsciously lying on floor. Maharani says they are unconscious, and if you want them to be alive then do what I say. She asks the man to take them inside. Chintu comes there. Maharani threatens to kill him. Chintu asks her to leave his Mami and Nani.

Soumya asks Chintu to go and agree to them.

Maharani asks his man to take Chintu to room. She says Harman is not here, so my plan will be smooth. She says it was her trick to send him out, and says villagers must be coming here. She takes them near door and says tamasha will happen infront of Pind. Soumya asks what do you want? Maharani says she will get peace when her wish is fulfilled. She says I made rumours spread in the pind that Harak Singh got heart attack. They will come here and Soumya will tell them. Preeto says why you did this drama, we will tell everyone. Maharani says Harak Singh will get heart attack and Preeto will become widow.

Neighbors come to Harak Singh’s house. Harman reaches the place told by Kareena and searches for Rani. Maharani says you and your husband got my business ruined and got me arrested. Now I am very happy to think what will neighbors do with you. Preeto says my bahu is not a sinner and nothing wrong will happen with her. Maharani says when she was a child, she used to play with kids, but when her truth came out, she was sent to kinnars, but Soumya is still playing the game. She says a kinnar can’t have a family or husband. Neighbors knock on the door. Maharani says society will smash her and throw.

Harman searches for Rani. He calls on the number, but it is switched off. He calls Soumya. Maharani takes phone from her hand and says your hubby is calling, but he can’t talk to you. She says your love story will have the end and sad story will start. She asks man to go out and mingle with the crowd, and says you know what to do. He goes out and tells neighbors that everyone is shocked after Harak Singh got heart attack and they took him to hospital. The neighbors still knock on the door thinking somebody will be at home.

Maharani says I am so happy and asks Soumya to go out and tell truth to everyone. Preeto asks her to go and says just like Nimmi was with you, I am with you and asks her not to be scared. Maharani says if you don’t go then I will shoot your saas and the unconscious family members, and your truth of kinnar will be responsible. Soumya thinks of Harak Singh’s condition.

Chintu tries to make Raavi gain consciousness. Maharani asks Soumya not to waste time and go. Raavi gains consciousness and asks to open the door. Maharani opens the door and asks Raavi to come. She asks her to go out with Soumya and tell neighbors that Harak Singh got heart attack and he is in hospital because Soumya is a kinnar.

Preeto asks why you are doing this. Maharani says she wants revenge this way. Preeto says I will tell everyone and asks Raavi to stop, but she goes as Maharani threatens her. Neighbor asks how is Harak Singh? Raavi says he is in hospital because of Soumya who is a…

Preeto snatches gun from Maharani and threatens to kill her for Soumya’s protection. Harman, harak Singh and Mohini comes there.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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