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Shakti 30th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Soumya asking Varun to leave Surbhi. Varun says nobody will step forward and start taking rounds with Surbhi. Harak singh, Preeto and Harman comes there. Varun is shocked and stops seeing them. He keeps gun on his head and asks Harman not to step forward, else he will shoot himself. Surbhi goes to Soumya. Varun says I didn’t do anything. Surbhi tells him that Varun kidnapped Soumya and threatened to kill her. Harman asks if she told truth, asks him to say yes or no. Varun fires bullet. Everyone is shocked. Varun drops the gun as Inspector shoot on his hand. Harman asks him to tell the truth. Varun says I haven’t kidnapped Soumya and asks him to clarify with Soumya. He says I tried to stop her, but she didn’t listen to me so I took her with me. He tells I loves Surbhi very

much and that’s why I thought of this plan. He says who can know of true love better than you. Harman slaps him, and says first mistake, Soumya was with you and you didn’t tell me. He says second mistake is that you was marrying Surbhi without her wish.

Varun says what I would have told you about Bhabhi. Preeto thinks may be he can spit the truth and my plan might backfire. She slaps Varun repeatedly and asks how dare you to hurt Harman and betrayed him. He says Surbhi is Harman’s sister in law. She says I slapped you twice as you made me accused in my son’s eyes. She tells Harman that his thinking was wrong about her. Varun says I don’t want to go to jail. Preeto asks Inspector to take Varun.

Preeto turns to Soumya and asks what happened suddenly which made her leave from the house. She asks her to come with them. Soumya recalls how Preeto forced her to go. Harman recalls reading Soumya’s letter and seeing the torn painting. He says I want to talk to her first. He asks did you write that letter by yourself or if someone had forced you. Soumya is silent. Harman asks did you leave house with your wish or with someone’s order. Did you tear my painting by yourself. Preeto thinks Soumya shouldn’t say the truth. Soumya takes the blame on herself and says she did everything with her wish. Harman asks Surbhi to take her sister away from his house and him. He says I made that painting with my heart, and asks her to reply to him. He says I think you got the strength to stay anywhere without me. He asks Surbhi to take Soumya with him.

Abhishek comes home. Maninder tells him that Surbhi went somewhere. Surbhi comes there with Soumya. Nani gets happy. Abhishek asks them to take care. Surbhi tells Nani that we are mad to worry about her leaving everything. Soumya asks why you are saying this? Surbhi goes to her room and locks the door. Soumya asks her to open the door. Maninder and Bebe get angry.

Nani asks Soumya to tell what happened? Soumya says I want to talk to Surbhi and knocks on the door asking her to open. Soumya goes to room and closes it. Surbhi seems to be angry with her. Soumya asks her not to get angry and holds her ears apologizing her. She tells about childhood incident and says today I am apologizing to you. Surbhi says I hate it, you always try to become great and asks don’t you think we can take care of you and have some right on you. Soumya says my life is because of you and maa, and says I have no identity without you. Surbhi says you didn’t think about us before writing a letter and leaving from there. She asks if this house is not yours and asks her to answer. Soumya says Maa already left me and if you leave me too, then with whom I will leave. She says I have an answer, but I can’t tell you. Surbhi asks her to answer. Soumya says I want to understand the strange situation as I don’t want something. Surbhi asks her to tell clearly. Soumya says now we will not have any tension. Surbhi says I want to know the reason for your move. Soumya looks on.

Surbhi gives her promise and asks her to tell the reason of leaving home. Soumya says how to tell you that I need us as sautan, as Mummy ji wants you to fulfill the incompleteness in Harman’s life which happened because of me. Harman and Soumya spend some romantic moments. Surbhi agrees to marry Harman.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. My last 2016 comment,frankly this week was some useless drama by Surbhi, Varun, preeto…. But wishing all the best to Shakti Astitva ke ehsaas ki, hope it becomes no 1 in 2017,and Vivian and Rubina continue to entertain us with Shakti in 2017….

  2. My last 2016 comment, Well this week was some useless drama by Surbhi, Varun and preeto, anyways I wish Shakti Astitva ke ehsaas ki all the luck for future, hope 2017 is ruled by Shakti Astitva ke ehsaas ki n Vivian and Rubina continue to entertain us with Shakti…. And I hope Shakti becomes no 1 in 2017.

  3. hai guys… h r u all? I could’nt see today’s epi… hey surbhi.. why are you coming between haya.. please dont accept this mariage… if you accept this shaadi, we all hate you and we have not any interest in this serial…
    Am I correct guys?? are you interested in harman and surbhi s this relationship??

  4. hai ashley… jan 13 and morning 7’o clock varom pa.. paakalam… neenga solradha paatha indha visit nalla experience ah irukkum nu thonudhu …. thanq u..

  5. Hi karthika u right I hate Preeto I dislike that relastionship


  7. Hi all shakti fans
    In Today episode Harman’s dialogues is super.and no other matter. I eagerly wait next week episodes. And I advance wish to all our team a very happy and prosperous new year 2017. We will chat in next year.

  8. And one important and happy news Harman refuses to marry surbhi at last moment of the wedding day and preeto will be shocked and furious with Harman’s refusal.

  9. Raji I’m very happy about ur information.thank u so much. All our shakti fans r wishing to happen like that. In today episode I enjoy d Harman action it’s superb.I like soumya action also she is very cute in that saree. Coming episodes r very paining for us.but raji information make me very much happy. I love haya only they r d best jodi and real jodi in d world.

  10. Hi shakthi fans, again this evil preeto escaped from Harman. Overa panra intha preeto adutha varushamaavathu avaluku nalla gunam varatum ithu thaan en newyear prayer.

    Enna karthi naan pray pannurathu correct thaane evvalavu Peru santhoshama iruppanga preeto maarina.

    Naalu Peru santhoshama iruntha etha vendumnaalum seiven.???

  11. Boring serial.Disgusting track,more than swaragini…

  12. Yes bunny
    And one thing Harman and surbhi join their hands. They decide Will teach a lesson to preeto. I read this all news in upcoming updates. But its true.

  13. raji ma r u sure?? if it is true, i m very happy.. idha ketkum bodhu kadhila then vandhu payudhu..

    ammu ma unga reaction enna???

  14. ok ammu ma.. I ‘ll join u… neenga prey pannadhu correct dhan.. naanum prey panren …. naalu pero naapadhu pero indha preeto mattum thirundhuna indha ulagathula ulla ellarume haapy annachi…

  15. Hey karthi, appo nee pongal Ku veetil iruka maataya? Intha varusham tuticorin la thaan pongal celebration ah. Super thaan

    Amma , appa onnum solla villaya.

    Hi raji, naanum parthen spoiler la but innum oru gossip news la surbi is going to take revenge for preeto with the help of Harman for somus sake nu pottu irunthathu pa. Lets hope for gud news.

  16. Advance happy new year to all shakti family… ammu ma and raji maa unga rendu perukkum vazhtha vayadhillai… vanangugiren….

    ammu ma neenga free ah irundha naalaiku illana new year ku indha page la comment panna mudiyuma??? if you free…

    meedhi comment naalaiku pandren… i m in a sleepy condition… so bye.. meet again tmrw… gd n8 .. sweet dreams…


    I pray to god for our healthy growing friendship.

    2016 la niraya friends and pillainga kidaippanga nu ninaika ve illai . Naama yaarukkum orutharai pattri oruvaruku theriyathu but ippadi friendly irrukom ninai thaale santhoshamaa iruku.

    Namma grp la 2017 rendu peruku romba main I.e, ASHLEY and RAJI’S first son they r going to write their board exams . I wish and pray for excellent results.

    Naama ellorum ippadi touch la irukkarthuke shakthi serial niraya varusham poganum.

    Thank you sakthi serial becoz of u I got such a great friends . Once again a very happy and prosperous NEWYEAR to all .

  18. illa ammu ma… naanga friday night eh vandhiduvom..

  19. Good morning to all shakti family….

    thanq u ammu ma…

  20. I dont know what the writers want to show.
    I understand Preeto & Harak Singh point of view. I mean at the end of the day, no matter how great Soumya and Harman look together, she is still a transgender. Incapable of having a normal husband and wife relationship with Harman.
    Preeto and Harak are thinking of their son’s future.
    While I disagree with the steps Preeto took to separate them I can understand her point of view.
    I would love for the writers to show some substantial material on the lives of transgenders though instead of boiling it down to another saas-bahu drama.

  21. Hi ammu,karthi(calls OK va), Ashley and all fans
    Enney ungal samuga sevai ninachale santhoshama irukkuirukku 2017la yum sirappaga continue pannunga and I am with you. And ammu thanks ma two months LA board exam nerunguthu enakku than bayama irukku. Avan new year celebrate panna friends kuda poitan. Enna mark vanguvano poruppe illama irukkan. Next month than avana pidikkanum.
    And today 12.00am we can message this page to new year wishes. Mudinja ellorum wish pannuvom

  22. Hi raji, freeya vidunga eppa pasangallam romba smart namma Vida forward da yosikiraanga and niraya therinji vachirukkanga higher studies patthi .so cool.

    Let him enjoy and one more thing as a mother our duty is to take care his health na. Studies yellam super Ra padichiduvaanga pa.

    Chinna Pillai Ku fever seriyaagiduchaa?

    I will catch after a few minutes

  23. Hi sakthi family, wish u all very HAPPY NEWYEAR

    Raji correct ta vanthuyen paarunga. But sry 12o clock aahala advance wish panneten anyhow en message moderation aagi correct time Ku vanthu vidum

  24. Hi frnds

  25. Hi karthi,uthaya,Ashley and all sakthi fans

    Wish u all a very happy new newyear .

  26. good morning to all and wish you a happy new year 2017 …

    sorry nan 12 o clock ku cmt pannanum nu dhan nenachen… but nan seekirama thoongiten…

  27. Hi karthi,uthaya,Ashley

    wish u all a very happy and prosperous newyear

  28. thanq u ammu ma.. ungalukkum iniya aangila puthandu nal vazhtthugal .. 🙂

  29. Yes Julie whatever you said is right. But, preeto is selfish she can turn any situation favour to her.the way of treating soumya by preeto is very bad.soumya is very nice she bear all tortures nd doing so much favour to preeto.but preeto didn’t think her sacrifice s nd always try to make her son life definitely makers pls teach a lesson for preeto by doing soumya as normal wife and make her as pregnant. Then only preeto nd her family realize then they know d value of soumya. Makers pls do like this.oror after knowing that somu is a normal girl entry some another male lead he loves nd wants to marriage soumya then preeto will realize nd then she begged in front of somu at marriage day of Harman surbhi then this marriage will stops nd preeto only begged soumya to remarry Harman
    .then d story will superb bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb.wish u happy new year 2017 for all shakti fans.hope that haya will never separate.

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