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The Episode starts with Preeto coming to Soumya’s room and searches for the blouse. Just then Soumya comes wearing same blouse. Preeto is shocked. She asks Soumya why do I feel that Harman haven’t touched you last night. Soumya is silent. Preeto asks do you need help to unbutton the blouse. Soumya says yes, and says I tried to open it but my hand don’t reach it. Preeto asks if nothing happened between you both. Soumya gets scared. Preeto says I was joking and says you must have asked Harman to open it. Soumya says when I came to room, he was sleeping, I didn’t wake him up as he might get angry. Preeto asks her to change clothes and thinks Raavi must be right, there is something wrong between them.

Maninder gets a phone call from Pandit ji, saying mahurat is after 5 days. He asks Nimmi to

do the arrangements and says it will be Soumya 20th day, and is relieved. He asks Bebe not to inform anyone. Bebe says okay. Surbhi comes back home and is shocked to know about her marriage date. She says she went to temple for Soumya di. Maninder gets angry and says this marriage is rushed because of her.

Preeto thinks Soumya falls down during marriage. Then her Mom said that they can’t stay together for few days. She thinks Harman used to love Soumya, and called her Gulabo before, but now he refuses to have food served by her. A fb is show. She thinks some big siyappa is happening under my nose and I was unaware of it. Raavi comes and asks what you are doing. Preeto is tensed. Raavi says she can understand. Preeto says you said right that nothing is right between them. Raavi says Harman is not happy with her. Preeto says he used to love her very much, but now. Harman brings medicines and gives to Preeto. Preeto says my head ache is gone after having ginger tea. Harman asks why did you send me to city then. Preeto asks if you are happy? Harman says yes. Preeto says I know you loves Soumya very much, and asks if she loves you. Harman asks her not to peep in their room and says that’s why your head is paining. Preeto asks him to answer. Harman says yes, everything is fine, says I am grown up now, asks her to have patience and eat medicine, and goes. Shanno laughs hearing Harman. Preeto shouts at her and says this is my house and Harman is my son. Shanno goes. Preeto thinks to meet someone and know the truth. Raavi asks you are talking about whom? Surbhi thinks I don’t want to marry in 5 days and thinks she has to make solution of the problem. She calls her to be groom and says I want to meet you. Groom says I will ask my parents to fix my meeting with you. Surbhi asks him not to inform Parents and says there is something which you should know.

Harman comes to room and collides with Soumya. Soumya falls in his embrace. They have an eye lock. Tu Hi Mera Khuda plays……Soumya looks tensedly. Harman leaves her and asks can’t you walk properly. Soumya says I was in a hurry and apologizes. Harman says okay. He calls her and asks her to come near him. He asks if any Siyappa happened at home. Soumya says no. Harman says Preeto was questioning me. He asks how many days are left? Soumya looks on. Harman says Preeto is very clever and will try to make you confess everything. He asks her not to tell anything. Soumya says I will try. Harman thinks he was good when he was a bachelor. Soumya thinks she can’t tell him about blouse incident.

Shanno packs her bags. Viren comes and asks what she is doing? Shanno says Preeto was insulting her. Viren asks why did you stop partition then? Shanno says they were giving hut to us. Viren promises to make everything fine for her. Bebe, Biji and Nimmi make arrangement for Surbhi’s marriage. Bebe says we will call few people only. Preeto comes there in car. Nimmi asks if anything had happened? Preeto says I came to talk to you about something important. Nimmi asks her to come inside. Bebe calls Maninder and informs him that Preeto came and went inside with Nimmi to talk. Maninder asks if she comes to know the truth. Bebe says I will inform you. Preeto tells Nimmi that Soumya and Harman don’t stay as husband and wife, and asks if you know anything. Nimmi is shocked and says I don’t know anything. Nimmi says Soumya doesn’t hide anything from you as you are like a friend to her. Nimmi says I never left her alone, and asks her not to worry, says everything will be fine. Surbhi hears them and thinks to inform Soumya. She calls Harman. Harman picks call. Surbhi apologizes for disturbing him and asks to give call to Soumya. Harman says okay and calls Soumya. Soumya comes running and asks what happened? Harman gives call to Soumya and goes. Soumya asks Surbhi what happened? Surbhi says your saas came here. Soumya asks what we will do now. Surbhi says don’t know.

Maninder meets Saya. Saya asks why did you call me? Surbhi asks Preeto to drink lassi. Preeto says don’t you know that I don’t drink lassi. She says I will leave, sits in car and goes. Maninder tells Saya not to do anything until Surbhi gets married, and asks her to do whatever she wants to after that. Preeto sees Maninder with Saya and asks driver to stop car. She thinks what Maninder is doing with Kinnar. She thinks she is the same kinnar who roams around our house. A fb is shown, she recalls Saya holding Soumya’s hand forcibly. She sees Maninder still talking to Saya and thinks what is the matter.

Preeto comes to Saya’s house and sees Soumya’s pics on the wall. She gets shocked and picks her phone.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. very scary precap… but I hope preeto will not know the truth. .

    1. Renuverma

      Hi saras
      Preeto wud know abt saumya on sundays maha episode. I hsdvposted spoilers in yesterday’s page

      1. on sunday so not today. .. Good. .
        saw the spoiler Thanks renu..

  2. Oh my God.. beginning of a war.. hope Harman defends Saumya

  3. Oh my gosh the truth will be out soon. Interesting

  4. Good acting Vivian.

  5. dont know what will happen to poor sowmya. lets see who will support her

  6. Nice episode – can’t wait for tomorrow.

  7. inspite of everyone knowing the truth harman may decide to keep her for 21 Days. .. against everyone’s wish… n then god knows what happens. ..

    poor harman n soumya. .. ye kaisi museebat aa padi…

  8. Renuverma

    Preeto sees Maninder talking to a kinner Saya on the road. She wonders what are they talking about and finds out truth. Preeti got to know shocking truth that Soumya is a kinner. She scolds Soumya for the big lie. The entire family got to know Soumya’s truth. Preeto drags Soumya out of the house. Mininder and Saya help Preeto. Mininder asks Saya to take Soumya along. Maninder and Preeto ask the Saya to drag Soumya. Nimmi could not reach to help Soumya. Preeto planned to send Soumya away, and has sent Harman out for work. Will Saya be able to take Soumya in kinner’s world, or will Harman and Nimmi save Soumya?

    1. hi renu how r u?? Nice to see u back here…

      I think harman will help nimmi to save soumya but wondering how will story proceed after everyone knows the truth! !!

  9. Luvleen

    Oh how sad Preeto finds out…I actually thought that wouldn’t happen so soon. I’m glad at least they are not dragging the show.

  10. At some point soyma will be operated and become woman because medically it is possible.

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