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Shakti 2nd September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Preeto slapping Maninder and says even if I insult you at the corner of the street then also it is less. She questions on his manhood for giving birth to a Kinnar. She says you got your Kinnar daughter married to my son, and wasn’t afraid of our anger. Maninder says today you said that I couldn’t give birth to a proper girl, and now people will tell the same thing. He says I tried to oppose for this marriage everything. A fb is shown, Maninder opposes marriage. Maninder says Nimmi got her married against my wish. Preeto asks Saya, why didn’t you take Soumya with you and let her marry my son. Saya says whenever I tried to take her, I fall weak infront of Nimmi’s motherly love. She tells that even Maninder doesn’t want Soumya to stay in his house, but Nimmi protected her

all these years. She tells that she couldn’t take Soumya before her marriage, as she gave a word to Nimmi that she will not take Soumya before 21 days. Preeto says she didn’t come to hear the story and asks them to do as she says, and says there is no question of mistake as I am not Maninder.

Soumya tells Harman that she didn’t know this. Harman says we will click our first selfie….and clicks their pic. Soumya thinks it would be last too, I will keep it safely after I leave from here. She tells that she wants to talk to Nimmi. Harman asks her to welcome technology and calls Nimmi. He gifts her basic feature phone so that she can use it better and says he had saved Nimmi, Surbhi, landline and his number. He asks her to call Nimmi and says he will be back. Soumya tells Harman that you are very nice. Harman says I am. Soumya says you are my only one and special friend. He says you mean boy friend.

Harman says you are making me feel special now and asks her to keep on smiling also. He asks her to talk and goes. Soumya thinks special friend, you have saved your number too, but I can’t call you after tomorrow, as I don’t have any right on you.

She calls Nimmi. Nimmi picks the call. Soumya tells Nimmi that Harman gave her phone and this is my number. Nimmi says good, and now we can talk. Soumya tells that I will come to you after 2 days. She says I could live here for 19 days because of Harman ji and that too nicely. Nimmi tells her that I will come and take you.

Harak Singh is exercising. Viren asks him to stop exercising now else muscles might pain. Harak Singh says he will make his grand children sit on his back and roams around Gurdaspur. Preeto comes and says that day will not come. Harak Singh asks what you are saying. Preeto says we shall not hope for grand kids. Soumya and Harman hears her. Harman says she is saying as if she is asking toys, which she will get on demand. He says Preeto will get white hairs and become old after becoming grand mum, and says I don’t want to see her getting old. Harak Singh says yes. Preeto says I am ready to look old, and asks will I get grand kids. Preeto thinks Harman might know that Soumya is a kinnar then why he is silent. She thinks Harman is my son and will never accept a Kinnar as his wife, and even I can’t accept her as my bahu. Maninder is happy and tells Bebe that he wants to drink. Surbhi and Nimmi are doubtful.

Soumya saves the vase from falling. Servant thanks her and says you are beautiful from heart also. Soumya asks about the tattoo on her hand. Servant tells that she got her husband’s name tattoo on her hand and can bear any pain to stay with him always. Soumya thinks she don’t have the right to express love to Harman also. Maninder tells Bebe that Soumya and Surbhi will go to their respective places. Bebe asks him to talk slowly else Nimmi and Biji might hear him. Soumya looks at the knife and thinks about Servant’s words.

For Sunday Maha Episode: Maninder comes home. Soumya gets happy seeing him and asks him to come inside. She is shocked to see Saya with him. Preeto asks Soumya to leave to her world and says you had enough fun here.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Oh wow. Nice episode. Vivian ur too good.

  2. Poor sowmya.. I think Harman will save her..

  3. wow what an episode. ..
    dhamakedar with full emotions. …

  4. Saumya is going to tattoo Harman’s name.. how nice 🙂
    Harman is so sweet 🙂

  5. oh wow what a exceptinal caracter of Harman. Super!!! brilliantly written imaginary though. Hard to find in real. Harman always says I respect women and actually he’s very good at heart. He is giving write to live to someone who is human but abanded by society to live as human. In love with this character. Praise for Vivian for choosing this character to play. LOVE.

  6. Eagerly waiting for Sunday’s episode

  7. Harman you are truly the best lover boy and the chemistry between you and Soumya is amazing!!! Please save her…. you have a kind heart and she adores you …. if you don’t save her I will stop looking at this serial as for me Harman is a very kind person like his father not mother !!!?

  8. nice episode we like it

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